Thursday, November 1, 2012

Count Down to Elections

Its around four months to elections, that is if they will be held in March 2013 as we are told. To me its like this elections are very uncertain, very jinxed, many presidential candidates and parties. Non of them has a clear running mates, others wooing other presidential candidates to support them, members defecting from one party to another as usual. Its really boring this time, waiting to see how things unfold.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Finally back to School

Thank God the Government finally reached an agreement with public schools’ teachers unions and both primary and secondary school children are back in class after three weeks of strike. It is unfortunate that final exams at both levels have been pushed forward, which will force private schools who went on with their learning during the strike to adjust their budgeted because they had planned to close earlier. On the other hand it is an advantage to them because their revision period is extended giving them an upper hand in the exams as usual.

The Government is not off the hook yet the other headache they have to deal with urgently is the unhealthy issue of public hospitals doctors strike. The union has already paralyzed operations of public hospital, it is sad that the issue has not been given priority.

Friday, September 14, 2012

What a Mess!

I have never seen this before, public primary, secondary teachers and university dons on strike at the same time. Now Doctors at the biggest referral hospital in East Africa Kenyatta National Hospital also on strike!!  Public school teachers started their strike early this month when schools opened, hence children have been home since that time. Others went back to study on their own many traveling long distances to go to boarding schools. It is sad to note that many are being sent back home because of the deadlock between the Government and Teachers unions.

As these children miss classes, children in private schools continue learning and also preparing for final exams in a number of days. However many children in private school boarding are not safe because they are threatened by the striking teachers prompting some school heads to send them home.

Who will sort out the mess in this Country??? If the Government has not managed in three weeks, who will? Who will compensate parents? Why can’t the Government concede defeat and call for outside help or dissolve for a new Government to be elected instead of waiting till the extended election of March 2013????

The deadly clashes in Tana River is so shocking, it took so long for the Government to deploy armed forces to save the situation, after many have been killed including police.
Very disappointing!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tragic Month

This month is full of tragedies and especially this week. First I will pay tribute to our departed National hero Mr. Martin Shikuku who succumbed to cancer. He will be remembered for being a humble Kenyan who fought for liberation of Kenyans. It will also be remembered that he prepared for his death years back, by preparing his grave and that of his wife and also two coffins. His coffin is a simple one compared to expensive coffins used to bury great people like him. He knew that his community feasts in burials so he kept bulls and declared 4 will be slaughtered in his burial.

On the same day it was also announced that the wife of the Late Minister Michuki (who died this year) also died at the same hospital of cancer. Many prominent Kenyans have been affected by cancer, some have managed to get treated before it is too late like health ministers Prof. Anyang Nyongo and Hon Beth Mugo but for some it was too late like in the case of Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai.

Other tragedies that happened this week:

Clashes between members of Orma and Pokomo communities in Tana River where at least 52 people were killed. It is very sad to see clashes start when we are preparing to go for elections, and very bad if it is political as suspected.

The tragic death of 8 girls at St Theresa’s Asumbi Girls boarding primary school was also a shocker. It was so inhuman of the Sisters at the Catholic School to lock the girls in the dormitories and a good move for the Minister of Education Hon. Mutula Kilonzo to sack top Education officials in Homa Bay District because it was their duty to inspect schools and ensure Government policies are implemented.

It is also in this month of August that 13 women of PCEA Thika Church perished in a road accident in Tanga on their way to Dar-Es-salaam, it was very sad to loose many mothers. This was another of the many road accidents that have happened lately.

It is a belief that what we confess will happen, many of us believe that August is a bad month because of tragedies and prominent leaders who died in August like the first President Jomo Kenyatta and it has proved to be so. We need to view this month in a different way to change the situation.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Kenyans are not cowed by laws unless pushed to the wall

City land rates (Jiokoe Sasa!!)

Many Kenyans for years have not been paying land rates and ignored that law assuming that it is there only on paper. Nairobi City Council’s requests to City dwellers to pay land rates for their plots/lands have fallen on deaf ears. I believe only a few people paid when buying land to get their title deeds processed, but after owning the land payments stopped.

Many must have ignored paying the rates because of poor management of City Hall for many years. In the 80s City Council was doing a good job the City was clean. Things changed when population of the City increased rapidly increasing demand for services. Instead of things getting better greed took over, that is when there were many ghost workers on City Hall’s payroll, senior staff employing their friends and relatives resulting in unqualified staff. In the process they were loosing a lot of money through corruption and stealing. Workers would strike every now and then because of salary arrears.

Therefore in that confused organization, laws could not be implemented and who was going to waste their time and money to pay rates to such an organization. However with transition of power and political changes, City Hall has improved in so many ways but still Kenyans did not heed the call to pay rates until we were given a deadline and told our properties will be sold, that’s when we rushed to pay rates. Its not that City Hall is perfect now but at least things have changed and we expect to see more now that they are getting good money.

School holiday tuition ban

When President Kibaki reshuffled the cabinet and moved Hon Mutula Kilonzo from Ministry of Justice to Ministry of Education, to me that was a demotion. Being a prominent lawyer was former President Moi’s lawyer for years it was an awkward appointment. But now he is always in the news enjoying his work in this Ministry, he does exciting jigs with students when they entertain their visitors.

However his public utterances on this crucial Ministry, is not going down well with Kenyans. The day he visited a girls’ school and supported their request to wear shorter skirts and should not dress like nuns, he annoyed Kenyans who attacked him for saying schoolgirls should wear mini skirts. The Catholic Church also did not spare him for mentioning nuns. He later said he was misquoted this is what all politicians say because they rarely think before they talk.

On the other hand he is receiving some support now from many parents who have been burdened by school fees, when he banned holiday tuition, but as I said Kenyans are not cowed unless pushed. Only public schools obeyed because “he warned that the Teachers Service Commission would discipline any school head or teacher who will contravene the directive” (from the Standard). For private schools it is business as usual because he did not push them like he did with public schools. This has not gone down well with teachers in public schools and parents with children in those schools, especially those preparing for final exams. While their children are at home, those in private schools are learning and revising. As usual when results will be out, private schools will be in the top list. If the Government issues a ban it should apply to all.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kenyan athletes’ performance at the Olympics was boring

Team Kenya is back in the Country after performing badly at London Olympics.  We expected many medals especially Gold from our champion athletes but only managed 2 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 bronze ending at position 28.

Watching athletics our favorite became a disappointing affair when most athletes failed to win as expected. Despite Team Kenya’s overall bad performance, Ezekiel Kemboi in 3000m steeplechase and David Lekuta Rudisha (broke World record in the men’s 800 meters final) brought back our pride.

It’s strange that many athletes performed badly at the Olympics but when they participate in better paying races they perform well, why? Now they are preparing for the forthcoming Diamond League races that resume this Friday at Stockholm we’ll see how they perform.

Why is it that when there is poor performance in other games like football the Coach is fired or asked to resign but we do not hear this in athletics? Something must have gone wrong like choosing the wrong people or favoritism, so someone must be made answerable because it is not cheap to send a team abroad and come back with poor performance from world champions.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Country needs serious prayers

The way things are now, it is high time we pray for Kenya seriously, but who will lead us through prayers when most of our Churches are like Fire Gospel Ministries led by rogue Pastors like pastor Michael Njoroge. We are truly in the last days as prophesied in the Bible, from the revelation of Nation Media this pastor is a true image of a false prophet. I still cannot fathom someone of his caliber being a regular customer of “Koinange” (street used by prostitutes) at night! To make matters worse he uses them to fake his miracles to attract more worshipers and make money through planting "seeds". Hell should have just started burning some people before they even die, his church should be renamed to Fire of Hell Ministries. It is no wonder things are just not going right in our Country because of greed.

Our politicians are not any better it is just that they are not in the category of the “holy” lot. They have distorted the new constitution and dragging its completion process that it is now totally different from the one majority of Kenya excitedly passed. We accepted when elections were moved from August because of the convenience, then instead of December to March 2013, but now they are planning to extend their stay to August 2013! This is not acceptable, this bunch of MPs who came in power in the name of reformers seem worse than those during President Moi error, this way Kenya is moving one step forward and two steps backward.

The common citizen is on their own like a dog under the table watching its master munching meaty parts of a whole chicken and waiting to eat the bones that will be thrown down. This is why the restless citizen gang up to form groups like Mombasa Republican Council (MRC) which is now feared can turn out to be like the outlawed Mungiki sect.

At least there is an option of turning to our Creator who understands and listens to us. Otherwise if there was no Creator the World would not have existed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Miguna Miguna’s book has caused a lot of controversy since he launched it, he looked like a comedian while doing gestures like those of a David beckoning Goliath (“Come baby Come!”) to politicians who would dare touch him because he has more information and evidence on post election violence. However his book is mainly to spill the beans on his former boss the PM Hon Raila Odinga and many ask why now?. The truth is that the information he’s given is shocking, many got annoyed by what he did and equally many got excited depending on how one view the PM.

However I have a big BUT, after bragging that he still has a lot to spill even on post election violence and as an experience Lawyer he knows the law, WHY disappear so fast abroad with his family.

COME BACK MIGUNA COME! If you are not a coward, come back soon and tell more to those who will not buy your book.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Members of Parliament should be learned people

Concerns over academic fraud as MPs without degrees plan to fight or evade new legal requirement of undergraduate degree to contest seats. MPs without degrees panic as house passes electoral laws (from today’s Standard newspaper)

I support this law because we are in a competitive world that requires people to have degrees to get good jobs. Most people earning six digit salaries and above are degree holders. Therefore those of our MPs without degrees have been very lucky to have landed the well paying job with minimal education background, and this was not right for other well educated Kenyans struggling to get good jobs.

It is not like the old days when one had to pass highly to get to university. There are now bridging courses, private universities and parallel degree courses in public universities, which they should have taken advantage of. They had the time and money unlike many Kenyans who cannot afford university fees and depend on student loans, scholarship and well wishers to support them. If they have been sleeping then the law has woken them when it is too late. Time is short so documents should be certified as fake degrees are readily available for sale.

The notion that leaders are born not made is now outdated in this World.  If a house of learned friends and dons is what will make a difference in Kenya let’s try the option.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Am still sad and shocked after what happened to our two leaders and security ministers, Prof George Saitoti and Hon. Orwa Ojode together with other 4 Kenyans. Many of us did not remember that on the same day (10th June) 4 years ago, other Kenyans including Minister Kipkalya Kones and MP Lorna Laboso died in chopper crash. What a terrible coincidence and this is the 4th crash killing Senior Government officials since President Moi left power to President Kibaki. What is going on??? Is it because they like traveling by air compared to the days of Moi when most leaders used road transport? Others who perished included Pilots Luke Oyugi and Nancy Gituanja together with two bodyguards Joshua Tonkei and Thomas Murimi. I say pole sana to the families.

Lately we have had many tragedies, blasts, terrible road accidents, buildings collapsing on Saturday a storey building collapsed in Mlolongo and we expected more news yesterday only to get worse news. Many Kenyans are really saddened by the death of these two politicians, as much as they have been attacked as Security chiefs for not doing enough especially in the cases of blasts suspected to be from Al-shabaab, they have not been in bad books of Kenyans like some politicians.

It is very sad that many Kenyans will forget very fast, just like we forgot other leaders and Kenyans who perished in other similar plane crash like Bonaya Godana and others. Then four years later, probably the same day 10th June 2016 other Government officials will board a chopper and get crashed (I hope not). We will say like we are used to that when the time of death comes no one can stop it, its true only God has the secret to death but this does not allow Kenyans to take this lightly. It is only God who knows if this was an accident or planned. If it was a plan let God’s wrath be upon those involved.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Kenya is now 49 years

Today’s Madaraka Day Kenya marks 49 years after independence. When we look back at Kenya’s history from that time and now, what achievements are we proud of? Are our lives any better since the British left and handed independence to Kenyans? Would we have been better-off with the British still colonizing us than being led by our fellow Kenyans?

To say the truth, there has been some improvement in all sectors i.e., improved infrastructure, education, health etc…. But generally many Kenyans can confess that living conditions are getting worse and worse as time goes by. Democratically we are yet to see a completely free and fair election, because it is a pity that there has been no democracy in all elections since independence.

It would be a joy to see statistics of the poor, the sick, homeless and unemployed getting lower. We are now being told of Vision 2030 but remember in the 90s we also had a vision of the year 2000 which passed by with no achievements whatsoever. Not to forget the demon of corruption that has refused to go away.

This is the usual story of disappointments and frustrations that many have gotten used to and actually there is nothing much to celebrate.

Too many road accidents and blasts

It is so, so sad to watch the many road accidents incidents on our televisions and read in the news everyday. What is happening?

There was a time that road carnage and mysterious deaths was high during former President Moi’s error and after complaints of dark forces involved, he formed a commission of inquiry into devil worship. This commission did their job but didn’t reveal much and I do not think anything has changed since then.

We have also heard news of many politicians seeking help from witchcraft during election year to win elections. Many witchdoctors are known to ask for human sacrifices, could this be the cause of the frequent accidents as we are headed for elections in less than a year? It is not only greedy politicians seeking power and wealth; the high cost of living can also lead people to seek evil ways of getting wealth.  It is said many people are now keeping majini (ghosts) to give them wealth and these things ask for human blood every month. These accidents are becoming unusually many so it is high time proper investigations are done, national prayers should also be held because it could be evil forces at work.

Since Kenya invaded Somalia to fight terrorism, grenade attacks on Kenyans have been on the rise. I will say it again it is as a result of the mistakes that happened in Kenya in the past. The Government now has the task of fighting terrorism within and out of Kenya. All public premises and shops will now be forced to buy explosive detectors to avoid more blasts.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) has dominated Kenyan news since May 1st (Labor Day), when Trade Union Secretary General Francis Atwoli issued a strike notice of 14 days because of proposed increase in NHIF contributions and threatened to reveal those behind NHIF corrupt deals. 

Since then the Drama that ensued is very absurd just at the Nation Media puts it. See attached links for more information and related stories.

Medical Services Minister Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o is now being called upon to step aside to pave way for investigations. Actually there is need for proper investigation into the matter by Government Auditor General as suggested by Hon. Martha Karua.

I agree with all those who are calling for Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o to step aside, however we have seen other Ministers whose Ministries have been found with scandals staying put even when called to step aside. A good example is the former Minister of Education Prof Ongeri when he refused completely to step aside when there was a major scandal in the ministry. He was supported by the PNU side of Government and to-date nothing happened. Because of the public Hospital Funds involved this NHIF issue cannot be wished away soon, Kenyans are also annoyed by the proposed high NHIF rates to be deducted from salaries and it was a great relief when the high court yesterday postponed the deductions.

As we are nearing elections Kenyans are watching all Government institutions keenly, because it is known that during elections politicians need money for campaigns. Therefore any new proposals or appointments like the one affecting Transport Minister Amos Kimunya are subject to a lot of scrutiny and criticism.

NHIF is important to most Kenyans but high deductions will only burden many employers/employees who already have other medical insurance schemes.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Its raining heavy

The Country is experiencing very heavy rainfall during this long rains season. This time meteorological department’s prediction was right they have also said the heavy rains will continue for sometime. It rains everyday from late afternoon and the whole night but at least the sun shines during the day. The heavy rains have caused flooding in most parts of the Country and this is worrying because floods cause a lot of havoc. There are landslides and cracks like the one shown on news yesterday at Mahi Mahiu along the Rift Valley.

The plains of Kano and Budalangi that flood every rain season are worse with this heavy downpour. People in those areas are normally relocated and receive help from the Government, other charity organizations. However many other parts of the Country are now also affected, even Nairobi City dwellers are terribly affected by floods all over. It is so annoying to see roads even in the City center flooded causing heavy traffic jam within and out of the City. This once again puts City hall on notice regarding the drainage system in the City.

It is not the first time the Country is experiencing El NiƱo rains and so City planners should always be prepared before rains start. Apart from flooded roads there are parts of the City that are now very filthy because of the rain. Take a walk down Haile Selassie Road from Railways to Wakulimu market, into Muthurwa market and Landies road. Lately City hall has not been collecting garbage, I do not know when Wakulima market road was last repaired, the road into the biggest market is Kenya is now like gruel, Muthura market road is not very old but is in a terrible state and the flooding is causing more damage. The filthy uncollected garbage mixed with mad and rain is a sorry state. This is what common citizens of Kenya have to preserver everyday when walking around the city.

The road and the drainage in the estates are not any better, floods are entering some homes and the water level on the roads is at knee height. Many people can now make a living from the floods by carrying people on handcarts, motor bikes (boda boda) or on their back to help them cross roads, not even gum boots will help.

The people who are worst hit are those living near rivers, all river and seasonal streams have broken their banks. I know of many people near Nairobi in Athi River, Mavoko, Embakasi, Ngong etc… who are affected. They are not able to cross to go to and fro work depending on which side they are because there are no bridges to help them cross. It is so serious because when they do not have food at home it is difficult to get supplies if they do not have a shop on that side.

Looking at the heavy rains through the window in the middle of the night, I shed tears when I remember those in temporary structures like IDPs and Slums. Red Cross are always there to help, but it is also upon Government ministries that are concerned to use their resources to relocate people, and put up bridges where citizens affected can crossover. They should not only concentrate their help on people in the Country side and forget the ones affected in the City.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Annoying power blackouts

There are lots of complaints on social media about power black outs caused by Kenya Power. The old Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) was re-branded Kenya Power and has a new look, but there is nothing new about it only the new colors on their vehicles and adverts, the rest has not changed, services are worse. I do not understand how rain affects power? During drought we are normally warned of power rationing because of low water levels at the dams.

It is so annoying when one gets home late in the night after frustrating heavy traffic jam caused by heavy rains and flooding in the country, only to be welcomed by darkness or a candle lit house. Because it has become a daily occurrence many have now bought rechargeable or solar lamps to use at night.

I still don’t get it, how does rain affect Power even when there is no thunder. How come some parts of Nairobi or the Country are not affected yer its raining all over? Kenya Power should give notice of blackouts during rain season and give us a reason.

Kenya Power is the main power supplier in the Country, if there was another alternative things would have been different. The other alternatives we now have is to use generators or install Solar Panels.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Corrupt authorities to blame for Al-shabaab attacks

Since Kenya started fighting Al-shabaab in Somalia, there have been a number of grenade blast attacks in Kenya, most of them concentrated in Nairobi, Mombasa Counties and North Eastern region. These are the regions you can find many illegal immigrants from Somalia. Many of them are settled and mixed up with original Somali tribes of Kenya and have acquired Kenyan documents from local authorities.

On a recent visit to Kajiado County I was shocked that part of the bus stop has been grabbed, I was told the space has been grabbed by a Somali. The person must have paid the local authority some good money to grab such an obvious space. It is also sad the locals are selling most of their land to Somali’s, there are some who are Kenyans but some cannot even speak Kiswahili. I don’t believe there is any young Kenyan from any part of Kenya who cannot speak some Kiswahili.

Every Kenyan has a right to leave where they want even the Kenyans of Somali tribe, but when other illegal immigrants from Somalia are smuggled and mixed up with them then it becomes a big issue. I believe this people may be entering the Country through borders like Namanga to get to Kajiado then proceed to Nairobi. The Maasai have also become too lenient, greedy to sell most of their land just to get money and in the process compromising their security and inheritance. I remember a friend telling me she attended a parents meeting in a girl’s school, one of the songs sung by the girls was a Maasai song telling their parents to stop selling land. One local told me this place is another time bomb if the authorities are not careful; he is from another part of Kenya and said this cannot happen where I come from. The Minister of Security and Minister for Local Authority should investigate and deal with such corrupt authorities for the safety of Kenyans.

Latest attacks on public places like Bus stops and Churches is a worrying trend, if the authorities cannot protect us then only God will.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kenya police are biased

In this time and age it is unusual to see police disrupting a licensed meeting and at the same time beating up an innocent, harmless citizen who even knelt down and surrendered by lifting his arms up. What the hell do they learn in Kiganjo? Cases of police torture and murder, corruption, brutality etc…. are ever rising instead of decreasing.

Their motto “Utumishi Kwa Wote” (Meaning service to all), this service should be accorded to all Kenyan’s equally. We all saw the highly criticized tribal meetings that endorsed ICC suspects Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as presidential candidates, held recently by GEMA (Gikuyu, Embu, Meru and Akamba) and KAMATUSA (Kalenjin, Maasai, Turkana and Samburu) meetings in Limuru called Limuru 2 and Eldoret consecutively.  The two combined were nicknamed GEMATUSA police did not stop them because they were licenced. Many Kenyans were not amused because Kenya has around 40 tribes and after post election violence in 2007/2008 that was mainly caused by tribal animosity, Kenyans of right mind do not expect such groupings to exist and have no place in this Country.

To counter these tribal meetings, the youth decided to hold another meeting in Limuru, called Limiru 2B. Just because Mungiki former leader Maina Njenga was to attended, does it mean the meeting was a Mungiki meeting as claimed by police commissioner, Senior Counsel Paul Muite was also there and other respected Clergy and Kenyans were expected to attend. I hate Mungiki and anything to do with them but does this mean that every youth meeting scheduled to be held in Central Kenya and to be attended by a former Mungiki leader is a Mungiki meeting?? I remember Maina Njenga wanted to address Limuru 2 meeting by GEMA and was not given a chance, so this was the chance he would speak out what he wanted. How will the youth in Kenya and especially the ones in Central Kenya who were greatly accused and affected by tribal clashed address their issues.

The PM was right in directing Prof. Saitoti Security Minister to take action against police commissioner Matthew Iteere. Read More 

Kenyans should condemn all tribal groupings and shun those leaders that want to divide us on tribal lines. Its so Shameful!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Francis Atwoli on our barbaric leaders

Watching Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli On The Bench yesterday night with his host Jeff Koinange on K24 TV was interesting. He is a lively man always joking even when annoyed and makes news interesting. His zeal in fighting for the rights of Kenyan workers is outstanding and that is why he has been on this position for long. He is a voice of the voiceless who does not fear to speak his mind to anyone including the President.

Sometimes I wonder why he has not joined politics the “best” career for most famous Kenyans, Jeff Koinange also asked him why he can't he get his many supporters to vote for him, he said he is not ready because there is still a lot to be done. May be he is the kind of leader Kenyans have been looking for because many feel we still need change and a selfless and non-tribal leader like him. He was so incensed by Kenya Airports Authority management, Transport Minister and his PS over the way they handled the recent strike by KAA workers. He says they do not respect him yet he holds a big post for trade unions in the region and Africa, he is accorded respect out there more than here.

He said our leaders do not care about the welfare of Kenyans because they are greedy and asserted they are BARBARIC! It is true we have many barbaric leaders but why can’t people like Atwoli who care about the welfare of the common citizens take up political posts, it would be interesting to hear Francis Atwoli for President or someone’s running mate, he surely has a following or may be he fears he will get the Barbaric Syndrome when he joins barbaric politicians?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Country of Opportunists has oil!

Most of the time there is bad news in Kenya, ICC cases, the never ending corruption, impunity, bad politics, tribalism, nepotism, unemployment, harsh economic time, land grabbers, drought, if I continue I will get tired of writing, but at last there is some good news in Kenya. The county that has suffered so much from drought, poor infrastructure, malnutrition etc... and as a result of their suffering the Turkana people felt they are not in Kenya.

Now that explorers have discovered oil in Turkana a few days ago, the light can now shine in the county, a lot of issues have come up after the revelation. All of a sudden land ownership has become an issue that was never before. I won’t be surprised if our greedy politicians come up with documents owning the land where the oil was found. Opportunist Kenyans, who never thought of taking a free land offer in Turkana before, will now rush there to grab or buy whatever they can find.

This is a plus and an opportunity for Turkana people first and then other Kenyans to benefit. I say Turkana people first because they have suffered for many years in this land. They should be advised not to be duped into selling their land to opportunists. I also support Narc Kenya leader Hon Martha Karua when she said this issue should be managed well; hope it will for a better Kenya and let us be spared of the usual politics in handling issues.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

IEBC decides to extend term of this horrible coalition Government to 4th March 2013

All along we have been used to saying next elections will be held in 2012, but the new constitution and a court ruling changed this notion which is now supported by Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). I have said it before in my post here that this is a wrong time for holding elections and many Kenyans including politicians do not support this date. I believe there is still hope for this date to be changed to a suitable date and that is December 2012. We still have around 9 months to December and there is time to prepare.

This coalition Government came about as a result of the worst violence in Kenya, things have not been rosy in Kenya since then, the worst drought ever, corruption cases on the rise, Kenyans sent to ICC for the first time, we have been subjected to the worst political insults like never before, the worst living conditions with prices of commodities doubling and tripling making Kenyans poorer, in fact many Kenyans say that life and operating business was much better during former President Moi’s reign. This Government is riddled with strikes all the time and worst are the recent ones by Doctors and Health workers that now the new Kiswahili name for this Government is “Serikali ya Migomo” (Government of strikes). This is why this Government’s term should end ASAP, “ama tugome hii Serikali ya Migomo.”

Friday, March 16, 2012


It is shocking that the Kenya traffic policemen take bribes from motorists without any fear or sense of sinning. This is not news any more. This morning as I was going to work I saw it all. In one of the Nairobi roads, the policemen and women were taking bribe without shame. I saw that in three road blocks that are set to simply collect money in terms of bribes from motorists.This was a big embarrassment to our country.They could stop the public vehicles (matatu) check nothing at all but stretch their evil hands taking bribe from the conductors. Surely, where are we heading as a country? The vehicle had excess passengers, but that did not bother them as expected, the policeman simply too the money, squeezed it on to her stuff and signaled the vehicle to more on. I felt like shouting “thief…………….thief”. Because he was stealing and allowing crime to flourish.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Demise of a diligent Kenyan Minister

We are waking up to the untimely death of Hon. John Muchuki. The late Minister was a strong man and can be remembered for a number of things in different ministries;
1. Streamlining the public transport sector (Ministry of Transport): Ensuring that all public vehicles are fitted with seat belts and the passengers put on the belts whenever they travel.
2. Dealing ruthlessly with Mungiki (Ministry of Internal Security): When the illegal group of young people turned criminal and causing mayhem in the country beheading citizen in cold blood. Hon. Muchiki stepped in strongly to contain the situation.
3. Noise Control (Ministry of Environment): There was a time that major town in Kenya and especially Nairobi was all noisy. Noise from churches, public vehicle etc. Hon. Muchuki came to the aid of common man and regulated that very well.
For sure we have not seen such a bold minister like Hon. Muchuki but the legacy he is leaving behind is great and admirable.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The most notorious men in Kenya

They are always in the news for the wrong reasons.

* When gangsters are caught or shot somewhere 90 – 100% will be them
* When illicit brew has killed or blinded people most of the victims will be them.
* They are the highest culprits in rape cases especially minors and old women.
* When there is news of fights leading to death over family land they are the majority
* Most them joined the most notorious, outlawed sect Kenya has ever had, Mungiki that has killed many mercilessly, even their own people.
* Politically they are selfish because they only believe only they can lead the country and are not likely to support others.
* They have been in the news lately as “endangered species” because their hard working women are so fed up of them and resorted to beating, burning them and it is known some have hired killer gangs for them. Most of them are lazy drunkards who add no value to the family.
* When they became very rich they marry other wives and neglect their first family, leading to ugly property disputes when they die. Etc……

By now many Kenyans reading this have guessed who am talking about. Like me or hate me these are facts about majority men from Central Kenya, many ladies I know from this part of Kenya have told me how useless most of their men are, some of them are single, divorced, widows or married to men from other parts of Kenya. No wonder many of their elderly women are mostly single, divorced or widows.

Many of the battered men in hospitals have come out in the open to tell the world what they are going through because it has became a trend. It was very amusing to see a lawyer being amongst the victims. The man who started a development group for men (Maendeleo ya Wanaume) is asking men in Kenya to boycott eating at their houses for a week in protest to women battering their husbands. This is a ridiculous call because the problem is mainly about men from Central Kenya. How many men from other parts of Kenya have married Kikuyu women and why are they not being battered? Are these men cursed because of their notorious lifestyle or what is the problem? Who is to blame, their parents or the wives?

On a serious note these men need divine intervention.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Why elections should be held in December 2012

There has been a lot of debate over when to hold elections after the new constitution came. According to the new constitution elections were to be held in August this year, then parliament moved a bill to change the election date to December. But Kenyan high court ruled that elections will be delayed to March 2013 which is 60 days after the end of current parliament. However this can change if the two principals President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga decide to dissolve parliament sooner.

As a Kenyan I therefore support those who are asking the two principals to dissolve parliament in October thereafter elections can be held 60 days after, which will be sometime in December.

I support December elections because:-

1) It is a tradition we are used to.
2) December is a more relaxed month for most people; it is a time companies/businesses close for festive season and school holidays are longer.
3) Nearly all voting centers are schools therefore it is better when elections are done once students sitting for main exams have completed their exams.
4) December is the time when people can take leave and travel upcountry without worrying to come back to work within a few days.
5) It is good for a new Government to start at the beginning of the year.
6) There are no heavy rains in December that can hamper election process.
7) Many Kenyans know this is an election year and any decision to move it to next year is demoralizing.
8) Elections that are done when many people are busy can be easily manipulated, we have seen this during by-elections and many democratic Kenyans would agree with me.
Just to name a few reasons.

Therefore it is up to Kibaki and Raila to make a rational decision on this important day to Kenyans.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mudavadi is on the right track

By declaring that he will also vie for ODM party leadership along side party leader PM Raila Odinga, Dept. PM Musalia Mudavadi is exercising his democratic right. To make political parties strong there must be competition, the contest should be free and fair at all levels. It shows that ODM is ready for change and can prove that it is a democratic party. Other parties should also do the same to prove to Kenyans they are serious.

The proposed new system of Education

A change from the controversial 8-4-4 system is long overdue and that is why I believe many Kenyans will welcome to newly proposed education system of 2-6-3-3-3 (two years in pre-school, six years in primary, three years in junior secondary, three years in senior secondary and finally three years in University).

There are already complaints by the civil society and teachers union that the system is too expensive and will burden Kenyans (from Nation web) read here

According to the system, Kenya will have four different types of secondary schools if new proposals on education reforms are adopted. In a major departure from the current system, the proposals provide for specialization at senior secondary education level, with students expected to pursue any of the following disciplines -- general, technical, talent and vocational education.
This means converting the existing schools to specialized institutions or allowing those capable of offering the four to do so under different streams. From, read more

It is also good to note that under this new system learning will be free from childhood to senior secondary school level considered as basic education.
The proposed new system is much welcomed by many Kenyans who have been burdened by 8-4-4 system. Those of us who went through that system know too well that most of the subjects that burdened us are so useless to our lives, many would be better off if we were allowed to specialize at some level. Lets hope there will be no politics on this important issue.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kenyans should back Mutula Kilonzo stand

Justice Minister Mutula Kilonzo's stand that ICC suspects awaiting ruling by the Pre-Trial Chamber should not vie for presidency if the charges against them are confirmed, sparked protest from supporters of Uhuru and Ruto the Presidential candidates waiting for ICC trial. His Umbrella Party colleagues have also distanced themselves from his stand because their leader Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka purports to support the two suspects.

All this critics are based on narrow minded, pretenders, self-centered and tribalist Kenyans who do not want the rule of law to prevail in this country. Mutula has sacrificed his political position in Ukambani by defying his tribal party to ensure that he follows the law. Speaking to Citizen TV today he said his stand on the ICC ruling has earned him invitation from 20 political parties.

We want to see leaders like Mutula Kilonzo who will stand out against tribal leaders, even if it means falling out with their kinsmen while fighting for change in Kenya. Let’s support the Justice Minister to stop impunity in Kenya.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


The push was great. They had to resign. Today start the journey of great things happening as Uhuru and Muthaura resign from the public position. The next move as earlier predicated will be them calling off their presidential aspiration.

Now Mr. AG what say you ?. VP Kalonzo Musyoka What say you ?

Let the trial starts when all the suspects are RAIA.

What I still wonder there are those whose pictures appear on the Tv each day on what happened during post election violence, beatings and killing or uttering hate speeches, how comes the government of Kenya cannot go for them and arrest them. They are in the community and their faces are known and can be seen each day. See the repeats of the violence on NTV today.

Please government, be serious and arrest these people before you ask ICC to hand over the four main suspects. How would you try the four big fish while the ones well known and can be seen on the tv are not yet arrested?

Lastly where is Mr. Ndege who lost his entire family in the Naivasha revenge or hiding?

Kenya where Criminals are the Presidents to be!!!!!!!

Yes it is shocking that the ICC confirmed suspects, Ruto and Uhuru K who are seriously campaigning to be the next presidents of this great Nation Kenya. What a big shame, impunity and arrogance. Reading what they are accused of and assuming that the accusations are confirmed and they are guilty, but they have been already sworn in as president. What are we saying; criminals leading the nation? to where?

Many people are arguing that they are innocent till proven guilty. That is true. But they are not innocent to the extent of seeking for the top position of this land. What will happen when they are proven guilty once they are in office. We will have another Al Bashir scenario.

If these two people believe in justice and love for this country, let them step aside as their cases continue.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why waste tax payers’ money?

After ICC ruling that reduced Ocampo suspects from six to four, the President at a press conference ordered the Attorney General Prof Githu Muigai to form a tribunal to look into the judgment and give the way forward. Why would the Government want to look into an international ruling and give the way forward. On that issue, Minister for Lands James Orengo has commented today that it is like the Government is on trial. ODM party which is a partner in the Government says the President did not consult the PM; So why would one side of the Government want to challenge the ruling of an international court and does not consult his partner in the coalition on the way forward?

The President has also suspended defiant Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza to show he is taking action on the “Big Fish”, but many Kenyans will not be satisfied because Francis Muthaura and Uhuru Kenyatta ICC suspects senior Government officials are still in office and are not willing to let go? Are they untouchable? Why is it so? Then another seven member tribunal is formed to look into Nancy Baraza’s case, why can’t she go through the normal legal process other Kenyan offenders are subjected to. So there are two legal processes in Kenya for the “Big Fish” tribunals will look into their offenses but the “small fish” face the court process and then rot in jail thereafter.

Why waste OUR money forming tribunals to discuss what is obvious and in the long run nothing changes?


Monday, January 23, 2012

After ICC ruling it is 6 minus 2

Finally the ruling Kenyans have been waiting for came to pass today, the Ocampo six have been reduced to Ocampo four. The ICC has clearly separated the humble from the proud. Since the hearings started the four who will go for trial, Uhuru, Ruto, Sang have been very vocal and abusive, Muthaura has been vocal but not as the three. The two who have been acquitted for now have handled the case in a more humble way. For now they are off the hook unless the Prosecutor Ocampo appeals their acquittal.

No matter what the President says about our changed judicial system after enacting the new constitution, many Kenyans believe that justice especially for the “Big-fish” can only be realized at the ICC, a recent case of Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza threatening a security officer (Kerubo) with a gun is a very good example she is still free. Kenyans want peace and justice especially when we are about to go for elections again and so this should serve as a lesson to leaders who think they own Kenya and can do anything they want because the law in Kenya is on their side.

N/B: Their political allies will “stand in solidarity” with them and even shed crocodile tears but some like “watermelon” must be smiling inside and thanking their stars.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What are school principals in Eastern Province of Kenya up to?

January is normally a busy month with school activities, children joining kindergarten, some joining primary schools, the older ones joining Secondary schools and colleges. Other students are transferred from one school to the other depending on various reasons mostly to take a child to a boarding school, to a school that performs better, a cheaper school and when parents are relocating to another place.

Considering the above factors I have mentioned that may cause a parent or a guardian to transfer a child, it is strange to see a parent moving a child from a good Government Secondary school, not that he/she is not able to pay the fees or because of the distance. It is because the school has decided that certain children are not performing well so they should repeat classes and some simply tell the parent or guardian your child is a nuisance to our school we have warned him/her a number of times but he/she is not changing so it is better you look for a school for your child. If the child and parent have been warned before and it is true, that is understandable, but when it is a fabricated story and especially the children targeted are children from other tribes or regions of Kenya, then it is another issue.

This is what is happening to many students in some schools in Eastern Kenya to be precise let me say in Ukambani. This region is not far from Nairobi, so many parents from Nairobi tend to send their children to Government schools in Machakos, Tala, Kagundo, Athi River etc.. in Eastern Province of Kenya because they want their children to study in an upcountry environment that is not far from Nairobi where it is convenient for them to visit and the school fees are also reasonable for parents compared to Nairobi Government Schools.

Most parents from other regions of Kenya who took their children to schools in Eastern Kenya have complained of harassment and discrimination by the school administration. I have heard of around 10 cases from different schools, at first I thought it was discrimination against children from Western and Nyanza (Luo, Luhya and Kisii) but now I know of cases of children from Central (Kikuyu) and mostly children from Nairobi. The school heads claim they are not performing well; there is a parent who realized her child’s marks were doctored to prove their claim and corrected when she complained, they later claimed the child has discipline cases so the child should leave their school. They make the parents write that they have asked for transfer and sign so that it is not the school to blame and because parents need a clearance from the school they oblige.

When launching this year’s new policy for form one selection, Minister for Education Prof. Sam Ongeri said the decision was informed by the provisions of the new Constitution, which place emphasis on equity, fairness, unity and national cohesion. Therefore the Ministry of Education should investigate this issue because schools should not practicing tribalism and discrimination. Kenya is for all and no one chose to be born where they were born, we are in the year of election and we do not want anything that triggers what happened in 2007/2008 that brought about cases against 6 Kenyans at the ICC. This is politics in school against innocent children, if it is politicians interfering in public schools they should stop and school heads should be wise.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

DCJ Ms Baraza; You are wrong on this.

I was shock to read in the Kenyan newspapers an encounter between a security officer a shopping mall and a deputy Chief Justice. The Story narrates how the senior government officer resisted to undergo security check before entering the mall. It further said that the DCJ went ahead to threaten the security officer (Deborah Kerubo)with a gun. That was terrible, impunity,misuse of position and arrogance in my view.Ms Baraza you were wrong on this and you need to be punished just like any Kenyan. If I were you, this is the time to step aside as investigation are on. You accept that there was a confrontation between you and the security lady. Can you tell Kenyans what caused this?