Friday, February 27, 2009

Prof. Philip Alston’s report

Prof. Philip Alston the United Nations special rapportuer on extra-judicial killings has come at the right time, when the country is torn between taking the post elections violence perpetrators to Hague or form a local tribunal.

He asked for the sacking of Police Commissioner Major General Hussein Ali, during whose watch a special police death squads were set up in the force and resignation of Attorney General Amos Wako who he referred to as the “embodiment of the phenomenon of impunity” in Kenya. He also criticized the judiciary and described it as “bankrupt and an obstacle to justice”.

True to his description, the judiciary in Kenya is bankrupt and an obstacle to justice. That is why after the rigged elections, opposition could not present their case to them. Police also went ahead and executed those they arrested without trial because they believe that the courts will set them free even when guilty. However that is not reason enough to kill suspects, where is the justice? Our national anthem says “justice be our shield and defender”, but it’s just a song sung on an occasion and words are of no consequence to many.

As usual the coalition government received the report differently with some rejecting and some welcoming it. It is sad that people lost their sons and husbands, most of them without trace after being arrested by police. As much as mungiki sect was a menace beheading people and police, police did not have the right to arrest people, label them as mungiki and execute them without trial.

The Hague should take over the cases as he suggests because a local tribunal will be composed of members of the “bankrupt judiciary”.


I read about this Doctor in the Special Publication, in Thursday’s Daily Nation, story by Khamis Ramadhan a journalist who specializes in photography and is based in Nairobi.
I was really touched by the story about “The Man Who Saves Women”. The doctor works in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He has set up a fully-fledged hospital that helps women and girls, who most of them have been raped in this war torn country. The stories of these women is very scary, women raped by a group of men, then other objects inserted in their private part and left for the dead. The men don’t care about the age of their victims when they even rape their grandmother’s age mates.

African women have suffered a lot in such war torn countries, so Africa needs many more like Dr. Denis Mukwege’s, may God bless him. He says at the end “The demand for such services is increasing and it will only end when men start to respect the female species”. However I wonder how these incidents in African can be contained or stopped. These male species also need help they are inhuman and act like they are demon possessed. We only hear of NGO’s, Governments, religious and other organizations mainly handling women issues in such cases. I think it is high time some of them start addressing men issues. Poor governance by most of African leaders leads to war and because a big number of the population lack education and employment, mostly male citizens will agree to be used by rebel leaders. Hence there is need to address these issues to save female species who suffer most when a country is at war.


For many years, Kenyan’s of the Luo community have lived on Migingo Island as their home. Now the situation has suddenly changed when Uganda government sent its soldiers to take over the Island. They have also hoisted their flag there to mark it as Ugandan property.

This is very strange, how come President Museveni’s men have suddenly realized, after all these years that Migingo Island is in Uganda side. On several occasions, Kenyan fishermen have also been harassed and arrested by Ugandan authority while fishing on this part of Lake Victoria, yet the government has done very little to protect Kenyan fishermen on Lake Victoria. If Kenyan government took care of its citizen’s on Lake Victoria, Ugandan soldiers would not have taken over.

This will be viewed by the Luo community who live near the lake as political. This is because, during post election violence, many Kenyan’s in Luo Nyanza complained that a force was sent to the villages to harass them. These people could not speak Kiswahili and were believed to be from Uganda. There were rumors that President Museveni was ready to support President Kibaki to get to power, even if he didn’t win the elections against Hon. Raila who had an early lead. Hence the presence of these soldiers confirmed these rumors. Therefore I believe like many Luo’s do, that President Museveni has something against Luo’s and not Kenyan’s in general.

As reported in Thursday’s Daily Nation, “The Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service said a 1948 map in its possession showed the small Island fell in Kenya’s territory”. Hence the government should treat this issue seriously, because this is “uchokozi” and negotiations by Kenya government officials led by PM Raila Odinga to talk to Ugandan President will not help.

If Kenyan government cannot protect its citizen’s, who will???

Thursday, February 19, 2009


It is interesting to watch members of parliament discuss motions live on TV. This is a good opportunity for us citizens, to get first hand information than to rely on other media.

Today’s motion on Interim Independent Electoral Commission caught my attention, when a nominated MP Ms. Milly Odhiambo, said she has withdrawn her support for one candidate, Justice Cecil Miller because he is a wife batterer. Her statement caused a commotion that made the speaker shout Order! Order!, Many times. He thereafter asked Hon. Milly Odhiambo to withdraw her statement, because it was against the house rules. Most MPs (most of them are men) agreed with the speaker, I think it because the character of a fellow man was being reported by a woman.

However, I wonder whether it is in order for someone’s personal character, to be discussed in parliament and aired in public, when he is applying for, or is to be appointed to a public post. I would also not want to support such a person but I don’t think, I can say so in public.

Yesterday’s motion brought to the house by Hon. Bonny Khalwale, to censor Minister for Agriculture Hon. William Ruto, over maize scandal was another interesting motion. Many thought this would sail through but at the end of the day, Hon. William Ruto was cleared. This was one motion that Kenyans followed keenly, because it was about maize, a very important meal to many Kenyan’s. I like many Kenyan’s now wonder what direction this maize scandal issue will take, with those supporting the motion not ready to give up, in the meantime maize prices are still going up and common mwananchi still suffering!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Valentine day, a day to show love to your loved one’s, is normally like a normal day to me, because I believe that people can express their love anytime they feel like and it doesn’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day. However those who regard this day highly, have lots of reasons to lot look forward to the day and celebrate it as they wish.

Celebrating valentine’s day in Kenya this year, will not be easy for many due to harsh economic times, there is food shortage due to famine and maize scandal, causing a hike in food prices. Price of maize flour (our staple food) was lowered then it went up again, and basically everything from rent, cooking gas, paraffin, transport etc… all are priced highly. Many couples would not even think of going on holiday, romantic dinners or buying flowers (which is do not form part of the food on the tables). The other reason many will not celebrate is the fire tragedies that hit the country recently. Many are still in hospitals and others are mourning.

However there are other interesting things in Kenya, a good example is the tourism sector, booming with visitors from US coming to see the country of their President’s father. Tourism Minister Hon Najib Balala visited US and encouraged US citizens to visit Kenya. This is will bring some good revenue to the country and to Nyang’oma Kogelo village when some will go all the way to Siaya district to visit President Obama’s grandmother Sarah. I believe they will enjoy the beautiful scenes in Kenya, the Hotels and the Kenyan coast Mombasa, consequently have a wonderful Valentine. If you are one of the people affected by the current hardships and tragedies, you may consider visiting the Kogelo village. It may be cheaper but equally satisfying.

Though I don’t fancy Valentine’s Day, I always enjoy watching lovers carrying roses, dressed in red outfits (this is common with older women in Kenya compared to the young), those who are very keen and have the money will drive red cars and buy their loved ones red cars. This Valentine being a Saturday, a day many prefer having their weddings, I believe there are weddings all over the country, I imagine red will be a main color in the color scheme. I also look forward to an invitation to “merry go round”/chama party (mainly women’s social groups were they visit one another in turns, mostly on monthly basis and give a fixed amount to the host who prepares meals and drinks depending of the type or class of the group), this Saturday. I imagine many will come in red and driving in red cars even if they would have to borrow to achieve that goal.

Lastly, whichever way we decide to celebrate this Valentine, lets remember the many Kenyans sleeping on empty stomach due the famine that has hit the country and to send our donations to the various kitty’s/organizations supporting the hungry. Furthermore valentine is about love and love is about giving and giving is to those we love and those who are lacking.
What are you plans this Saturday? Do these plan fits in the definition of the day?

Happy Valentine’s!

The Kenyan academies

You might have noticed the mushrooming of many academies (private schools). Every average Kenyan is struggling to put their children in these schools. For sure they are good schools in the sense that they pass the children well and that is what each parent is looking for. The means to achieve the good grades is currently irrelevant and no parent is concerned about that.
My concern is the premises under which some of these schools operate. Do all of them meet the standards required by the Ministry of education? If not, then how are these schools registered? I have seen schools operating in land less than 50 by 100 feet (1/8 of an acre). I don’t believe that is sufficient for a school. To my surprise these schools do very well as well. I have seen schools with water system, toilets and other basic amenities.
During my school days, there were government inspectors of schools and I thought it is the work of the government to regulate the education systems in both public and private schools. Do we still have these inspectors? Are they doing the work? Can they justify the existence of these funny schools? What has really gone wrong in our systems? Is the ministry on sleep or people are bribing their ways in irregular registration. Someone needs to stop this. The children are getting grades but possible no education at all. What is the true meaning of education?

It is high time that reguration on these type of schools start.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Last week two conferences were held in Kenya, one was on “The Kenya We Want”, the other was on “The Kenya We Don’t Want”. The one that I took great note of was the one that took place first “The Kenya We Want”. This was attended by the current and former presidents, government officials, and other people.

The speech that caught my attention was by the former president Mr.Daniel Arap Moi. When he talked about corruption as big problem for this country, he said he was like the driver of a bus carrying passengers and in that bus there were pickpockets. This was amusing but when I thought of it, it was a big joke because being the driver of this “Mr. Moi Bus” for 24 years; he had the power to stop the bus and drop off those pickpockets who robbed innocent passengers (wananchi) of their hard earned money. These same passengers are ones who paid taxes every month to keep the bus running, pay the driver and his pickpockets (part of passengers) hefty salaries.

After 24 years (Moi regime), the passengers (wananchi) got fed up of “His bus” (KANU), they decided to use another means of transport. The driver could not manage the bus (party) well steering it in the wrong direction and doing nothing about pickpockets. We the passengers decided to board other buses to get us to our destination. The drivers of other buses (other political parties) decided to unite in one bus ( party) in order to avert the mistakes of earlier years when the votes were divided. One major mistake we did was we blindly opted for his former conductor (Hon.Kibaki) to be the driver and some of his pickpockets who had jumped out of the bus (KANU) when they realized it was heading to a ditch. The result after five years from 2002 was a similar story to the former bus so passengers were left stranded again looking for alternatives in 2007.

In 2007 ,as most of us are aware, we had mainly two options to continue with our journey that has taken over 45 year to get us near or at our destination. The worst part is that both the buses still had the same conductors and pickpockets from the ill fated “Moi bus” (KANU). Nevertheless most of us opted for the bus with a “new driver”(Hon.Raila) who would give us some hope. Unfortunately we were hijacked when it was about to be cleared to carry passengers to the land of hope. What happened later after major protests from the passengers and a lot of intervention, it was agreed that the driver who hijacked the bus preferred by most passengers drives the bus and the hijacked driver be his co-driver. One funny thing is that the hijacker has never given the co-driver an opportunity to drive the bus. We are now back to the same old story of suffering passengers at the mercy of pickpockets suffering from numerous problems amongst them hunger, fuel shortage, high cost of living, poor infrastructure, greedy MPs who increase their pay as they like and don’t pay taxes etc… . At the long run our journey has been delayed again to 2030 hours (vision 2030), I wonder if we will ever make it to our destination or we will be hijacked again.

There ends my sad story about the “Kenya We Don’t Want”!

Friday, February 6, 2009


I am just confused. We voted the ODM with all our herats and to date many Kenyans belived that ODM won the presidential position. That is now past and we do not want to argue as to who won and who lost.We a building Kenya jointly as Kenyans not as political parties. That is where the problem starts. The joint government leadership think that as they rule together, they loot together as well but the likes of Ababu Namwamba and Bonny Khalwale will not see that happening. These two men of the August house are very couragious and and I salute them.

The way things stand now it is clear that those we thought were to liberate us are purely looters and liers. Just look how Hon. Ruto is inconsistent in his explaination on the maize saga. What is really happening? Is this the Ruto we voted? Surely is Mr. Ruto clean in this whole issue? I strongly doubt? Who is Namwamba working for? Dont tell me PNU . He is doing all these to Kenyans. But wait if Ababu Namwamba was given a ministerial position would he behave differently? What about Khalwale? Kenyan politicians are simply looters nearly all of them. That is my take. I said nearly all deliberately because people like Martha Karua seems to be clean so far and we salute her too. I no longer care about tribe and the past record. I only care about the present personality.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Two fire tragedy following one another in less than three days. Can it be a coincidence? Unlikely.
Kenyans are in a sad mourning mood as we read of the demise of our brothers and sister in the burning fires. One in Nairobi and another in Molo Salgaa. What really went wrong? Human error coupled with bad fate. All these happened in the month of January 2009. Do you remember what Kenya looked like in January 2008. More or less the same if not worse. We killed one another in cold blood. Police did it with impunity but the living God was watching all these. Those who facilitated the killing of the yester year have blocking the course of justice from taking place. How is God responding? God is passing a message that He is the give of live and he can take it any time. It is unfortunate that sin of the nation is punished on the nation. If you have been following the current leadership, it is not legitimate. We started with hunger that is till with us, fuel shortages, drought, accidents, strikes etc. This is very bad.
My advice is that we come back to our senses like the prodigal son and ask our father for forgiveness. If that is not done I am sorry that more bad things are on the way and this time it will hit the politicians. Wait until they cover up the prosecution of those involved in the post election violence and you will remember what I said. Fellow Kenyans, the love of God is great and abundant we just have to accept that we erred to God and to fellow Kenyans and ask God to forgive us.
Posting your comments here will be a remorse prayer of forgiveness and God will keep his promise.
1 John 1:8-10