Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are Kenyans safe if Ocampo six are detained - (revised copy)

A lot of rumors is circulating that there will be chaos when Ocampo six are locked at the Hague, most of these rumors are being circulated by people from regions/tribes of those affected. The President had also expressed fear when the Government wrote a letter to UN Security Council. The one that scared me most is one tribe claiming if their man is detained Kenyans will see, it will be worse than the post election violence of 2007/08 he addded. They say Luos will suffer most because it is believed their leader Raila is behind the Ocampo six woes.

I heard this yesterday and am surprised the same issue has been raised by the two major newspapers in the country Standard and Nation. Nation says “MPs allied to some of the suspects have been threatening mass action, claiming the court was planning to arrest some of them” then it goes on to say “Hague has confirmed they will not arrest Ocampo six so long as they obey the conditions imposed by ICC Judges”. In the same paper Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) Commissioner Mr. Hassan Omar has accused Mr. Kenyatta and Ruto of using political rallies to whip emotions against ICC and warned should anything happen they should be held responsible.

Standard says “Concern is growing that President Kibaki’s decision to retain 2 of the Ocampo Six suspects in Government has put them at risk of tougher sanctions by the International Criminal Court at the Hague”.
My question to the Government and especially the President, what if some of them are locked up will you protect innocent Kenyans from angry mobs planning chaos. I agree with KNCHR should anything happen, the two main suspects Uhuru and Ruto should be held responsible, Ocampo should punish those who try to bring further chaos. Kenya is bigger than the six, and by summoning them to the Hague it is a lesson to others that impunity should not be allowed. Mr. President this is a time you need to prove to Kenyans that you are the leader and father of all regardless of tribe or party affiliation.We are tired of more fights and we only need peace. If Uhuru and William Ruto are innocent they will surely come back free but if they are not as will be proved by evidences (not the number of idle MPs accompanying them to Hague) they MUST be punished.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Is this the start of improved football in Kenya?

Saturday the 26th March 2011, Kenyan national football team defeated the Angolan team by 2-1 in Nairobi Kenya. For a long time the Kenyan team has never seen a win and there have been a lot of wrangles in the management of football in Kenya. The events of last Saturday was a big encouragement to Kenyan football fans.Many are asking whether this is the start of improvement of the Kenyan team.

However this might be an isolated win and FIFA will wait for two of more games to re-evaluate Kenyan correct world ranking.The team must keep the tempo to be upgraded.There are a lot of talents that young Kenyans have but the management of the game must change and the infighting to stop forthwith.

We all wish you well Kenya.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

40 Kenyan MPs to accompany Ruto and Uhuru to Hague

Unbelievable!!!!!! This is a clear demonstration hour our Kenyan politicians are idle. Accompany suspects to court? For what reason. Do they want to tell us that the two are more important than the many lives lost or they have followers? NEVER.

Please Mr. Ocampo lock all these idlers up. They are possibly thinking that they will get a chance to demonstrate there. Persons are not justified or cleared innocent by numbers but by facts. Whether we all (Kenyans) accompany the two to Hague they bear responsibility to prove their innocence and that can not be exchanged for anything.

My view is that we are putting our two brother in more problems by doing all these.


IF UHURU AND MUTHAURA DO NOT RESIGN BY THE TIME THEY GO TO HAGUE, THEY WILL BE LOCKED UP. That will happen. This is not Kenyan High court which can be easily manipulated. THEY WILL BE LOCKED UP.

The forty MPs (meaningless People) welcome to Hague. I thing some of you just want to see how the place look like or you have all that stolen money to waste. Let me assure you that you may be denied visas to that place to start with. If you are luck to get visas, they can either be rendered invalid and you will all be sent back. It will be a big shame.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Summon of Ocampo six to Hague timely

This summon has come at the right time, when Kenyans were wondering whether IIEC (Interim Independent Electoral Commission) had declared 2012 campaigns started officially. The key Presidential candidates (Raila, Ruto and Uhuru) were engaged in political rallies and exchanged bitter words for their rivals, Raila on one side, Uhuru and Ruto on the other side. It was a war of words that created a lot of tension amongst Kenyans and stopped only after receiving a warning from National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC),
Though they stopped the damage was already done, Kenyans were already tense and wondered what it would be like come 2012 and thereafter. So when I read in today’s standard that “Consequently senior officials of the United Nations urged on by chief mediator in Kenya’s peace process, Dr Kofi Annan, and leading development partners are said to have influenced the International Criminal Court’s decision to immediately summon the six Kenyans facing charges of crimes against humanity”. This was timely since someone had to come to our aid, when our President and Vice President have decided to prefer impunity by wasting millions of shillings to seek deferral of the ICC cases.

It has been proved many Kenyans want the six to go to Hague and face charges as a lesson to others who may plan to do the same in future. Many Kenyans are starving now because of drought and many are still in the IDP camps because of post election violence yet millions are being spent on a futile mission. It is wrong for the Government side that supports the six to lie that “The Government also cited the possibility of renewed violence if some of the suspects are charged, alleging that tension is high” Read more in today’s Standard. Crime was committed and we know those who advocate for violence are amongst the Ocampo six. They are the ones who create more tension in Kenya, they have attended prayers since the summons, I hope they are genuine prayers because God is not mocked His judgment is worse than Hague.