Monday, March 28, 2011

Is this the start of improved football in Kenya?

Saturday the 26th March 2011, Kenyan national football team defeated the Angolan team by 2-1 in Nairobi Kenya. For a long time the Kenyan team has never seen a win and there have been a lot of wrangles in the management of football in Kenya. The events of last Saturday was a big encouragement to Kenyan football fans.Many are asking whether this is the start of improvement of the Kenyan team.

However this might be an isolated win and FIFA will wait for two of more games to re-evaluate Kenyan correct world ranking.The team must keep the tempo to be upgraded.There are a lot of talents that young Kenyans have but the management of the game must change and the infighting to stop forthwith.

We all wish you well Kenya.

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