Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Rescue operations are on for another storey building under construction, that collapsed in Kiambu district. Many construction workers were injured and a number have been found dead. Chances of finding those that are still trapped in the rubble alive are very slim. Many other storey buildings under construction have collapsed in the past, the recent ones at Mombasa and Kisii towns. Once this happens we assume that the Government through the local authorities will take action to avoid such from happening again, but it’s never the case. We assume that all storey buildings under construction will be inspected and those found to be faulty demolished. However due to corruption such buildings are still being built all over the place. Fortunately and unfortunately some do not collapse while under construction, tenants occupy them unknowingly putting their lives at risk.

Innocent construction workers trying to earn a meager living for themselves and their families loose their lives or get bad injuries that may render them paralyzed for the rest of their lives. No one compensates them or their families, causing a lot of suffering to innocent citizens. In most cases the owners of the buildings and the contractors disappear once the accident has taken place, only to be caught up with later. As much as the owner and the contractor are to blame, the buck stops with Government authorities that have the mandate to authorize such building and inspect them. From the many cases that have occurred in the past and the lives lost, it is now apparent that the local authorities are corrupt and are not capable of handling this department. The issue of buildings under constructions should now be given a department under another Ministry like Ministry of Works, Housing or any other relevant Ministry to handle. They should have officers in every district to authorize and inspect such buildings. In case a building that has been authorized by the officer collapses, then he/she takes the blame, then is fired and charged together with the contractor, they should be given life sentence for authorizing building of Death Chambers. This way we will not loose more innocent Kenyans to human carelessness.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The kind of news we have to put up with daily

Of late I have realized there is hardly any good news in Kenya. I rarely watch or listen to news because I know what it will be about even before it starts. I cannot remember the last time I sat down to watch newscast from the beginning to the end, I always end up switching to a channel without news or move out of the room to do my something else.

Politics makes 90% of most news and our politicians are no longer interesting to listen to because there is nothing new they have to offer. One leader that has offended many Kenyans recently is Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, when he announced he wants to form an alliance of three tribes whose names start with K that is Kikuyu, Kalenjin and his Kamba tribe. This is in preparation for 2012 elections. Imagine this is a person who wants to lead the country!? We have not healed from the last election violence that was caused by tribal politics. In fact internally displaced persons (IDPs) are yet to settle out of their camps. Kenyans have been urged to shun tribal politics because we know the consequences, so it is ridiculous for someone of his level to promote tribal politics. That is a minus to his already bad CV it is also unfortunate that some leaders supported him.

The other issues in the news daily is about the slow pace of reforms, a number of Government officials had to be issued with letters from the US Government. Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan came back to talk about the urgency of reforms. Now we expect ICC Prosecutor Moreno Ocampo in the country because no action has been taken on perpetrators of post election violence. Getting a new constitution is a mirage. Then the stories of IDPs being asked to leave camps and being offered some money waiting to be settled on Government land. This is a complex issue because there are IDPs all over the country and in such groups there can never miss impostors. Those who had resettled on their own may also come out again to ask for compensation.

Other sad news about increase in road accidents, when we thought things would be better after the new police boss was appointed and he started with bringing back order in the most corrupt institution in the country. The Minister of Transport as usual is not accepting his office is also to blame and is pointing fingers at the police. Rains are yet to pour in other parts of the country that have experience severe drought. People and animals have died it is sad to watch this in the news and I wonder how long will Kenyans keep suffering due to drought (over 40 years after independence), those in parts of Kenya that are hard hit feel like they are in a different country. Metrological department predicted that El Nino rains are coming, though they can be destructive, this is what Kenya needs now. At the same time Kenyans are loosing the animals they remain with in this drought to cattle rustlers.

Before I forget another bad news is Kenyan football, Harambee Stars is back from Tunisia and even before they left the country I knew they will not win again. I don’t like football but I can at least watch if it is my country playing. However I have given up on Kenyan football, they are getting worse and worse. I feel the money being used on them and to pay coaches from other countries can help in other projects like irrigation. The team should be disbanded until further notice because Kenyans are busy with European premier league. Kenya can concentrate participating on other sports they do well in like athletics, cricket, volley ball etc….

Last but not least is the issue of Al Shabab militia of Somali threatening Kenya once again; the Government has promised they have taken measures against these threats. I hope so and pray they do not have a base in Kenya especially in Eastleigh which is like Somali capital in Kenya.

The list of bad news is endless I just had to mention a few.