Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Rescue operations are on for another storey building under construction, that collapsed in Kiambu district. Many construction workers were injured and a number have been found dead. Chances of finding those that are still trapped in the rubble alive are very slim. Many other storey buildings under construction have collapsed in the past, the recent ones at Mombasa and Kisii towns. Once this happens we assume that the Government through the local authorities will take action to avoid such from happening again, but it’s never the case. We assume that all storey buildings under construction will be inspected and those found to be faulty demolished. However due to corruption such buildings are still being built all over the place. Fortunately and unfortunately some do not collapse while under construction, tenants occupy them unknowingly putting their lives at risk.

Innocent construction workers trying to earn a meager living for themselves and their families loose their lives or get bad injuries that may render them paralyzed for the rest of their lives. No one compensates them or their families, causing a lot of suffering to innocent citizens. In most cases the owners of the buildings and the contractors disappear once the accident has taken place, only to be caught up with later. As much as the owner and the contractor are to blame, the buck stops with Government authorities that have the mandate to authorize such building and inspect them. From the many cases that have occurred in the past and the lives lost, it is now apparent that the local authorities are corrupt and are not capable of handling this department. The issue of buildings under constructions should now be given a department under another Ministry like Ministry of Works, Housing or any other relevant Ministry to handle. They should have officers in every district to authorize and inspect such buildings. In case a building that has been authorized by the officer collapses, then he/she takes the blame, then is fired and charged together with the contractor, they should be given life sentence for authorizing building of Death Chambers. This way we will not loose more innocent Kenyans to human carelessness.

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