Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heavy rains in Kenya, Is the government sensitive?

Life in Kenya this year has been quite tough because of high cost of living caused mainly by high cost of fuel and electricity, which affects virtually every industry and eventually the cost of essential commodities and transport. This has also been made worse by the dry season since the beginning of the year, affecting agriculture which is a source of food and income to many.

I can now smile when I see rains pouring all over the country since last few months in some parts of the country and this month it’s all over. I can say there is some hope because there will be enough water to generate more electricity and enough for farmers to grow crops. However the rains have been quite heavy and affecting crops in many parts of the country, the usual places are Budalangi and Kano plains. There are also landslides in some parts of Central and eastern and rift valley Provinces. Vehicles going to southern Sudan also got stuck when a river broke its backs and filled up the road, causing travelers and transporters agony for days before help came from the Kenyan Army.

I don’t want to complain about the rains, we need it like never before, but I believe this flooding in the common parts of the country is known to the Government for years.One wonders how can these people in flood prone places like Budalangi, Kano and the rest be helped. It’s normally a case of a river breaking its banks yet we hear of funds like el-nino funds and many others from donors. I only remember roads in Nairobi being repaired by such funds, but not. I imagined these funds were meant for rural areas as well and what has the government done about it????????

Kenyan MPs refuses to pay taxes on their allowances.

The Kenyans have been undergoing unprecedented economic difficulties as the post election violence and as a result of the global economic crisis. On the other hand, the insensitive Kenyan politicians are at it again. They are blocking a bill that will make them pay taxes just like any other Kenyan. What is this suppose to mean? What do they think they are? They increase their allowances and refuse to pay taxes? Unbelievable!
We as Kenyan, being peace makers, may not get the strength to demonstrate on the streets, but we say this is horrible behavior from our members of parliament. Basically what you are demonstrating to us is that you don’t care. You are out to get rich at all cost and you are willing to be involved in illegality to reach that end. We are keenly watching and God too as we patiently labor to eat from the remains from your high tables. Remember that what you are now “eating” with impunity is “cooked” by us. We have told you to wash your hands clean with the tax man before you eat just like any other citizen but you have literally refused simply because we have given you the power to change the Kenyan laws at will. Please remember the power of our votes and to this power NOBODY and I say NOBODY is “unbwogable”.
It is obvious that as you refuse to pay taxes on your allowances, you are intending to raise taxes on the common man. Is this really fair given that you already have hefty salaries? In the eye`s of any reasonable judge it is not fair and our living God will not sit watching you do this with all the smiles.
Hon. Raila and Kibaki, the Kenyans eyes are on you to say now to this. Lady Karua, you need our top position votes in the next election. Can you say no to this just to leave a legacy that all Kenyans will remember you for? Hon. Muchuki, we know that you stood on your ground when everybody did not like the changes you introduced in the matatu sector. Will you say NOW as the minister of Finance to this illegal act that your fellow Mps are advocating for?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The new American President

We are waking up to the joy of Barack Obama becoming the first Black american president. The breaking news is everywhere and it is loader in Kenya. The joy is great and Kogelo is a village of sheer happiness. The Kenya government has just announced that tomorrow Thusday the 6th November 2008 is a public holiday and many african countries will do the same. Kenyan share the joy with all the Americans that voted Barack and all the world that supported in one way or the other.

I like the spirit of unity and love seen as Mccain conceeded defeat and as Obama calls on Mccain to help in the management of the great America.

Many can still not believe it. A friend once said to me ,when Obama was still fighting for nomination in his party,that a black man cannot make it in a " Wasungu" country. History is made in a day and that history for Obama, Kenya and Africa is made today.

Long live Obama long live Kenya and long live Africa.