Thursday, April 30, 2009

A week of Sex starve declared in Kenya-Men be ready for prolonged hardship

The Kenyan lobby group has hit their men where it really hurt. “Conjugal starvation”.

The women lobby groups in Kenya today shocked the entire world by announcing that there shall be a sex boycott for at least a week until their husbands agree to talk to the warring politicians. Ho dear!!!!!! That is a big punishment for the men. But wait a bit these ladies may be right, they well know what make men act. Deny a man sex and he will be willing to toe your line, beg and bow down in humility with….. “yes dear, your request will ever be my command” .But dear women of Kenya be careful playing that type of game with your husband .You will be shocked that the man will encourage you to prolong the boycott as he seek refugee elsewhere.

The lobby group proposing the move let them start the boycott at their marriages if they are married at all. Let us not bring politics in marriage ladies. I warn you. You met your man alone please handle him alone not through press conferences and group boycotts. We have enough problems and do not add more in your marriage life.

As we announce the boycotts the number of ex-marital relationships is on the increase. What does that tell you?

These ladies got it wrong and they are wrong.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Speaker Marende’s wise ruling

It was a smart ruling by house Speaker Kenneth Marende on who should be the Leader of House Business Committee. He left many in suspense wondering whether he will go by the President’s choice Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka or ODM’s choice Prime Minister Raila Odinga. When he read many lines of the Constitution and the National Accord. It was all confusing.

He finally made a wise decision, just like the story of King Solomon who resolved the case of two women fighting over one baby (as described by Hon Omingo Magara and many others). I felt so relieved and I believe many Kenyans felt the same when he decided that he will chair the House Business Committee until the President and the Prime Minister as senior official of the Government come to an agreement on who will be the Leader of the HBC.

This ruling has saved Kenya from being split and from the confusion over what next if he were to choose one person, the conflict that would have ensued after that was not going to be good for the country with all the problems we have. This ruling paved the way for the house to elect other members of this committee, hence allowing Parliament Business to go on.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

If only we had free and fair election like South Africa …….

First I must say Congratulations! to our brothers and sisters in South Africa for electing their new President Mr. Jacob Zuma in a free and fair elections. This is a lesson to Kenya and other African countries but unfortunately most African leaders do not emulate such and that is why many African countries lag behind in development.

Coming back to Kenya, I feel so sad watching news since Parliament re-opened last week. This issue of Leader of Government or Leader of House Business Committee causing a standoff in Parliament is sickening. ODM leadership may have a genuine case but I feel it is not the right time since there are so many issues that need to be addressed by parliament. Many Kenyan’s are still starving because the rains have just started, so we have to wait for some more months to get food from farms. Then issues like, reforms, insecurity, Migingo Island amongst many is also still pending.

Now both the wrangling parties PNU and ODM are calling for elections if this issue cannot be resolved. This leaves me wondering how we will go into elections when the election commission is not in place. We are still waiting for a new constitution which does not seem to be forthcoming. Where are we heading?? Kenyan citizens are confused by the current political situation.

That is why I say if only we had a free and fair elections in 2007 like South Africa, we would have not been in this situation today. So the people who put us in this mess should stop pretending like they are right and are so concerned about Kenyans.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mungiki Hit again-but why?

They have been underrated as have been controlled and destroyed. The Mungiki group have just hit again in Central Kenya killing a reported number of 29 fellow villagers. What is really the problem with these young men? What do they gain by killing their own brothers and sisters? Could there be a serious psychological disorder that need the services of professional counsellors? Is the police unable to curb the actions of these group? Where were the police when the Mungiki were attacking?

The story we are reading in the Kenyan newspapers today and the horrifying pictures of lifeless bodies spread all over are really disturbing. One wonders whether this country is anymore secure. You are attacked and as you cry out and good neighbours come in to help, the neighbours and your self. What signals are we getting? If your neighbour is attacked should you wake up and help? Of course yes, but be ready for attack of the same or more magnitude.

Young Mungiki men , I appeal to you to stop this senseless killing.

President Kibaki wants the cause of the killing to be investigated but I think it is the killers who should be punished. Please help me in this. I am very sad.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Riches at all Cost

This will make others curse me dead. But we need to reflect just on how we have acquired our many riches. Where exactly have you got all that wealth from? Do you care and should someone else care? I think yes. There are wealt5h in this country Kenya that is not clean. I mean not clean and if for some reason you have that type of wealth you just need to ask God to forgive you.

A good example is the church leaders who squander from the congregation a lot of money to enrich themselves. I dont want to be a judge of anyone but it is really bad. You start a church today, in six months time you drive the biggest car and other members of you congregation are not. Does it mean that you are the only blessed one. NO GIVE ME A BREAK. You are the accountant, the auditor the bank signatory and the everything of that church. Why? You ways may not be right.

What about the civil servants, the con innocent people to enrich theselves and we all know this."Kitu kidogo riches". How can you be earning Kshs.20,000/= per month without any other business except for this illegal one and has ten flats in Nairobi. That does not add up.

NGO sector. The ED gets funds to help orphans but instead these are used to buy posh cars and good houses then they cheat the donor with false reports.

These are just few examples of what people are busy doing as they brag of deals that they are networking. I would love to be rich because being one is comfort but integrity is more important.

Just what are you doing in pursue of riches.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is the deal in Migingo?

We are waking up to disdturbing news that Migingo island is still in the hands of Uganda. But why all these aggression by the neighbours uganda? Is Kenya all that weak that we can not respond to this irresponsibly provokation?

We have to do something; otherwise President Museveni will hit again by claiming more of our land. If our security is inadequate in any way, the young and old people of Kenya are willing to defend our right. I think the Kenyan government is taking this lightly as President Museveni keeps on provoking us.

Could it be a case where by the island has been sold like the grand regency case and we are being fooled around? What is the truth? Alfred Mutua of Kenya; please tell us.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What children do when schools close

Schools in Kenya have closed for April holidays, both public and most private schools. Children are happy to get a break from school and studies, it is rare to find them studying, the younger ones play both in and out door games, watch TV and movies if allowed by their parents or guardians. The older ones either stay at home to watch TV, movies, read novels and magazines, they also roam around the estate and town, visit friends and the bad one end in wrong company taking drugs and alcohol, disappearing from home at night to visit clubs ending up in police cells when caught at night or in places were underage persons are not allowed. These are mainly activities of children in towns and developed areas.

Children in the rural areas without electricity may watch TV in urban centers otherwise they have a lot of activities like hunting, fishing and helping their parents with many duties like cultivating, planting, looking for water, herding livestock, fetching firewood etc.., though they are rarely idle like the ones in towns, they still find time to interact with people and other children. These are the times parents and guardians need to be very watchful of their children, talk to them and advise them because it is very easy for them to get into wrong company, get pregnant and also get infected by STDs and HIV.

Schools used to close for two weeks then students go back for the other two weeks for holiday tuitions. This was stopped in public schools by ministry of education, saying teachers have enough time to complete the syllabus on school days. The tuitions were also viewed as a way of teachers getting extra money from parents. Some parents were happy with this but many are not, because they feel their children need more time especially those in upper classes and also to avoid idleness during holidays. Since free education was introduced after 2002 elections, classes are congested with students; hence teachers are overwhelmed and cannot concentrate on all students within the term. Therefore many parents feel there is need for extra tuition to help teachers and the students. The case is different with private schools; holiday tuitions are on after two week’s break. Because of this many parents opt to enroll their children in holiday tuitions in private schools.

One challenge that parents are faced with now during these holidays is feeding children. Children have double appetite when they are on holiday. I think it is because of playing a lot and being idle. With the economic hardship it is really a challenge to many to put an extra meal on the table for energetic kids or any meal at all. This makes me wonder how kids in areas where people are starving due to famine and drought are surviving, there are many organizations with feeding programs in schools during school days, what happens now that the children are at home and the parents are also waiting for relief food? I hope the organizations are still feeding the children even when on holiday. When my kids demand too much I tell them to remember children who are starving.

What is wrong with couples working in one office

A circular was issued by Permanent Secretary Joseph Kinyua of Treasury, that it is now illegal for couples to work in the same department under the Treasury, saying they can collude in corruption. This has drawn mixed feelings amongst Kenyans. Some support him but others don’t. They have been asked to chose who stays and who goes.

Personally I feel it is not right for a couple to work together in an office. It is not easy for a couple to work in one office because personal disagreements can cause conflicts amongst couples who cannot trust one another. There has to be a lot of discipline and trust amongst such couples which is very rare.

However the directive should have been clear to civil servants from the beginning that it is not allowed, but love has no boundaries and so colleagues can marry. It is not right to come with the directive now and ask one to leave. This is not the right time to get someone out of work, the economic situation cannot allow. Instead they should be given an alternative for one to apply for transfer to another department.

I also do not agree with him that couples can collude in corrupt ways and agree with someone who asked on today’s morning discussion on Classic Fm radio that those who participated in Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg were they couples? Of course the answer is a big NO, so this should not be an excuse to get rid the couples.

This will also cause conflict in the homes of those couples, how do you decide who is to leave? Both of them are used to earning their money and may not be comfortable being jobless and dependant on the other. A man, even the one in a lower Job group than his wife would not be happy to leave so that the wife who brings more stays. Therefore women will be the first victims.

There are many important issues in Kenya to be addressed that can help wananchi, like arresting the real culprits stealing public funds, stop appointing and re-appointing old men past retirement age and those refusing to pay taxes than targeting innocent couples working hard to earn a living.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter is here again, a time to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, a time to rest from work, a time to travel for holiday and a time to get together with friends and family.

Even with the Economic hardship people still squeeze entertainment and traveling in their budget. Prices of food and other stuff have really gone up but still people will shop for Easter festivities. Machakos bus station and other bus parks used by many traveling upcountry will still be packed with travelers trying to get means upcountry. People will travel even when fares are double or more than the normal fare. Others will go for a holiday at the Coast and other towns with hotels and tourist attraction points. Many will only go for what is pocket friendly or just stay at home like other days.

Happy Easter Holidays!

No more Noise Pollution

Six months from now, Noise pollution will not be allowed in Kenya. Thanks to the ‘No Nonsense’ Minister Hon Michuki, he deserves the term honorable sometimes unlike some of his colleagues who do not deserve the title at all. He is the Minister of Environment.

This will affect transport industry, the same industry he is praised to have returned to sanity when he was the transport Minister. Matatu’s (mini buses) are very notorious when it comes to noise pollution playing very loud music which irritates many passengers. Many also have music videos with explicit music videos played full blast, not caring what type of passengers they are carrying and whether they prefer that kind of music. These people lack Public Relations skills; they don’t care at all about their customers, so it’s only a Minister like Michuki who can rescue citizens from such harassment.

The law will also affect street and bus preachers, it is good to spread the word but the manner they do it is a nuisance to peace loving Kenyans. There is nothing I hate like taking a bus when traveling around Nairobi or upcountry then a noisy preacher comes to disturb my peace. Others take advantage of people waiting for transport at the bus stops; the preaching can be very loud using speakers. Most of them are only after collecting money from commuters.

The others are the small shops that have mushroomed in every corner of Nairobi streets, selling music and video CDs, mobiles, electronics, clothes, shoes etc…… To attract customers they play very loud music, imagine 10 shops in one line all playing different music to attract customers, it is irritating.

It is noise pollution from the streets, at the bus stop, the Matatu tout shouting for passengers, the music or the preacher in the bus or Matatu, the blaring horn from other cars in the traffic, music in the estate bars, evening service in a nearby Church with loud speakers, a neighbor who plays loud music and by the time one get in their home, you have a splitting headache.

Thanks Hon. Michuki for coming to our aid once again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Danson Mungatana resigns

Medical Services Assistant Minister Danson Mugatana has also resigned. I am not surprised by his move because he is also in Narc Kenya party; a supporter of Martha Karua’s bid for Presidency in 2012. He has also been very vocal about corrupt deals in the Government. This is a totally different Mungatana from the one we knew before the coalition government.

Talking of coalition government, where is it headed? Things are falling apart with now two ministers out and probably more will follow. The Prime Minister is also not a happy man; one can say he is petty by complaining about his reception at the coast. Half carpet or do I say small carpet, no toilet behind the dais and the worst is the Provincial Commissioner snubbing his visit. Surely this is a Jua Kali (local artisans) government like PM Raila Odinga called it. He was so bitter that he was being treated badly yet his ODM party is the one that won the 2007 elections.

What next for this Jua Kali government, ODM the coalition partner is not happy with the treatment they are getting from the other Partner PNU, with Martha and Mungatana’s exit seems Narc Kenya an affiliate party of PNU is getting out.

Things are falling apart, will the center hold? There must be something going on that we the common wananchi (citizens) do not know, after 2007 controversial election results and the chaos that ensued many of us are scared of surprises.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Martha Karua finally sees the light or what?

It is unbelievable that Justice and Constitution Minister resigned today as she has been threatening. This is the same Martha Karua who stood by President Kibaki during the controversial election outcome in 2007 and the hurried swearing in thereafter.It did not go down well with many Kenyan’s who felt cheated and looked at her as one of the key players in the rigged elections. She told ODM who felt cheated to present their case in court, knowing very well what Kenyan courts are. Many now wonder what happened between them.

Lately she changed tune, started criticizing those in the government connected to her docket, Attorney General Amos Wako and Chief Justice Evans Gicheru. She accused CJ of favoritism, incompetence and cronyism in appointments of Judges. The President ignored her, went ahead to swear in the Judges. This is clear case of being given work to do then your hands are tied like she said when declaring she cannot continue working in the government.

However, many supporters of ODM who felt cheated still do not trust her even after changing her stand on the government. She was the first to declare her stand to vie for presidency in 2012 under Narc Kenya party; many think it’s about 2012 elections. The President recently warned grumbling ministers they would be sacked so some think she was about to be sacked then opted to resign. Others say she is not happy with President Kibaki’s PNU party succession plan.

Whatever it is, Martha is a tough woman who speaks without fear and can fight for what she wants. This is one character many women like about her but loathed by some men saying she is arrogant. She has promised to keep her fight against corruption in the government and to work with Kenyan’s to bring change.

If she has truly changed, her resignation will be a plus to her bid for presidency in 2012. Other women in Kenya have tried to get to this seat dominated by men but not succeeded. All that Kenyan’s want is real change and that change can only be brought about by a genuine leader. It is not easy but we will see what Martha Karua can offer.