Thursday, April 9, 2009

No more Noise Pollution

Six months from now, Noise pollution will not be allowed in Kenya. Thanks to the ‘No Nonsense’ Minister Hon Michuki, he deserves the term honorable sometimes unlike some of his colleagues who do not deserve the title at all. He is the Minister of Environment.

This will affect transport industry, the same industry he is praised to have returned to sanity when he was the transport Minister. Matatu’s (mini buses) are very notorious when it comes to noise pollution playing very loud music which irritates many passengers. Many also have music videos with explicit music videos played full blast, not caring what type of passengers they are carrying and whether they prefer that kind of music. These people lack Public Relations skills; they don’t care at all about their customers, so it’s only a Minister like Michuki who can rescue citizens from such harassment.

The law will also affect street and bus preachers, it is good to spread the word but the manner they do it is a nuisance to peace loving Kenyans. There is nothing I hate like taking a bus when traveling around Nairobi or upcountry then a noisy preacher comes to disturb my peace. Others take advantage of people waiting for transport at the bus stops; the preaching can be very loud using speakers. Most of them are only after collecting money from commuters.

The others are the small shops that have mushroomed in every corner of Nairobi streets, selling music and video CDs, mobiles, electronics, clothes, shoes etc…… To attract customers they play very loud music, imagine 10 shops in one line all playing different music to attract customers, it is irritating.

It is noise pollution from the streets, at the bus stop, the Matatu tout shouting for passengers, the music or the preacher in the bus or Matatu, the blaring horn from other cars in the traffic, music in the estate bars, evening service in a nearby Church with loud speakers, a neighbor who plays loud music and by the time one get in their home, you have a splitting headache.

Thanks Hon. Michuki for coming to our aid once again.


Ronnie Kinyoni said...

Sometimes you want to suppress whut makes people who they are. Why don't u have them apply for a licence to play the loud music n display tha their vehicle has loud music, thus those who don't like it are aware that the car they are boarding has loud music. If u don't like loud music maybe there those who live to enjoy it. Lets face it u don't need to impose your lifestyle on the other 33 million, lets all have our wishes.

Anonymous said...


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That' s exactly what all countries have to do. Kenya had an enormous advance, noise pollution is affecting too many persons around the world, but anybody make nothing, so it will continues.

Anonymous said...

What can we do with people who in the middle of a residence area are operating a car repair workshop. Hammering, beating, electric drills even on Sunday mornings.
They do not care about their neighbours at all. Does the Noise Pollution law coiver that?