Friday, April 17, 2009

Riches at all Cost

This will make others curse me dead. But we need to reflect just on how we have acquired our many riches. Where exactly have you got all that wealth from? Do you care and should someone else care? I think yes. There are wealt5h in this country Kenya that is not clean. I mean not clean and if for some reason you have that type of wealth you just need to ask God to forgive you.

A good example is the church leaders who squander from the congregation a lot of money to enrich themselves. I dont want to be a judge of anyone but it is really bad. You start a church today, in six months time you drive the biggest car and other members of you congregation are not. Does it mean that you are the only blessed one. NO GIVE ME A BREAK. You are the accountant, the auditor the bank signatory and the everything of that church. Why? You ways may not be right.

What about the civil servants, the con innocent people to enrich theselves and we all know this."Kitu kidogo riches". How can you be earning Kshs.20,000/= per month without any other business except for this illegal one and has ten flats in Nairobi. That does not add up.

NGO sector. The ED gets funds to help orphans but instead these are used to buy posh cars and good houses then they cheat the donor with false reports.

These are just few examples of what people are busy doing as they brag of deals that they are networking. I would love to be rich because being one is comfort but integrity is more important.

Just what are you doing in pursue of riches.

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Cee said...

So sad that we let money be our master....