Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What is wrong with couples working in one office

A circular was issued by Permanent Secretary Joseph Kinyua of Treasury, that it is now illegal for couples to work in the same department under the Treasury, saying they can collude in corruption. This has drawn mixed feelings amongst Kenyans. Some support him but others don’t. They have been asked to chose who stays and who goes.

Personally I feel it is not right for a couple to work together in an office. It is not easy for a couple to work in one office because personal disagreements can cause conflicts amongst couples who cannot trust one another. There has to be a lot of discipline and trust amongst such couples which is very rare.

However the directive should have been clear to civil servants from the beginning that it is not allowed, but love has no boundaries and so colleagues can marry. It is not right to come with the directive now and ask one to leave. This is not the right time to get someone out of work, the economic situation cannot allow. Instead they should be given an alternative for one to apply for transfer to another department.

I also do not agree with him that couples can collude in corrupt ways and agree with someone who asked on today’s morning discussion on Classic Fm radio that those who participated in Anglo Leasing and Goldenberg were they couples? Of course the answer is a big NO, so this should not be an excuse to get rid the couples.

This will also cause conflict in the homes of those couples, how do you decide who is to leave? Both of them are used to earning their money and may not be comfortable being jobless and dependant on the other. A man, even the one in a lower Job group than his wife would not be happy to leave so that the wife who brings more stays. Therefore women will be the first victims.

There are many important issues in Kenya to be addressed that can help wananchi, like arresting the real culprits stealing public funds, stop appointing and re-appointing old men past retirement age and those refusing to pay taxes than targeting innocent couples working hard to earn a living.


Cee said...

Our government behaves like a blindman running after a thief, they just grab anything and claim it's the reason for madness. To be corrupt you don't need your spouse at your side, look at Raila and Kibaki. Let them stop harassing hard working mwananchi in the name of fighting corruption. If they are serious about fighting corruption, let them start by appointing new leaders, do away with all those "government alumni"

Anonymous said...

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