Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mungiki Hit again-but why?

They have been underrated as have been controlled and destroyed. The Mungiki group have just hit again in Central Kenya killing a reported number of 29 fellow villagers. What is really the problem with these young men? What do they gain by killing their own brothers and sisters? Could there be a serious psychological disorder that need the services of professional counsellors? Is the police unable to curb the actions of these group? Where were the police when the Mungiki were attacking?

The story we are reading in the Kenyan newspapers today and the horrifying pictures of lifeless bodies spread all over are really disturbing. One wonders whether this country is anymore secure. You are attacked and as you cry out and good neighbours come in to help, the neighbours and your self. What signals are we getting? If your neighbour is attacked should you wake up and help? Of course yes, but be ready for attack of the same or more magnitude.

Young Mungiki men , I appeal to you to stop this senseless killing.

President Kibaki wants the cause of the killing to be investigated but I think it is the killers who should be punished. Please help me in this. I am very sad.

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Anonymous said...

The blood of innocent people you have kiiled will follow you and your generation. Mungiki you are a shame and an omen to Kikuyu community. You are bringing a curse to our land. Those who killed the 29 in Mathira will not get peace and will as well die in a similar painful manner!!!!!!! Mashetani ninyi!!!!!!!!!!