Sunday, April 26, 2009

If only we had free and fair election like South Africa …….

First I must say Congratulations! to our brothers and sisters in South Africa for electing their new President Mr. Jacob Zuma in a free and fair elections. This is a lesson to Kenya and other African countries but unfortunately most African leaders do not emulate such and that is why many African countries lag behind in development.

Coming back to Kenya, I feel so sad watching news since Parliament re-opened last week. This issue of Leader of Government or Leader of House Business Committee causing a standoff in Parliament is sickening. ODM leadership may have a genuine case but I feel it is not the right time since there are so many issues that need to be addressed by parliament. Many Kenyan’s are still starving because the rains have just started, so we have to wait for some more months to get food from farms. Then issues like, reforms, insecurity, Migingo Island amongst many is also still pending.

Now both the wrangling parties PNU and ODM are calling for elections if this issue cannot be resolved. This leaves me wondering how we will go into elections when the election commission is not in place. We are still waiting for a new constitution which does not seem to be forthcoming. Where are we heading?? Kenyan citizens are confused by the current political situation.

That is why I say if only we had a free and fair elections in 2007 like South Africa, we would have not been in this situation today. So the people who put us in this mess should stop pretending like they are right and are so concerned about Kenyans.


Anonymous said...

free and fare ? whats that fare :)

Sue said...

Thanks anonymous for that, English is my 3rd language so you can imagine such mistakes are bound to happen.