Thursday, December 17, 2009

We should give the Government credit where it is due

Before 2007 election many Kenyans especially those from Rift Valley and Western part of Kenya complained about the poor state of roads in those regions. Roads have been a tool of campaign for many years in Kenya and so our politicians on the opposition promised better roads after elections. People from these regions felt neglected by the government and formed an opposition movement. Many of us complained in the papers, on websites about the state of roads in the region.

Now the story is different, with the coalition government comprising of both parties, a lot has changed. I traveled upcountry on Nairobi-Kisumu road and I must complement the Government on the good work they are doing on Kenyan roads. Even in Nairobi, most roads have been repaired and the by-passes which will ease traffic on major roads are under construction. This makes traveling more comfortable and less costly to vehicle owners.

Apart from roads there are many other areas the Government is trying to improve on. As I traveled this time I took a keen look at Kericho area to see the Mau forest which is a big issue in Kenya now and I said no wonder the area is ever green. It is sad that MPs coming from this part of the Rift Valley have made the issue of conserving this forest political. They forget that while they enjoy the ever-green environment, other parts of the country are suffering because of destruction of the forest by illegal occupants. Many parts of Kenya, even those that are served by rivers from this forest look like semi deserts compared to Kericho. Worse is that instead of seeing it as a Government initiative to conserve the forest, which serves as a water source for many rivers, they have taken the issue personal by accusing the Prime Minister for evicting their people. It makes me feel the MPs have a grudge with the PM Raila Odinga and so it is not about Mau Forest evictions. Whatever it is the Government is saving Kenyan Environment from more destruction, those with personal issues should let the Government do its work and wait for 2012 elections and see if people will support them.

Holidays and kids migration

When December holidays approach it is normally a hectic time for people especially parents. Kids have closed school, these holidays are longer than other terms and so they demand a lot from parents. One thing that most kids like is to travel up and down. It all depends on parents’ financial status, once parents can afford their planned escapades which involve holiday camps, visiting relatives, friends etc….

From my Kenyan experience having studied my kids, those of neighbors and friends, I have come to a conclusion that kids hate to stay at home during holidays and only do so because their parents would not allow them to travel or cannot afford to do so. Most people only travel upcountry to their rural homes during December, a few who can afford tour the country as local tourists and some travel out of the country. In case parents are not traveling to rural homes kids decide to visit relatives’ homes if parents allow. Where there is no control kids can move from one relative to another, from grandparents to aunts, uncles etc…

Apart from kids avoiding to stay at home during holidays and prefer to migrate to relatives’ homes, some parents avoid staying with kids at home during holidays. Such people are a burden to their parents and relatives. I have a relative who would ask relatives to stay with her kids every holiday. When we realized it’s a habit we decided to avoid by giving excuses like we will be traveling out of town or my kids will be also going away and my house help is also going on leave, so they will not get people in the house.

It’s been hectic for me since my kids closed I have traveled upcountry to our home and back but they are not satisfied they still had to go and visit my parents. It is a good time for kids to visit their grandparents. I avoid long visits of other relatives because I feel it is burden may be once in a while and some relatives cannot be trusted. Otherwise traveling is a good way for them to pass the long holidays instead of being idle and getting into bad habits.

Happy Holidays.