Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Demise of a diligent Kenyan Minister

We are waking up to the untimely death of Hon. John Muchuki. The late Minister was a strong man and can be remembered for a number of things in different ministries;
1. Streamlining the public transport sector (Ministry of Transport): Ensuring that all public vehicles are fitted with seat belts and the passengers put on the belts whenever they travel.
2. Dealing ruthlessly with Mungiki (Ministry of Internal Security): When the illegal group of young people turned criminal and causing mayhem in the country beheading citizen in cold blood. Hon. Muchiki stepped in strongly to contain the situation.
3. Noise Control (Ministry of Environment): There was a time that major town in Kenya and especially Nairobi was all noisy. Noise from churches, public vehicle etc. Hon. Muchuki came to the aid of common man and regulated that very well.
For sure we have not seen such a bold minister like Hon. Muchuki but the legacy he is leaving behind is great and admirable.

May God rest his soul in eternal peace.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The most notorious men in Kenya

They are always in the news for the wrong reasons.

* When gangsters are caught or shot somewhere 90 – 100% will be them
* When illicit brew has killed or blinded people most of the victims will be them.
* They are the highest culprits in rape cases especially minors and old women.
* When there is news of fights leading to death over family land they are the majority
* Most them joined the most notorious, outlawed sect Kenya has ever had, Mungiki that has killed many mercilessly, even their own people.
* Politically they are selfish because they only believe only they can lead the country and are not likely to support others.
* They have been in the news lately as “endangered species” because their hard working women are so fed up of them and resorted to beating, burning them and it is known some have hired killer gangs for them. Most of them are lazy drunkards who add no value to the family.
* When they became very rich they marry other wives and neglect their first family, leading to ugly property disputes when they die. Etc……

By now many Kenyans reading this have guessed who am talking about. Like me or hate me these are facts about majority men from Central Kenya, many ladies I know from this part of Kenya have told me how useless most of their men are, some of them are single, divorced, widows or married to men from other parts of Kenya. No wonder many of their elderly women are mostly single, divorced or widows.

Many of the battered men in hospitals have come out in the open to tell the world what they are going through because it has became a trend. It was very amusing to see a lawyer being amongst the victims. The man who started a development group for men (Maendeleo ya Wanaume) is asking men in Kenya to boycott eating at their houses for a week in protest to women battering their husbands. This is a ridiculous call because the problem is mainly about men from Central Kenya. How many men from other parts of Kenya have married Kikuyu women and why are they not being battered? Are these men cursed because of their notorious lifestyle or what is the problem? Who is to blame, their parents or the wives?

On a serious note these men need divine intervention.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Why elections should be held in December 2012

There has been a lot of debate over when to hold elections after the new constitution came. According to the new constitution elections were to be held in August this year, then parliament moved a bill to change the election date to December. But Kenyan high court ruled that elections will be delayed to March 2013 which is 60 days after the end of current parliament. However this can change if the two principals President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga decide to dissolve parliament sooner.

As a Kenyan I therefore support those who are asking the two principals to dissolve parliament in October thereafter elections can be held 60 days after, which will be sometime in December.

I support December elections because:-

1) It is a tradition we are used to.
2) December is a more relaxed month for most people; it is a time companies/businesses close for festive season and school holidays are longer.
3) Nearly all voting centers are schools therefore it is better when elections are done once students sitting for main exams have completed their exams.
4) December is the time when people can take leave and travel upcountry without worrying to come back to work within a few days.
5) It is good for a new Government to start at the beginning of the year.
6) There are no heavy rains in December that can hamper election process.
7) Many Kenyans know this is an election year and any decision to move it to next year is demoralizing.
8) Elections that are done when many people are busy can be easily manipulated, we have seen this during by-elections and many democratic Kenyans would agree with me.
Just to name a few reasons.

Therefore it is up to Kibaki and Raila to make a rational decision on this important day to Kenyans.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mudavadi is on the right track

By declaring that he will also vie for ODM party leadership along side party leader PM Raila Odinga, Dept. PM Musalia Mudavadi is exercising his democratic right. To make political parties strong there must be competition, the contest should be free and fair at all levels. It shows that ODM is ready for change and can prove that it is a democratic party. Other parties should also do the same to prove to Kenyans they are serious.

The proposed new system of Education

A change from the controversial 8-4-4 system is long overdue and that is why I believe many Kenyans will welcome to newly proposed education system of 2-6-3-3-3 (two years in pre-school, six years in primary, three years in junior secondary, three years in senior secondary and finally three years in University).

There are already complaints by the civil society and teachers union that the system is too expensive and will burden Kenyans (from Nation web) read here

According to the system, Kenya will have four different types of secondary schools if new proposals on education reforms are adopted. In a major departure from the current system, the proposals provide for specialization at senior secondary education level, with students expected to pursue any of the following disciplines -- general, technical, talent and vocational education.
This means converting the existing schools to specialized institutions or allowing those capable of offering the four to do so under different streams. From, read more

It is also good to note that under this new system learning will be free from childhood to senior secondary school level considered as basic education.
The proposed new system is much welcomed by many Kenyans who have been burdened by 8-4-4 system. Those of us who went through that system know too well that most of the subjects that burdened us are so useless to our lives, many would be better off if we were allowed to specialize at some level. Lets hope there will be no politics on this important issue.