Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everyone should carry their own cross

After the promulgation of a new constitution, we now see a lot of action/changes taking place. The Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) under the new boss Prof. PLO Lumumba is now more active, taking those accused of graft to court and the Government sacking those accused. The latest notable ones are MP William Ruto and Mayor Majiwa. As usual people have started getting tribal and accusing the President and PM of being against their people. We should put behind such tribal sentiments and whining, instead we should support the Government in fighting graft to get rid of all with “Dirty hands”, for a better Kenya.

Those using their tribal or regional numbers to threaten leaders, they will not support them in 2012 are living in the past and should wake up! We are in a new Kenya.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hongera! Mashujaa wetu

Kenya is celebrating it’s first heroes day called Mashujaa Day in kiswahili. This is in recognition to all Kenyans who have brought honour and glory to our country. This includes entrepreneurs, religious leaders, politicians, sportsmen/women, journalists, farmers, NGO etc……

I take this opportunity to congratulate Kenyans who have made a difference to bring honour to our Country. Those who feature more in the media will be recognised for their achievements. However there are the common wananchi(citezens) in villages and slums who have achieved a lot to improve the lives of poor Kenyans. I congratulate the women and youth groups who together form groups (merry-go-rounds) contributing as little as Kshs.20 per day from their small earnings to support one another financially. They have also joined micro-finance organisations that support them with small loans to boost their small business. This way they have gone a step ahead to eradicate poverty in the villages and slums. They are the unsung heroes.

I also take this opportunity to honor organisations that have volunteered to save the lives of abandoned children, orphans, the girlchild, abused girls and women. The Women’s Hospital and the doctors involved in treatment and counselling of abused children and women. Nyumbani Children’s home taking care of abandoned HIV positive babies and all those taking care of orphans, homes and schools taking care of girls who have run away from early marriages, you are heroes and may God bless you.