Thursday, January 17, 2013


Political parties are busy nominating their representatives for the various posts today to meet IEBC deadline tomorrow, the posts are more this time round because of the new constitution.

County Representatives
Women Representatives
Members of Parliament

In the previous years elections nominations were marred by rigging and violence, this time police have been deployed to all polling stations but by midday most polling stations had not received voting papers, some parties have postponed to tomorrow nominations especially for big parties are normally disorganized, because they have many candidates fighting for the posts compared to the smaller parties. It is always easier to get nominations from the smaller parties than the big parties like those of CORD & TNA coalitions. This is because once one gets a nomination from those parties in the regions they are strong, one is assured of winning the seat in the general elections.

Looking at Kenyan politics and nominations, I normally feel pity on new candidates entering politics for the first time and putting their money in the big parties like ODM, TNA, URP, WIPER, FORD KENYA, UDF etc…. then end up losing to the big names. It’s smoother with the small parties like Eagle Coalition, FPK, Sisi kwa Sisi etc… Narc Kenya did theirs peacefully.
Many expectations, disappointments and defection will be seen, it’s the first nomination after the new constitution so we cannot expect it to be perfect. Waiting to see how things turn out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Count Down to Elections

42 days to elections, political coalitions formed and running mates identified. The headache remaining is of nominations because of the many parties joined together. Hon. Mudavadi is also said to have complicated the two horse race formula with his Amani Coalition, it seems there will be a three horse race, the donkeys are not significant. I really wonder if his is a third force, just watching to see how this political nightmare of nominations will be sorted, the campaigns and just wish March 4th would come quickly we hold a free & fair elections and move on with our lives peacefully.