Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Political parties targeting Women votes

Political parties have realized that women being the majority in the country play a big role in Kenyan politics had have a big influence on elections outcome.

We now see political leaders supporting affirmative action in their visions. Parties promising women more positions if they win elections. The government is promising 50 special seats for women. Opposition leaders are promising equal representation in parliament and public posts.

I hope these are not the usual gimmicks to attract votes from women. The key to more women getting into parliament is for women to elect more women and support from men who regard women as important. About public posts we will see if the next government will fulfill their promise.

My appeal to women, lets not get hoodwinked by politicians who are interested in our votes and are known not to fulfill election promises.

Banking industry in Kenya

I took a 46 matatu to Kawangware this weekend and I noticed a new building that is in finishing process. The building didn’t look like a common shop or a flat that are so many in the area, but was shocked by the blue name on the building. I couldn’t believe Barclays bank is opening a branch in Kawangware!

Am sure many Kenyan’s would be shocked like me because there was a time in Kenya when such banks where only for a certain class of people. The common mwanainchi like those in Kawangware would go to NBK, Co-operative and KCB. Co-operative would be found in such places where they could reach the common mwanainchi.

Competition is now stiff with banks like Equity coming into the market and opening branches closer to wanainchi. Co-operative was already doing that, the banks are also offering loans left right and center and competition is getting stiffer.

The pace at which Equity has come up and is opening branches all over is alarming. It reminds me of Uchumi Supermarket when they decided to open branches in estates at a high rate. We all know what happened next and I hope this is not the same case with Equity.

Just when I thought of writing about the shock of seeing Barclays in Kawangware , I received this email, forwarded to me, as sent by an "alleged" Equity Bank employee.......................

Truth or Trash? You decide. I personally think Equity is exactly what Kenya needs to wake these other banks up.

"Dear readers, You may never have heard of me...but worry not because i mean no harm at all.I work at Equity bank as a cashier at a branch
in town but am looking for a job since i see no future with this bank.I just want to warn you,be VERY careful about EQUITY BANK.All is not as rosy as it seems.There are people playing Russian roulette with hard earned savings of Kenyans and the unfortunate thing is that the low income earners are the ones who will be affected by the eventual collapse of Equity bank.The revelations in parliament recently is just a tip of the iceberg.The Bank is actually in the RED.The fact that it is surviving is because it has got political backing right from the country's top executive.The youth development funds being channeled through it and also the womens development fund are just a cover
up.Those funds from government are actually being used to give the bank the much needed shot in the arm.This is for the simple reason that there have been large payouts to well connected individuals in the form of unsecured loans that characterised the growth of now collapsed banks such as Trade Bank, Delphis Bank, Bullion Bank and Trust bank.The top CEO's portfolio is also very suspect and top management is composed of individuals from one community.The Assistant Minister Peter Kenneth claimed that the manager resigned in !982 from Trade bank,however,note that Trade bank was not in existance then! The ambitious expansion embarked on by the bank and the installation of ATM machines in record time is also very suspect.To refresh your mind,you can remember that just before the collapse of UCHUMI Chain of supermarkets,they had embarked on a countrywide expansion,opening up stores in almost every town.if in doubt, ask yourself why banks that have been around for quite a while like the Co-operative Bank have not had
such expansion rates despite mainly catering for the low income earners.in short,this is a classic case of a pyramid scheme,only these
time,its on a large scale.For the price of a share to shoot to an all time high for a company that has been on the stock exchange for less
than a year leaves a lot to be desired.Watch this space dear kenyans,and you will quote me right in days to come. There is a way out though...the time to get out is now.Its better to keep your money under a bed/matress than wait for a few people to steal it and forever never step in the inside of a courtroom.I know each of you has got a relative,friend,sister or brother associating with this bank.please help them by talking to them.Don 't force them but just be gentle.This is an election year and politicians are desperate to get money for dishing out,and by putting money in Equity Bank,you have willingly funded them for their greedy gains.FAMILY FINANCE is also part of the gravy train but that is just a story for another day.You are welcome to dismiss me as a false alarmist,arguing without facts, but sometimes its the blind lead the way.Please foward this mail to as many Kenyans as you can.You will have saved s another Goldenberg,saved us another anglo leasing and enabled a soul to live another day."

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Helping women and girls in the slums

I looked at a friend’s braided hair (locally referred to as twist) with admiration at the way it was done. It was neat and shining making her look so elegant. I told her you must take me to that place you did your hair.

She told me it was done in Kibera slums at a place called Kianda, but is near the main road connected to Ayany estate and asked me if I would still want to go, I said why not I don’t have a problem going to the slums, I grew in an estate next to the slums most of my childhood, so I am familiar with the area and its not such a big issue going to the slums. She told me they are very much cheaper compared to town yet it is done exactly the same way. The lady running the place is called Nyatanga (when translated from Luo means a lady from Tanga in Tanzania), she is a Luo from Tanzania, her family moved to Kenya and is married to a Luo from Kenya.

She advised that we go on a Saturday early morning before 9am, because the place is normally full of customers. On reaching the place, we found more than 10 ladies dressed in red T-shirts printed Nyatanga Salon. They came early to clean the premises and it was interesting to note that they gave each other numbers according to the one who arrived first. This is the sequence used to pick customers. So those who came earlier take the first customers. Otherwise it would be chaotic when they jostle to take the customers.

Being a new customer and the first one to arrive, I was referred to the owner and after telling her how I want my hair done she took me to 2 ladies who were number one and two (in the queue) to do my hair. Since the braids are small and have to be done in 5 hours or less, 2 ladies do one head. I wondered if two people are doing one head what if other customer come, I realized that being a Saturday other salonists had not arrived. They came late after doing their housework.

As the day moved on more ladies arrived and took other customers until there were around 30 ladies, I also realized they had 2 other shops which they gave names A, B and C. The tiny shops where full to the veranda with customers and the ladies braiding. There were some ladies doing finishing, others were preparing the hairpiece oiling them and dividing them. In the meantime they chatted, gossiped and sung while going on with their work. Hawkers with different types of items even food came to sell their wares to the ladies. I also realized that some customers who wanted to be braided cheaply but neatly in the comfort of their homes came with cars to pick the ladies. Those who were going to customer houses dressed neatly and perfumed themselves not to look like they are from the slums on a mission to braid elegant ladies. They would say they are going mobile.

Looking at this busy salon I wondered why others in Kenya are not this busy. I also realized the ladies where from different tribes of Kenya and different ages. I asked my friend later and she told me Nyatanga is very kind, she decided to invite the ladies to braid in her salon to help them earn a living, instead of just sitting at home or suffering for lack of income. She also told me most of the girls are single parents after getting children at a young age and dropping out the school. Some of the ladies are widows and would be suffering upcountry without income. Some of them are separated from their husbands and few have their husbands. She trained them on how to make neat braids of different styles, being an expert herself and share the proceeds.

I was pleased with this woman and her noble idea of offering employment to girls and women in the slums of Kibera. I realized this is why the place is normally full and the ladies working here are many.

After the first visit and many admiring my hair, I have been going to Nyatangas salon since then. My friends, relatives and colleagues have also joined the chain of customers. I also realized that most of the ladies are still there and may more have joined her. They have other income generating projects like merry-go-rounds, this way they have managed to provide for their families.

If this is how our leaders can support Kenyans from the grass root level, then Kenya would be a better place.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Kenyan MPs want to do it again.



I can’t believe our MPs are asking for hefty pay for their send off (5.9m for each of the 222 MPs and more for ministers), after getting themselves big salaries and allowances. Most of them attended parliament session yesterday (which is rare) and left when the Attorney General did not turn up, as if they did not have anything else to discuss. (Read more on the links above).

This is very sad for the Kenya economy, the common mwanainchi is suffering because of poverty. We elected these MPs to represent us in parliament and to help solve our problems but they are busy trying to fill up their pockets with more pay for less work.

I hope this bill does not sail through and Kenyan’s should reject this move. Furthermore most of them are not worth being elected back.

Kenya Inmates

I thought things have changed in Kenya prisons for better, until I passed enterprise road this morning and saw an inmate of industrial area sweeping outside the gate and collecting dirty water into a bucket bare footed.

I believe they need slippers more than TVs.

Over to you uncle Moody.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Maternity fees scrapped

Expectant mothers can now delivery their babies in Kenyan dispensaries and health centers, without worry of how they will pay, thanks to Health Minister Mrs. Charity Ngilu for scrapping maternity fees (though this is not applicable to those undergoing caesarean section).

The move was long overdue with high rate of child and mother mortality during pregnancy and childbirth. The idea of having Maternity wings in dispensaries and health centers is wise since most district hospitals up country are far. Transport in most parts of the country is a major problem hence women are most of the time transported to hospitals in wheelbarrows or boda boda (bicycles). It is sad to hear that women deliver on the way to the hospital or died before reaching there due to complications.

This is a noble move by the government

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tribalism and Presidency in Kenya

Politics is one issue I cannot avoid especially in this year of elections. So from time to time I will be posting emails I receive from people on the political situation in Kenya.

Tribalism is a big issue in Kenya, especially now as we prepare for elections. It is my hope that a time will come in Kenya when we will look at each other as Kenyans and not Kikuyu, Luo, Mkamba, Luhya, Kalenjin, Taita, Masaai etc..... Please read below article by Mr.Jerry Okungu and judge for yourself.


By Jerry Okungu
Maputo, Mozambique

Jim Hayo has been my good friend for many years. He is fun to be with particularly when one feels a bit under the weather. In his moments of excitement Jim Hayo can be extremely funny and entertaining.

A few years ago, soon after the 2002 elections, I met Hayo and a few of my friends at a night spot. True to his character, he took the center stage to give us a few sideshows besides what took us there. He started talking about life after death. He also intimated to us that he was a firm believer in reincarnation. Fortunately, the four of us around his table were all Luos therefore we easily followed the sequence of his jokes.

Hayo confessed to us that he was a very happy man. He was happy because he had come to terms with the reality of his condition! We got a little concerned and uneasy! What condition was he talking about? Did he have the big one? Two ladies sitting next to us were even more agitated. We held our breath. The usual Jim wasn't bothered by our changed mood. He was laughing his head off. Then he looked at us. He didn't understand why we wore gloomy faces.

Undeterred, he continued with his story. He told us that, he had only one wish to ask God the day he would die. He would tell God that should he be given a second chance to come back to life after death, and by mistake, God wanted him to come back as a Kikuyu, Luhya, Mkamba, Kalenjin, Indian or Muzungu, he would look God in the eye and say, " Sir, thank you for the offer but I cannot accept your generosity. I would rather remain here dead than go back to earth in any form except as a Luo!"

Why was Jim Hayo so happy that night to tell us he was proud to be a Luo? In his analysis, being a Luo allowed him to enjoy his freedom of thought and expression as an individual. He was a free spirit. He liked living his life to the full without worrying about primitive accumulation of wealth which he would die leaving behind anyway. Being a Luo had made him love his parents, siblings, wife and children unconditionally.

As a Luo, he had suffered so much vilification by other tribes and successive regimes in Kenya such that he had accepted his condition. He had lost so many good jobs and opportunities on the basis of his tribe that he no longer cared being one.

In his working career, he had helped and even employed so many non- Luos in an attempt to be more Kenyan only later to be undermined by the same ungrateful charlatans.

He had grown up following Luo politics and witnessed so many tragedies befalling Luo politicians that he no longer felt sorry being a Luo.
This series of stigmatization, being branded negative, oppositionist, rebel and anti- system had hardened his feelings and given him rare freedom only a Luo could enjoy!
He had accepted and learnt how to cope with his condition.

Jim Hayo is a very happy man. He is a proud and happy Luo. He is not rich but owns a car and a roof over his head. He has a beautiful professional for a wife. His children adore him. These are the little things that make Jim a happy man.

Of late I have been reading so much about Luo vilification in the local press so far away from home. As I read these articles from the likes of Makau Mutua and other commentators, I feel sad for Kenya. I feel sad that as other nations jostle for positions at international forums, our intellectuals and egocentric politicians preoccupy us with village politics that have no sense or direction.

As I sat down to write this article, I came across some exchanges between Gordon Teti of Winnipeg and Makau Mutua of Boston. The exchanges was about Raila Odinga, the enigma of Kenyan politics. Then I wondered why! Then it dawned on me that being in Mozambique was no reason to forget that I would soon go back to ethnic Kenya; where our tribe meant everything to us. Then I remembered something else; an old adage that says that 'you can get the man out of the village but you can never get the village out of the man!'

What I am saying is this: The people on the front line against Raila's election to the presidency are no peasants nor are they fools. These are the same people who shared in the struggle with the man, saw him vilified and tortured by past regimes and shared platforms with him during the heady days of the second liberation. On the other hand many of the so called liberators like Makau were merely masqueraders. They took off at the slightest opportunity. If anything they are economic exiles seeking fortunes in greener pastures, running away from their past and poverty back home.

Looked at another way, opposition to Raila presidency is a grand scheme to disenfranchise the entire Luo community in national politics. I have yet to hear any one of the Raila oppositionists say "I will support any other Luo except Raila". To this brand of politicians, a Luo presidency is bad for them because they know they will be unmasked and their true colors will be exposed to the public. They are in no hurry to have the presidency occupied by principle, character and resolve.

If today Ruto, Uhuru, Kalonzo and Mudavadi can come together just four years later to unblinkingly declare Raila Odinga unelectable on account of his tribe, then it is possible that we haven't seen the last of Judases in our own life time. If it is true Odinga lost his cool and shed tears for being branded an unelectable Luo politician, who can blame him for that especially if those utterances came from the same people he has rehabilitated and built up in the last four years? Why is it so difficult for any of the so called electable politicians from the good tribes to back Raila up for a change?
Who among these politicians can to day be elected without Raila Odinga's backing?
Is it Kalonzo Musyoka, Uhuru Kenyatta, William Ruto or Musalia Mudavadi? May be any one of the can or cannot. That will be for the Kenyan voters to decide. But in my opinion, it is the height of hypocrisy and base morality wrong to use public forums like the media to denigrate and demonize a whole community on account of one family.
What right do these Raila haters have to decide for Kenyans who to elect president of Kenya or not? Aren't these types of labeling and stereotyping the cause of the Darfur conflicts? Didn't Rwanda bleed because of these ethnic biases? What of ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq? Can we afford to have short memories of yesterday's tragedies?

Those who are vilifying Raila Odinga for being a Luo have really failed Kenyans and the second liberation. They have no moral authority to question Kibaki's or Moi's leadership. They have truly come out in their true colors for what they are; wolves in sheep's clothes.
They are leaders who left their villages but the village in them remained intact in their souls.

At another level, it is about time ODM aspirants faced the reality that the coming elections are theirs to lose if they don't stop playing cheap politics now. The reality is that none of the aspirants has ever mounted a presidential campaign except Raila and Uhuru. Uhuru by all accounts is already out of the race. He had no choice but to back out for obvious reasons. This race needs a candidate with some semblance of primary constituency. Uhuru with Kibaki around does not have that primary constituency. He has to bid his time in 2012 assuming there will be no stronger Mt. Kenya candidate to challenge him.

As things stand, ODM's best bet is Raila because he has the capacity to mount an election campaign single handedly. He is also capable of forging fresh alliances in almost every province without depending on his detractors who pretend to be his comrades in ODM K. You cannot say so for any of the presidential aspirants. That is the bitter truth.

Finally, if you are an eye that once ailed and needed treatment, never frown at the eye of he, who cleaned you up, dressed you up and removed residue from you! If you do so, it may come back to haunt you one day.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Spicing your marriage or spite

Marriages are not working well for most Kenyan couples and people think of many things to get them back on course. People visit witch doctors, kill one another, buy children, and undergo plastic surgeries and many other unimaginable in attempts to save marriages. All these have been heard or read in our local news. But the one I heard on one of our FM radio stations last week is a new one, strange and purely immoral!

This woman was complaining that her husband is insisting she sleeps with his friend and the husband will sleep with the friend's wife to spice up their marriage. If she does not accept the husband will divorce her. Apparently her mother in law is insisting there is nothing wrong with that and she should do it.

Some callers called to confirm that this is a common scenario in our society, so the lady should accept the offer. Others like me were shocked and disagreed that a man can allow his wife to sleep with a friend in the name of spicing up their marriage.

Some callers who disagreed with this said we need another dictionary for today’s society, where we can have a new definition of marriage. Another caller said this is not marriage such a couple is sick and should be sent to Mathare hospital (hospital for mentally ill persons). Someone commented that such things may be the cause of the recent tremors felt in Kenya and that’s why rains have stopped (implying that such calamities are reflection of God’s anger for immorality).

Morals in our society are changing for the worst, people are coming up with all sorts of ideas in the name of spicing up marriage.

What would you have done if you were the lady? As for me, I would opt to leave that sick man!

What respect is there left for the conjugal bed? Has the wife turned to be man’s ball that can be passed to fellow men at choice of the man with the wife having no say? This is not what God meant when he created the woman as a man’s helper!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Connections to higher places

Reading an article in today’s Daily Nation weekend magazine on Yvonne Khamati. Her career, the rumors (about her affairs with some prominent politician) and politics. I admired how she’s risen in social life and career at a very young age of 26 years.

At only 21 years she contested on SDP Party ticket for Makadara constituency seat, after she lost Narc nomination to Reuben Ndolo. She was nominated for EALA assembly, was appointed ambassador to African Union in May but was recalled. Is now the CEO of Musikari Kombo foundation and also working in Foreign Affairs Ministry.

The other notable thing about her is that she schooled in the UK.Her grandfather was a senator John Lawrence Khamati. Has worked with UN though this could be because she represented the youth in various UN conferences around the world from age 16.

This is a familiar story with most of our politicians, some are former Presidents sons, former Vice Presidents sons, former MPs sons, former chiefs sons/daughter etc…….. and the list continues. Due to their social standing in the society; they and their relatives got good jobs, big posts in government, their children went to good schools locally and abroad, hence this trend has continued generation after generation.

This trend in Kenya, and Africa as a whole, is the root cause of increase in poverty because of inequality. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because those with connections in high places hold more than one job, yet so many qualified people are jobless or take any other job they can find.

It is sad that one can only rise in politics being a descendant of a former politician or a relative. If not one must have a political godfather to push for a nomination and to be elected.

Being an election year, we hope to see some change from this trend. We should elect leaders for their performance or what they stand for but not because they are son/daughter of so and so. Leaders should not be forced on us because they are related to anyone. I also hope to see more women in parliament and civic seats no matter what party they stand on.

Enough is enough!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kenya after 40 years of independence

More than 40 years after independence, the process of getting a birth certificate has not changed. One goes to Sheria house (government offices where birth certificates are processed) and fills a form, and then you are asked to take to City Hall (city council offices) for Birth search. At City Hall you pay Kshs.100 and told to come back after a month. Surprisingly, even after seeing a copy of birth notification and application form for new birth, the city cashier records the birth in the Death search register. When you go after one month you are told they have not completed the search and tell you come back after a few days. Nothing specific.

When one is not self-employed it is not easy to take offs to check on the certificate. So one day I decided to call and asked for birth search department, I was transferred to five different departments; deaths search, rates, bills, meters etc.. I had to disconnect after a long hold. I tried a second and third time and the receptionist did the same. On the third time I had already lost my temper and gave the receptionist a bushing. I told her not to take Kenyans 40 years back.

I could not believe that government institutions still employ daft telephone operators who cannot differentiate between births search department and deaths or rates department. How can a cashier write Death search on receipt for Birth search.

Working away from the City center where these offices are located, I have to send someone to follow this up. The guy makes several trips to City hall and is told to try another day after the other and it turns out to many days. From Sheria house, he is sent back to City Hall and after making a lot of noise, he is given some files to search and he gets the baby’s name.

This irritated me a lot. Then on one day I decided to go to Sheria house myself thinking that the guy was not aggressive enough. To my amazement, the lady wondered why I had paid 100 bob at City Hall for the search, then after looking at my application form she tells me to come back the next Monday because there was no power. I could not believe that a whole government office can be without power the whole day and does not have a generator (40 years after independence). Unbelievable!

When Monday came, I sent my man. He pays another Ksh. 90 and is told to go back after another month to get the certificate. My God what is wrong with our Kenyan government offices? Can they grow up to 40 years!

Can you imagine what would happen when you or your child are to travel abroad and need a passport which you cannot get without a birth certificate? No wonder we cannot get rid of corruption completely in this country.

NINAVUMILIA KUA MKENYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Value of 5,000 Kenya Shillings yesterday……….today………and tomorrow

I received this on email, very interesting the way money is loosing value.

Did you know that Ksh. 5,000 in……………

40 years ago one could buy a car
20 years ago one could buy a motor bike
5 years ago a bicycle
Currently (2007) a pair of shoes
What will it buy in 5 years to come?
A Needle!

(and the economy is growing)

Hope the tremors have stopped

The situation is much better today after the panic and evacuations yesterday. The problem was magnified when people decided to send warning sms messages in the night, informing others of a bigger earthquake coming after the tremors. Many had to spend most part of the night, in this chilly weather outside their houses with children.

The local government has now realized that most tall buildings in Nairobi cannot with stand a strong earthquake and have requested for inspection. I thought this had been done after some buildings collapsed. It is very inefficient of them to act only when a disaster strikes or is about to strike.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tremors in Kenya----------Repent

Panic has hit several parts of Nairobi and its environs as a result of mild tremors. Its sad that tremors and earthquakes get people unaware and nothing can be done to stop them. It is also said that no one can predict an earthquake, but I have doubt about this when it comes to prophesy.

Remember Dr. David Owuor a scientist turned prophet and televangelist. He featured in the media worldwide for predicting disasters. He predicted the Asian Tsunami, America’s Hurricane Katrina and Pakistan’s earthquake. In February he predicted that earthquake will hit Nairobi unless the country repents.

Could this be the beginning of that prophecy? If that is the case we should pray and repent our sins to avert a bigger calamity.

The government is now busy telling people to ignore prophecy (saying no one can predict earthquakes), while if the tremors were to repeat in violent frequencies they would be the first ones to call for National prayers after the damage is done.

I think the best thing is that we just repent of our sins whether Dr. Owuor was right or not furthermore we are not repenting to him but to God. If we repent and the tremors don’t reoccur, what do we lose? Nothing. But when we fail to repent and the tremor increase we lose property and lives.

Repent Kenyans .

May God help us.

Politics or pulpit where does the woman excel

This is an article that has been sent by a friend who feels that women are pressing for equality in political issues and not in spiritual matters.

The Kenyan woman is now coming in man’s areas of responsibilities. Jobs that were previously reserved for men, in the African context, are now being pursued by women. The initial indication shows that the women are doing extremely well.

I have tried to compare the women performance in two areas (politics and pulpit) and I think that they have performed well in politics than on pulpit. Women are pushing for affirmative action in politics and social position but not in church position. We all know well that the main stream churches in this country are headed by men and the women don’t complain. But looking at the positions in political arena, they want an increased representation.

What are we reading from this? Is Kenyan woman more secular and less interested in spiritual positions?

It is high time that the Kenyan woman trace her position in the pulpit. They can excel in this one as well.

Plastic paper bag ban

Carrying a plastic bag with the writing “Hakuna matata Kenya” (No problem in Kenya), I was worried that there could be matata in Town, after hearing rumors that City council askaris are arresting people carrying plastic bags that are lower than 30 microns. Though I knew this very well, I went on and carried my plastic bag because I knew it was thicker and probably could be 40 microns or more. I was wondering how would a City council askari know that this one is more than 30 microns without a micrometer screw. I have some little knowledge on plastic and but how would I convince them without this devise for measuring film thickness.

I relaxed later when Caro of Kiss Fm radio, said she had invited a guest to clarify on this by-law amongst others that have been enforced lately. The guest was the Nairobi Mayor Dick Wathika (I don’t want to use the title His Worship the Mayor, I feel such colonial titles should be done away with). The Mayor confirmed that no one would be arrested for now, because most people are ignorant about this micron issue. It is the duty of manufacturers to stop manufacturing flimsy plastic bags and manufacture thicker ones, which can be used for long and are environmental friendly. He advised that it would be better for people to avoid paper bags all together and said that after sometime City council askaris will be given authority to arrest people carrying flimsy plastic bags. Caro also advised ladies to start using their kiondos (bags made of sisal) and Members of Parliament to encourage their constituents to start kiondo making projects. This is interesting I should also get a bigger kiondo for shopping.

It is sad that thousands of Kenyans have lost their jobs, even more are going to loose their jobs. Their families will suffer because of this ban. I also don’t agree with the way the government implements things in a hurry when it is about elections. We must agree that this move to ban thinner plastic bags is a noble one, for environmental reasons and I look forward to a cleaner environment. The companies manufacturing plastic bags should start making other type of bags to re-employ these people. They should have acted when there were calls to the government by organizations and people like Professor Wangari Mathai to ban Plastic bags for environmental reasons.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Poverty eradication"

My 3rd Post on this blog was on "Poverty eradication", I received a comment from Gachinga Warima, which is very true and I thought I should publish it. More comments are welcome on this issue that is a major problem in Africa.

"You know, I learned something a few years ago in an economics class that if implemented, would completely solve all our problems in Kenya. This philosophy completely changed my thinking.
African governments have all missed it....and that's why even if you were rich in Kenya, the quality of your life would not compare to an equally rich citizen of the U.S. or U.K...

The secret to a great nation with a great quality of life for its citizens is, "COMMITMENT TO UPLIFT ITS MIDDLECLASS". Kenyan politicians are mostly interested in filling their pocket...and not in improving the lifestyles of the middleclass or poor in Kibera, Mathare etc. That's why our President earns 2,000,000 bob a month, and the M.P.'s 875,000 bob a month...while Kenyans in Kibera die of hunger.

Our Politicians are stupid. They think that if they have a billion shillings, they will live happily ever after. How Delusional!! How daft are these people?!? You will NEVER be happy if your neighbors are suffering. Why? Coz if suppose you have saved all your money and bought yourself a nice mansion in Lavington or Kile...if a poor person in neighboring Kawangware needs food for his children, guess whose house they'll break into? Guess whose car they'll carjack? This is one reason why we have such levels of crime in Kenya. People don't grow up wanting to be pick-pockets. People don't grow up dreaming to be car-jackers. Mostly, they're pushed to the corner, left with no options to survive. No options to provide for their children. Our middleclass and poor are so desperate! Desperate for food, desperate for health-aid, desperate for shelter, desperate for a government that cares.

40 years after Independence, and the common mwananchi is worse off today than back in 1963. Like you said, demolishing the slums and building low-cost housing for the poor is one solution. A start to the right direction...but more must be done.

Jobs must be created for the middleclass and the poor. Job creation is the thing to do. Common household products, food...etc, must be comfortably affordable to the lowest paid citizens. A new city of international status must be created in Kenya. We can't have everyone moving to Nairobi. Eldoret, Nakuru, Kisumu, Nyeri...the options are limitless...but we have to re-create Nairobi elsewhere. The new city must be complete with international companies, government services, a transportation system, academic institutions, factories etc. Incentives must be given to redirect the population to this new mega-city.

Great things can be done in Kenya to improve our quality of life. The opportunities are just endless to eradicate poverty. Kenya can be a great country to live in.

God bless the Motherland.Kenya 4 ever!!"

~ Gachinga Warima
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Monday, July 16, 2007

A working Nation

Its Monday and back from the weekend ready to work with more zeal to build the Nation. In the process I have gone through my work and edited my Friday post which had errors (sorry about that).

That reminds me of a mama mboga friend (vegetable seller) who I met after a long time and was wondering where she had gone to. She was carrying some paper bags and informed me she now has a mtumba (second hand) shop, then she retreaved a VCD from one of the bags, showed it to me saying she is also producing gospel songs. I said that is very interesting, I could not believe it because her voice was one of those you would say is not meant for singing. I told her I would love to listen to her singing, she promised to bring a copy to my house to watch.

Like she promised she brought me the copy and left. We got down to watch it eagerly, but before the first song reached halfway we were already wondering who produced the CD, couldnt they have adviced her on how to dance (being very plump and trying to jump in an awkward manner). Shouldn't she have worked on her vocals first. Most of the time she sounded like going off key and out of breath.

We then sympathized with her and said, this is her first time to produce and is not a good singer. The other issue is she may have used jua kali (amateur) producers who were only interested in making money. May be she would do better next time.

This could also be a case of hard working citizens, a mama mboga venturing in new markets. Amatuer producers helping people like mama mboga's and mitumba sellers producing songs to make more income.

We have been adviced to work hard. If you don't work hard you will not get the benefits of a growing economy.


The Kenyan Lady President

In my second post I wrote about "Why not a woman president this time"? On that note my husband had this vision of a Lady President.

I slept, dreamt and saw in a vision a lady candidate pronounced the president of Kenya after the much awaited year 2007 general election. I was not able to see clearly the face of the new president but she looked courageous and tough talking as the crowd cheer her in the ushering ceremony. Then it came a time for her to address the crowd and spell out what her government would be like. The speech was very long but I clearly recall the following key points;

· My government will increase maternity leave from two months to a minimum of four months and decrease men's annual leave from twenty one days a month to a maximum of two weeks in a year. This measure is aimed at reducing the idle time for men since they have nothing to do with their leave days. It has been found out that most men take leave time to cheat on their spouses and consequentially bring HIV/AID to their matrimonial homes.
· My government will…………..( can you come and hold for me this--------the president calls the guard (man) to hold her purse). Munanisikiliza kweli……….men are known to be poor listener but today you have no option (cheers and laugh follows). Yes my government will castrate any person especially men found to be promiscuous, rapists and incestuous. What would you do with a rebellious part of your body? The bible allows a permanent cut off but we will not do that in my government. We will only maim that part of body.
· Lastly my government intend to deal with Muriki……….no it is called Mungiki womaniously (slang). For sure this illegal group has been killing innocent sons and daughters of Kenyan woman and I can not allow this to continue. To start with I intend to change their name to mugoroki (meaning mad persons). This will give me a good legal frame work to eradicate the group. It appreas to me that mungiki flourishes well when cut. The more the last government killed of the group members the more cohesive it became. I have to change tactics this time round. Once the name is changed to mugoroki and those joining the group are declared mad people, I will have a legal right to confine them in mental asylums. I know many of you only know of Mathare mental hospital . I intend expand the mental asylums to cope up the increasing initiation oaths undertaken by this group. Ideally, at least ten such institutions will be in Muranga and the same number in Kabete.
· Men and gentle ladies ……….(loud laugh). Yes from now on we have to address ladies as gentle for the first time. Men were given a chance to be gentle but have chosen not to be. My government will make girls to marry late after they have completed their school (university) and men to marry as early as nine year so that we can balance the number of illiterate ladies to illiterate men currently. What that means is that more Mbuguas will marry more Wambuis and the scenario will be balanced.

And my government will……………………… the dream continues.......

Friday, July 13, 2007

The cold weather in Kenya

Its July again and I can’t help but talk about the way our “winter” affects us in Kenya. Believe it or not this is the time when many sick people especially those with HIV/AIDS related complications succumb to their illness. I have already lost a friend who was buried last weekend, another one is in hospital critically ill.

When travelling up country to attend a funeral of a relative some years back, who had died of HIV/AIDS complication during this time of the year (just one week after the wife had succumbed to the same). On reaching the town center, where I had to choose whether to go by boda boda (bicycle transport) or take a taxi to avoid walking two kilometers home, I looked around me and counted 6 to 7 carpenters, each with between 4 – 6 coffins. I could not believe it because I don’t think capenters up country make coffins to display in showrooms, hence those where orders meant for dead people lying somewhere.

While passing City mortuary on Ngong road last year at the same time, I would notice the carpenter was always very busy with many coffins compared to other months, by the way you will not see this now because City council has now put a wall around the mortuary so the workshop was demolished.

The weather can also affect normal people with pneumonia and asthmatic attack if one is not careful on how they dress, Metrological department warned people yesterday to dress well for the weather. One funny thing is you will notice some ladies (especially today being a Furahiday) wearing mini skirts, tumbo cuts and spagetti tops (shivering like hell and pretending that everything is ok). Some would even dress their babies in the same manner for outings, in the name of fashions.

My appeal to everyone is please watch out for the cold, ladies your kids need you healthy and don’t deserve pneumonia and asthma for the sake of fashion, it will not add any value to their life, better look a bit funny in a kabuti (jacket) than to be sorry.

Prevention is better than cure!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was terribly saddened by yesterday’s news of a chilling murder of a 2 years old boy in Babadogo, suspected to have been done by mungiki.

I felt for the parents, this is very devastating and was left wondering, why should mungiki vet their anger on an innocent child who has not even realized his full existence in this world, are this mungiki not parents, are they really human or have been overpowered by some evil forces to make them act like wild animals?

This mungiki thing is now getting out of hand, the governments should maximize their efforts to curb this nuisance since we are sitting on a time bomb. Many innocent people have lost their lives because of mungiki and political tribal clashes which are mostly common when its election year. Women and children are the main victims of such heinous crime.

The government machinery has the capacity to stop these organized crime, they should encourage wanainchi to give information on the whereabouts of such groups because they leave amongst us.

The government should act as a matter of emergency and should not relax until they get all of them.

May God help Kenya!

P.S. I support a campaign that has been launched by Kumekucha blog to stop political violence (see below link).


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hanging dirty linen in public

In the morning and evening switching on to some FM stations in Kenya and you hear something like this:

We are talking about Jane (not her real name), she is complaining that she’s been denied conjugal rights by her husband for 2 months now. She is now wondering what to do and even contemplating getting into an affair with another man.

People are asked to call with advice and comments, some comments are very nasty like a man asking her to look for him, he can do the work very well, some lady advising her to get into an affair and so many more.

The other example is a lady calling another station saying she doesn’t trust her husband or boyfriend so the lady presenter decides to call the man, pretending to be calling from a company to present the man with tickets for a romantic night for two. He will then be asked whether he will be going with his wife or girlfriend, the man not aware that he is being busted like the name of the program, will declare that he is not married and will be taking his girlfriend with him. He will be asked to repeat and he will do so not knowing that the wife is listening on the other side, at that point he will be asked are you sure you are not married then they will connect the wife and tell her you heard. An argument will ensue between husband and wife on air until the man decides to disconnect.

As much as relationships have problems and a lot of marriages are not working, I don’t think this is the right channel to address or solve such issues. There are counselors all over, one can even go to their religious leaders for counseling and advice. Friends and family can also come in but not FM stations.

My appeal to woman and men who take this option to solve their problems,

Please style up!

Reality: The price of Ugali has gone up under NARC Govt!

I got this on my email and thought I should publish.

Very interesting!!!Not because I love ugali but for the serious observation, why not read onIn 1978 when Mzee Kenyatta died, the cost of a 2kg packet of maize flour was Kshs 2.80. On December27, 2002 maize flour cost was Kshs 27. During 24 years of Moi's rule, the price of Unga had increased byKshs 24, an average of 1 shilling per year.
In 2003 the cost of Unga increased to Kshs.54; it doubled. In only 1 year the Narc government had increased theprice of Unga by Shs. 27, more than Moi's government had increased in 24 years.On December 27, 2002, one kilo of sugar cost 27/=, today a kilo of sugar costs 85/=. When Narcassumed office a litre of paraffin cost 22/=, today it costs 60/=. Under the Narc government the cost ofTransport doubled. In fact, the cost of all basic products has risen by over 100%. As a result, we the ordinarycitizens continue to struggle just to survive from one day to the other. We welcome free primaryeducation; our children are not required to pay school fees. However, with the rising cost of food, childreneither go to school hungry, or even stay at home. The reasonis simple- food is too expensive. In fact, during the Moi era many of us were able to afford both feesand food. Today most of us cannot afford food, even though we are not paying fees.It is true that the Narc government has made improvements. Farmers are being paid for theirproduce. Coffee, sugar, tea, milk, maize and many products are better paid today than during the Moiera. Why, then, does the Kenyan farmer continue to struggle? Because the cost of all farm inputs-seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides- have doubled or tripled. The money the farmers are getting is quickly taken back through these exorbitant prices.Today 3 out of 5 Kenyans are either starving or on the brink of starvation. In a nation of 30 million,that means 18 million Kenyans cannot afford to feed themselves every day. Many of us live on one meala day, and on some days that meal is not available and our hungry children cry until they sleep. Is it because we do not work? Ordinary Kenyans work every day. We till the land, work in factories, flower farms and EPZ. We dig ditches, chip and carry stones from quarries, hawk products on the streets, run kiosks.Most of us are casual labourers, cleaning homes for the rich, doing clerical work in theircompanies, and mixing concrete in their construction. The average casual labourer is paid only 100/= per day to doextremely hard work. 100/= is no longer enough to buy food for a family; unga is 54/=. Paraffin,sukuma wiki, cooking oil, water and rent are supposed to come from the remaining 46/=. That is why we aresleeping with empty stomachs even after working hard.Where are our MPs? Since independence Kenya has never missed a scheduled election. Every 5 years ordinarycitizens elect MPs. Their only job is to give voice to the people's needs. Why are they so quiet whenfood prices increase? During the Kenyatta and Moi era, like ordinary Kenyans, MPs' salary wasless than 20,000/=. Some MPs were rich, but many were ordinary citizens who understood the struggles ofordinary citizens. Today an MP earns over Kshs.600, 000 every month. Each month an MP can afford to buyover 10,000 packets of unga, enough to feed his family for 30 years! That is why MPs say nothing about the high cost of food. And, this includes all our MPs, not just government MPs. When it comes to voting for thereneeds, there is usually no difference between our MPs.Why are Kenyans unable to afford food? Every year starving Kenyans are given dry maize because theyhave no food. The government blames this on lack of rain. It is true that it has not rained in some areas for along time. But it is also true that year round Kenya exports vegetables like French beans to Europe.Kenya is the top exporter of flowers in the world. If there is enough water to irrigate flowers and French beansfor Europeans, why not use the same water to grow food for Kenyans?Because the government does not care whether Kenyans live or die. Kenyans are paid very little salariesfor making products that earn billions for foreigners. The government has poor planning leading to poor policies which have contributed to joblessness; poor remuneration; mismanagement of national resources like water (e.g. a government water project delivers water to a minister's farm in Kajiado, leaving the rest of the district dry); unexploited talent (educated and trained Kenyans are either unemployed or retrenched); high taxation of citizens (foreigners who invest in Kenya don't pay taxes for 10 years while citizens are taxed heavily from the first day); bad politics (If MPs can spend heavily for referendum campaigns why not use the same energy to help starving Kenyans?); improper, imbalanced education due to poor education policy (the rich have well equipped private schools, the poor learn under trees); lack of research on food; etcThe most serious reason, however, is the inequitable distribution of resources. The gap between therichest and the poorest people in Kenya is the second highest in the world; we are a nation of a fewbillionaires and 30 million beggars. Foreigners control 75% of our resources, including land. As aresult, we remain essentially enslaved, nearly all of us work for foreign interests. At the same time,90 % of all income generated in Kenya is owned by only 10%, meaning that 27 million Kenyans have to fight for only 10% of the income.Sadly, there is no truly selfless leader in Kenya. Poor leadership means that people with selflessnationalism like JM Kariuki are quickly killed, leaving us with selfish and corrupt leaders.Can food be made affordable?The government can easily ensure that no Kenyan will ever go hungry. First, foreigners can be taxed anda fund created that would provide Kenyan farmers with interest-free loans. Money leaving the country shouldbe limited so that money earned in Kenya develops Kenya. Also, money coming to Kenya should not bescrutinised so that, like Switzerland, Kenya benefits from foreign funds. We can use existing resourceslike the military and the National Youth Service to drill boreholes, make water furrows, construct waterreservoirs to harvest rainwater, improve roads and distribute food.Drilling boreholes makes more sense than constructing dams which are dependent on rains. Education can beimproved so that Kenyans are given appropriate training (e.g. teach carpentry, brick making, etc toall Kenyans, not just prisoners). Kenyans can be encouraged to grow indigenous crops by having anextra tax imposed on all foreign food imports. Kenyans should be allowed to transport food freely fromany part of the country without requiring licenses or paying any fees.Like other countries, the government must be forced to subsidize the cost of basic food products. If wego by the history of the Moi era, the cost of Unga should increase by 1/= each year. Since in 2002 it was27/= the cost of Unga should not exceed 30/=. At the same time, the government should subsidize the cost ofKerosene/paraffin which ordinary citizens use.Bunge la Mwananchi believes that there is enough money for the government of Kenya to subsidize Unga andparaffin. By removing taxes on Unga and paraffin, the prices should drop. Further, the government shouldfind money to subsidise basic food products. Kenyans need affordable food, NOT relief food. Queuing for drymaize with our children undermines our dignity and is not a sustainable solution. If food prices arereduced, no Kenyan will go hungry. We are willing to work for our food, as long as the prices areaffordable.Where will the money come from?The government has plenty of money, it just misuses it. We demand that the salaries of MPs are reducedto no more than 200,000 per month, and like everyone else, the MPs should pay taxes and contribute tothe national pension schemes of NSSF and PAYE. Pension scheme for MPs and health insurance to privatehospitals should be scrapped; MPs should have NHIF insurance and go to government hospitals likeother Kenyans.The over 1 billion set aside in the budget for renovating MPs offices and enlarging parliamentshould be used to subsidise food or establish a fund for capital investment in small businesses forKenyans. That will generate income and provide employment. The 100million budgeted for building the VP's house and the 400 million for renovating State house should be used for building low cost houses for Kenyans.Like Rwanda, Kenya should sell all expensive government vehicles and replace them with simple vehicles,which should only be used during government business and not for taking Ministers' girlfriends shopping. The President, if he is serious about reducing expenses in government, should start by firing all cabinet ministers who have refused to give back the extra cars. No public officer should ever have more than one vehicle assigned to him. The money saved can be used to improve transport for ordinary Kenyans. All presidential commissions should be immediately abolished; they consume billions and deliver nothing.Spending 300 million on Mutava Musyimi’s commission or paying Ringera 2.5 million per month to fightcorruption is itself, corruption. That money can be used better. Alfred Mutua should be sacked. Kenyahas no need for a spokesman telling us about homesick hyenas in Thailand at a cost of 1.5 million permonth. Retreats for MPs should be banned; meetings should be in Parliament not in 5-star hotels in Mombasa.Funding for MPs offices in their constituencies should be scrapped, those offices can be run by volunteersat no cost. Pension for retired presidents should be no more than 300,000. Imports of locally availableproducts should be heavily taxed. No public funds should ever be used to fund funerals or helpindividual families unless similar privileges are extended to all Kenyans.What can we do?We have started a campaign to force the government to reduce the cost of Unga to 30/=.. We demand thatMPs move and pass a motion to remove VAT on all basic foodstuffs; it is not too much to ask consideringthat MPs were able to remove taxes on their salaries and vehicles. Before coming to us for votes this yearwe, the people, want to remind our politicians that we will agitate for reforms that suit us, not"minimum reforms" to ensure that they are re-elected. We will also have peaceful protests nation-wide. Support us by giving this message to as many people as possible adjoining our organised demonstrations. Happy EAsy EAster from Lynder

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How can a woman not love the Lord

I receive this email from a friend and thought I should share this lovely thoughts.

* He is a gentleman, * He is confident * He is a provider and protector * He is rich and powerful * He owns everything, there is nothing He wouldn't do for me * He perfects all things concerning me * He anticipates my wants and needs * Every day He tells me and shows me how much He loves me * I don't have to perform in order to earn His love * He keeps all of his promises * No one can influence His opinion of me * He is the ultimate intimate partner * He can't "disown" me because I am a part of Him * He prepares a table before ME * He covers me and doesn't expose me * He wrote his loving words down so that I'll never forget how He feels about me! NOW THAT'S LOVE!!! Any man, who wants pointers on how to love a woman, should study GOD! Wake up every day and thank God for being the best "man" in your life! TO ALL THE GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL WOMEN & MEN I KNOW!!! BE BLESSED!!!! Each and every one of us is going through tough times right now, but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that only He can। Keep the faith। Please pass this on to others।Let's continue to pray for one another.

This Little Light Of Mine

Monday, July 9, 2007

The working Kenyan Mother

Struggling to wake up in the morning to go to work after waking up 3 or 4 times every night because of my 8 month old would not sleep through the night, makes me really stressed. This makes me think of many women who have decided to work leaving their babies under the care of a house help or day care (though not common in Kenya because hiring house workers is affordable to many).

Once you leave the house in your car, bus or matatu (public transport) you get caught in the jam that is very common in Nairobi now. You get to work late and your boss looks at you like whats your problem and doesn't care whether you have a baby or not. By the way its not easy to leave early like 6 or 6.30am when you have a baby and may be other kids to get to work on time. That will be like leaving before your baby wakes up, then because of transport problems, cues at the bus parks you get home late in the evening.

Sometimes I wish we would have industrial laws in Kenya that make it compulsory for companies to allow mothers to work half day until their babies are one year, but because majority of laws in this world are made by men, what to do we expect? Unless we have more women in parliament to make rules that are favourable to Women and Children, we will continue with our daily routine.

By the way children are not spared, when traffic rules where enforced (nicknamed Michuki rules), Kenya Bus fell in came Citi Hoppa. At least KBS were many and plied many routes, kids boarding buses didn't suffer because they would take KBS and allowed to stand, but after the bus company fell Citi Hoppa where not and are still not plying some routes, children whose parents cannot afford school transport and private transport suffer a lot because of being denied boarding matatus.

This takes me back to Nyayo era, although a lot has been said about bad rule, inflation etc... I believe school children were better off those days with Nyayo milk and Nyayo bus.

I would really like to avoid politics in my blog and dwell on issues affecting Women and Children in Kenya but I don't have a choice because politics affect the lives of everyone including Women and Children. So on that note we need leadership that addresses crucial issues affecting us and our children.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Poverty eradication

Am appalled by poverty levels in our country and am sure many of you are. I feel sad to see homeless mothers and children roaming in the streets of our towns especially Nairobi. When I travel up county the story is the same at least most people there are not homeless, they have shelters they call houses but some are in a state that would make you wonder whether we are in the stone age or what.

This makes me wonder what our leaders have been doing to eradicate poverty, conferences being held on poverty eradication, our political leaders who have launched their visions this year have mentioned they will eradicate poverty, the government talks of eradicating poverty, NGOs etc.....

This is why I look forward to a change of leadership in Kenya that will reduce poverty levels in this country. I long for a Kenya without street mothers and children, this can only be achieved when our leaders stop being greedy and use public funds for what they are meant for.

The government talks of a working Nation, if you work hard you will succeed, those saying they are suffering and don't agree that the economy has improved are not working hard. How will this homeless people work hard to improve their living conditions without the resources?

I believe if they were empowered their lives would be better. The city councils and town councils should build more markets and allocate stalls to street mothers, then the government should lend them some capital through some micro finance to start some business like selling vegetables and clothes. I say this because when hawkers were in the streets it was rare to see street mothers and children, the mothers would be selling vegetables and older kids would sell paper bags for carrying stuff to customers.

Low cost houses should be built for the poor then slums be demolished, how can we still have slums more than 40 years after independence?

Many more other things can be done to erradicate poverty but not mare talks. For this to be accomplished corruption must stop because we have seen houses built meant for the poor like Highrise estate for Kibera dwellers only to be taken over by people who are better of. The same may happen to markets being taken over by the rich pretending to be street families or hawkers.

Please lets help change our country.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kenyan politics - Why not a Woman president this time!

I believe women can make better leaders in Africa, this continent has been dominated by male chauvinism who have nothing much to show from their leadership. There is a lot of suffering from poverty and war in most African countries to prove this. Hence its high time women who are majority support women in politics to bring the change we want.

Now that we are heading to elections in Kenya, we see the way men especially those in ODM jostling for power, we don't see them coming to an agreement soon, plans for elections through delegates will be a long tedious process and time is running out.

Some have started declaring others TOSHA, yet they claim they are still in the race, others are saying there is no more TOSHA declaration this time round after being disappointed with a TOSHA declaration once. Since all the candidates claim they are for change and we have had no change since independence, I feel the only person who can bring change to monotonous rule by men is a woman President. Hence I would propose Prof. Julia Ojiambo as ODM Flag bearer for a change, I support her against Nazlin since she is more experienced in politics.

We have seen what women have done in our families and the society, most evil in the society is perpetrated by the male species, the other word for evil is malevolence (the first 4 letters of the word read male).

May be this would bring the change we have been yearning for.

See also this comment in yesterdays Standard on the same:


Should abotion be legalised in Kenya?

It is a known fact that although abortion is illegal in Kenya (unless for medical reasons if am not wrong), its still being done professionally and mostly unprofessionally, many women die every year because of unprofessionally procured abortions.

Those who support abortion believe it should be legalised because people are doing it anyway, do you think this is reason enough for abortion to be legalised and why?

I believe life no matter what form its in is sacred and no one has authority to take it away apart from God. Though this issue of religion is very tricky when it comes to medical reason's, a good example is where the life of the mother is at danger. Recently I lost a relative who died after giving birth due to Cardiac arrest, it was sad because she was warned by her doctor to stop giving birth, she went on and got pregnant again, the doctor adviced her to have an abortion done, but being a Christian she refused. She is now dead and left behind 5 kids including the baby. Other tricky cases are rape and incest.

Apart from reasons I have mentioned above, I always wonder why an enlightened woman would get herself pregnant then decide to have an abortion. I would think such a woman should take precaution against pregnancy, this shows how careless one is.

Please lets stop unnecessary abortions (killing of innocent babies) by taking the necessary precautions and stop being reckless.