Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kenyan politics - Why not a Woman president this time!

I believe women can make better leaders in Africa, this continent has been dominated by male chauvinism who have nothing much to show from their leadership. There is a lot of suffering from poverty and war in most African countries to prove this. Hence its high time women who are majority support women in politics to bring the change we want.

Now that we are heading to elections in Kenya, we see the way men especially those in ODM jostling for power, we don't see them coming to an agreement soon, plans for elections through delegates will be a long tedious process and time is running out.

Some have started declaring others TOSHA, yet they claim they are still in the race, others are saying there is no more TOSHA declaration this time round after being disappointed with a TOSHA declaration once. Since all the candidates claim they are for change and we have had no change since independence, I feel the only person who can bring change to monotonous rule by men is a woman President. Hence I would propose Prof. Julia Ojiambo as ODM Flag bearer for a change, I support her against Nazlin since she is more experienced in politics.

We have seen what women have done in our families and the society, most evil in the society is perpetrated by the male species, the other word for evil is malevolence (the first 4 letters of the word read male).

May be this would bring the change we have been yearning for.

See also this comment in yesterdays Standard on the same:


MA said...

A woman has more than any single role she plays at any given point in her lifetime. She is entitled to develop her identity as she chooses as a mother, a citizen, a parent or an employee.

African Women said...

The only reason women can't rule this country is because they don't vote for other women