Monday, July 16, 2007

A working Nation

Its Monday and back from the weekend ready to work with more zeal to build the Nation. In the process I have gone through my work and edited my Friday post which had errors (sorry about that).

That reminds me of a mama mboga friend (vegetable seller) who I met after a long time and was wondering where she had gone to. She was carrying some paper bags and informed me she now has a mtumba (second hand) shop, then she retreaved a VCD from one of the bags, showed it to me saying she is also producing gospel songs. I said that is very interesting, I could not believe it because her voice was one of those you would say is not meant for singing. I told her I would love to listen to her singing, she promised to bring a copy to my house to watch.

Like she promised she brought me the copy and left. We got down to watch it eagerly, but before the first song reached halfway we were already wondering who produced the CD, couldnt they have adviced her on how to dance (being very plump and trying to jump in an awkward manner). Shouldn't she have worked on her vocals first. Most of the time she sounded like going off key and out of breath.

We then sympathized with her and said, this is her first time to produce and is not a good singer. The other issue is she may have used jua kali (amateur) producers who were only interested in making money. May be she would do better next time.

This could also be a case of hard working citizens, a mama mboga venturing in new markets. Amatuer producers helping people like mama mboga's and mitumba sellers producing songs to make more income.

We have been adviced to work hard. If you don't work hard you will not get the benefits of a growing economy.



Gachinga Warima said...

I certainly agree with you. You know...all through your story, I kept's really amazing that a mama mboga can move from that to opening a mtumba business, and even recording a song!! Add to that, even produce a music video?
To me, this means that in today's Kenya...people feel so syked to "Go Get It"...that even a low income earner can go places, if she's determined enough!! Isin't that awesome?
Enyewe, I hope she practices a few more vocal tunes in the privacy of her hao to perfect her voice, lakini just encourage her! And be sure to buy any new VCD she excitedly tells you about. You never jua, she might make it some day! said...

Thanks for your comment I will encourage her. This is a challenge to all Kenyans, in as much as we are asking for change and feel that there is more to be done by our government and politicians. We need to initiate the change within ourselves first.

Charity begins at home.

Anonymous said...

Tell mama mboga to specialize in one field and be the best, juggling too many balls is not the best way to go because as soon as one falls then goes the rest.

African Women said...

Love you Kenya. Work harder and show and you will succeed.