Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tremors in Kenya----------Repent

Panic has hit several parts of Nairobi and its environs as a result of mild tremors. Its sad that tremors and earthquakes get people unaware and nothing can be done to stop them. It is also said that no one can predict an earthquake, but I have doubt about this when it comes to prophesy.

Remember Dr. David Owuor a scientist turned prophet and televangelist. He featured in the media worldwide for predicting disasters. He predicted the Asian Tsunami, America’s Hurricane Katrina and Pakistan’s earthquake. In February he predicted that earthquake will hit Nairobi unless the country repents.

Could this be the beginning of that prophecy? If that is the case we should pray and repent our sins to avert a bigger calamity.

The government is now busy telling people to ignore prophecy (saying no one can predict earthquakes), while if the tremors were to repeat in violent frequencies they would be the first ones to call for National prayers after the damage is done.

I think the best thing is that we just repent of our sins whether Dr. Owuor was right or not furthermore we are not repenting to him but to God. If we repent and the tremors don’t reoccur, what do we lose? Nothing. But when we fail to repent and the tremor increase we lose property and lives.

Repent Kenyans .

May God help us.


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African Women said...

Why prophesy doom? If you talk to God why not ask him to be considerate and spare us?