Thursday, July 12, 2007


I was terribly saddened by yesterday’s news of a chilling murder of a 2 years old boy in Babadogo, suspected to have been done by mungiki.

I felt for the parents, this is very devastating and was left wondering, why should mungiki vet their anger on an innocent child who has not even realized his full existence in this world, are this mungiki not parents, are they really human or have been overpowered by some evil forces to make them act like wild animals?

This mungiki thing is now getting out of hand, the governments should maximize their efforts to curb this nuisance since we are sitting on a time bomb. Many innocent people have lost their lives because of mungiki and political tribal clashes which are mostly common when its election year. Women and children are the main victims of such heinous crime.

The government machinery has the capacity to stop these organized crime, they should encourage wanainchi to give information on the whereabouts of such groups because they leave amongst us.

The government should act as a matter of emergency and should not relax until they get all of them.

May God help Kenya!

P.S. I support a campaign that has been launched by Kumekucha blog to stop political violence (see below link).

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African Women said...

They should stop terrorizing innocent people and style up. What is wrong with people. Can't you earn a decent living?