Thursday, July 5, 2007

Should abotion be legalised in Kenya?

It is a known fact that although abortion is illegal in Kenya (unless for medical reasons if am not wrong), its still being done professionally and mostly unprofessionally, many women die every year because of unprofessionally procured abortions.

Those who support abortion believe it should be legalised because people are doing it anyway, do you think this is reason enough for abortion to be legalised and why?

I believe life no matter what form its in is sacred and no one has authority to take it away apart from God. Though this issue of religion is very tricky when it comes to medical reason's, a good example is where the life of the mother is at danger. Recently I lost a relative who died after giving birth due to Cardiac arrest, it was sad because she was warned by her doctor to stop giving birth, she went on and got pregnant again, the doctor adviced her to have an abortion done, but being a Christian she refused. She is now dead and left behind 5 kids including the baby. Other tricky cases are rape and incest.

Apart from reasons I have mentioned above, I always wonder why an enlightened woman would get herself pregnant then decide to have an abortion. I would think such a woman should take precaution against pregnancy, this shows how careless one is.

Please lets stop unnecessary abortions (killing of innocent babies) by taking the necessary precautions and stop being reckless.


African Women said...

Yes. People should be allowed to make decisions that directly affect them. Especially for rape victims. Should be allowed up to the third month.

ProstoShelMimo said...

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