Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kenyan AG disown Kibaki`s nominations

The new twist in the disputed judicial nomination in Kenya is the last minutes rejection by the AG. This must be a major blow to the president and those supporting him.The parliament is on today and bigger fireworks is expected. One big question that each Kenyan is asking; "Was the speaker right on his ruling?". Reading the twist of events now, there is likelihood that those who are making noise and burning to hung the speaker are wrong in the eye of the law and the public as well. It will be a big shame when they are proved wrong at the end of the day.Lets wait and see.

The second person who may be embarrassed is the president. He openly rejected the decision of the Speaker and the pending ruling of the constitutional/High court may not be to his favor as well. If the chief legal advisor of the government has rejected the process, can`t you guess what the judges will say?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marende ruling was the will of majority Kenyans.

I congratulate Marende for acting within his power by making a ruling that the controversial Judiciary appointments by the President was unconstitutional. It is not acceptable to us Kenyans for the President to Ignore the Prime Minister, disregard the National Accord and Reconciliation Act that they both signed, by appointing whoever he thinks in very key Government positions like the Chief Justice and Attorney General of Kenya. It was very fishy that appointments were made while the PM was in Ethiopia. Anyway that is now history. The President called a press conference to announce after Marende ruling that he acted within the constitution, which one the old or the new Kenyans wonder?

PNU the Presidents party and its supporters were terribly disgusted “poleni lakini wakenya tumekataa ukabila na, mapendeleo na ufisadi” hatutarudishwa nyuma tunaenelea mbele na tunataka mabadiliko. I want to pass that massage in Kiswahili to send a strong message to our grumbling leaders that we are tired of tribalism, favoritism and corruption; we are forging ahead and want change.

It is a duty of the President as a leader we elected, who should be a servant of the people. (It is amazing the way leaders in Kenya and Africa as a whole, beg the people for votes, they are humble when asking for votes but when they get to THAT office, my God they feel so special they feel so supreme and even ignore the will of the people who elected them, very disgusting) He should meet the Prime Minister and agree on upright people to appoint in these key positions. They should appoint people according to their ability and credibility, not friends who will favor them in time of need. Our politicians and some Kenyans should just get it once and for all that Kenya is for all of us not for certain people only! How many times do we need to say this?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it the party or the candidate in Kirinyaga Central?

This is the day that the electorates of Kirinyaga central want to get their new representative. The Battle is between Kibara (Nark Kenya- Karua`s) and Gitari (PNU- Uhuru Kinyatta). What everybody is asking, what will the people look for? The party or the candidate? Is it a direct battle between Hon. Martha Karua and Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta?

Would Kenyans in this area leave out a strong person just because of party he comes from? That is what is likely to happen. Fine if that happens, how will we interpret the results? Will the win and the loss go to Hon. Martha Karua and Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta?

Lets wait and see.

Good lack to all the candidates.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rains are a blessing to some and annoying to others

Thank God it is raining, after the dry spell and drought that started affecting Kenyans. Its not clear if this are the long rains that started early or one of those wonders of God (ya Mungu ni mengi) when rains were not expected. Its a blessing to Kenya and I wouldn’t mind if these are long rains that started early.

Not all welcome the rains, coming around Valentines it was annoying to some, who may have planned the way they would dress in the hot weather, most ladies like hot weather because they can wear less clothes and get to show what they have. However I believe one should put their health fast, hot weather is very uncomfortable to the body and our health. When it is hot and dry the skin gets dry, then green fresh vegetables are hard to find in the market, especially sukuma Wiki (kales) and spinach that we love so much. Those in the market come from farms that use irrigation when there is no rain, making prices high.

The other problem that we normally face when rains delay is water shortage in the counties; this has always been a problem for years and years. I don’t understand why? Because every year we have some long rains that sometimes floods the country. Why this water is never harvested properly to avoid the same problems every year is astonishing. Even with rains in the Country now, many parts of Nairobi is experiencing acute water shortage, I believe it’s the same in other parts.

One amazing thing in this country that I realized when talking to people living in the slums like Kibera, is that they want rain, but only once in the slums. What I mean is they want it to rain heavily once for it to clear the trenches next to their houses. The water sweeps the muck that pollutes their air, sending it away from their houses, those from Kibera flow to Nairobi Dam. But then when it rains more than two days it just makes their life miserable because of the porridge like mad that they have to wade through daily. Due to houses built closely living no roads for vehicles to pass and the conditions of living, most of them have to walk to and from work.

What a challenge, but nothing much we can do and only hope for the best in years to come even when its so many years since we achieved ………….., you can finish that line for yourself. Nevertheless rain is good for the country.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Jubilation in Egypt

Finally Mubarak steps down after relentless pressure from the people of Egypt. Many lost their lives but they pressed on. They could not take it anymore after 30 long years of his rule. This happened shortly after Tunisia forced their dictator with his shrewd wife and family out of their country. This is a strong message for the Arab World and Africa that people are fed up of dictators. The year has started well as changes are taking place in Africa. Southern Sudan is now free from Northern Sudan under Dictator Bashir.

These are warning signs to other dictators and leaders against democracy who cling to power for many years. Your days are numbered!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stop tribalism and work together for a better Kenya

I have not posted any article this year but there are previous posts from friends, short and straight to the point. The year started well with many of us Kenyans hoping for a better year after economic ups and downs last year. As usual when a year starts everyone normally has high expectations of a better year, making new resolutions towards their goals. Life seems full of hope and people work hard to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately our efforts are normally derailed when certain people, who purport to control our lives by leading us, ruin all our hopes and plans by causing tension in the Country. Looking at our politicians as usual making a lot of noise about tribal alliances, political realignment, Deferring Kenyan case with the ICC (very sad for Africa), consultation or no consultation on Judicial Appointments and the worst of them all is some individuals trying to oust the PM and cannot wait until 2012. When they wake up it is Raila this, Raila that, everyday.

I have tried to buy the stories of the disgruntled politicians (Hague bound), who have been affected by Raila phobia and tried to think if I can consider them for the Top Jobs they are eying as “the young leaders of tomorrow”. Unfortunately I have realized their only agenda for Kenya is Raila Must Go! Kenyans should ask themselves whether these are the right leaders for Kenya, we should be careful not to get out of the pan and fall into the fire.

Right now Kenyan’s are dying of hunger because the short rains didn’t fall in the last months of last years as expected. There are no rains now many parts of the Country are dry and hot. It is time for the right minded leaders of this Country see what they can do for the dying Kenyans and stop tribal politics that fill their already full stomach at the expense of Kenyans dying from nothing to fill in their stomach.