Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rains are a blessing to some and annoying to others

Thank God it is raining, after the dry spell and drought that started affecting Kenyans. Its not clear if this are the long rains that started early or one of those wonders of God (ya Mungu ni mengi) when rains were not expected. Its a blessing to Kenya and I wouldn’t mind if these are long rains that started early.

Not all welcome the rains, coming around Valentines it was annoying to some, who may have planned the way they would dress in the hot weather, most ladies like hot weather because they can wear less clothes and get to show what they have. However I believe one should put their health fast, hot weather is very uncomfortable to the body and our health. When it is hot and dry the skin gets dry, then green fresh vegetables are hard to find in the market, especially sukuma Wiki (kales) and spinach that we love so much. Those in the market come from farms that use irrigation when there is no rain, making prices high.

The other problem that we normally face when rains delay is water shortage in the counties; this has always been a problem for years and years. I don’t understand why? Because every year we have some long rains that sometimes floods the country. Why this water is never harvested properly to avoid the same problems every year is astonishing. Even with rains in the Country now, many parts of Nairobi is experiencing acute water shortage, I believe it’s the same in other parts.

One amazing thing in this country that I realized when talking to people living in the slums like Kibera, is that they want rain, but only once in the slums. What I mean is they want it to rain heavily once for it to clear the trenches next to their houses. The water sweeps the muck that pollutes their air, sending it away from their houses, those from Kibera flow to Nairobi Dam. But then when it rains more than two days it just makes their life miserable because of the porridge like mad that they have to wade through daily. Due to houses built closely living no roads for vehicles to pass and the conditions of living, most of them have to walk to and from work.

What a challenge, but nothing much we can do and only hope for the best in years to come even when its so many years since we achieved ………….., you can finish that line for yourself. Nevertheless rain is good for the country.

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