Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kenyan AG disown Kibaki`s nominations

The new twist in the disputed judicial nomination in Kenya is the last minutes rejection by the AG. This must be a major blow to the president and those supporting him.The parliament is on today and bigger fireworks is expected. One big question that each Kenyan is asking; "Was the speaker right on his ruling?". Reading the twist of events now, there is likelihood that those who are making noise and burning to hung the speaker are wrong in the eye of the law and the public as well. It will be a big shame when they are proved wrong at the end of the day.Lets wait and see.

The second person who may be embarrassed is the president. He openly rejected the decision of the Speaker and the pending ruling of the constitutional/High court may not be to his favor as well. If the chief legal advisor of the government has rejected the process, can`t you guess what the judges will say?

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