Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stop tribalism and work together for a better Kenya

I have not posted any article this year but there are previous posts from friends, short and straight to the point. The year started well with many of us Kenyans hoping for a better year after economic ups and downs last year. As usual when a year starts everyone normally has high expectations of a better year, making new resolutions towards their goals. Life seems full of hope and people work hard to achieve their goals.

Unfortunately our efforts are normally derailed when certain people, who purport to control our lives by leading us, ruin all our hopes and plans by causing tension in the Country. Looking at our politicians as usual making a lot of noise about tribal alliances, political realignment, Deferring Kenyan case with the ICC (very sad for Africa), consultation or no consultation on Judicial Appointments and the worst of them all is some individuals trying to oust the PM and cannot wait until 2012. When they wake up it is Raila this, Raila that, everyday.

I have tried to buy the stories of the disgruntled politicians (Hague bound), who have been affected by Raila phobia and tried to think if I can consider them for the Top Jobs they are eying as “the young leaders of tomorrow”. Unfortunately I have realized their only agenda for Kenya is Raila Must Go! Kenyans should ask themselves whether these are the right leaders for Kenya, we should be careful not to get out of the pan and fall into the fire.

Right now Kenyan’s are dying of hunger because the short rains didn’t fall in the last months of last years as expected. There are no rains now many parts of the Country are dry and hot. It is time for the right minded leaders of this Country see what they can do for the dying Kenyans and stop tribal politics that fill their already full stomach at the expense of Kenyans dying from nothing to fill in their stomach.

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