Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marende ruling was the will of majority Kenyans.

I congratulate Marende for acting within his power by making a ruling that the controversial Judiciary appointments by the President was unconstitutional. It is not acceptable to us Kenyans for the President to Ignore the Prime Minister, disregard the National Accord and Reconciliation Act that they both signed, by appointing whoever he thinks in very key Government positions like the Chief Justice and Attorney General of Kenya. It was very fishy that appointments were made while the PM was in Ethiopia. Anyway that is now history. The President called a press conference to announce after Marende ruling that he acted within the constitution, which one the old or the new Kenyans wonder?

PNU the Presidents party and its supporters were terribly disgusted “poleni lakini wakenya tumekataa ukabila na, mapendeleo na ufisadi” hatutarudishwa nyuma tunaenelea mbele na tunataka mabadiliko. I want to pass that massage in Kiswahili to send a strong message to our grumbling leaders that we are tired of tribalism, favoritism and corruption; we are forging ahead and want change.

It is a duty of the President as a leader we elected, who should be a servant of the people. (It is amazing the way leaders in Kenya and Africa as a whole, beg the people for votes, they are humble when asking for votes but when they get to THAT office, my God they feel so special they feel so supreme and even ignore the will of the people who elected them, very disgusting) He should meet the Prime Minister and agree on upright people to appoint in these key positions. They should appoint people according to their ability and credibility, not friends who will favor them in time of need. Our politicians and some Kenyans should just get it once and for all that Kenya is for all of us not for certain people only! How many times do we need to say this?

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