Friday, April 20, 2012

Kenya police are biased

In this time and age it is unusual to see police disrupting a licensed meeting and at the same time beating up an innocent, harmless citizen who even knelt down and surrendered by lifting his arms up. What the hell do they learn in Kiganjo? Cases of police torture and murder, corruption, brutality etc…. are ever rising instead of decreasing.

Their motto “Utumishi Kwa Wote” (Meaning service to all), this service should be accorded to all Kenyan’s equally. We all saw the highly criticized tribal meetings that endorsed ICC suspects Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as presidential candidates, held recently by GEMA (Gikuyu, Embu, Meru and Akamba) and KAMATUSA (Kalenjin, Maasai, Turkana and Samburu) meetings in Limuru called Limuru 2 and Eldoret consecutively.  The two combined were nicknamed GEMATUSA police did not stop them because they were licenced. Many Kenyans were not amused because Kenya has around 40 tribes and after post election violence in 2007/2008 that was mainly caused by tribal animosity, Kenyans of right mind do not expect such groupings to exist and have no place in this Country.

To counter these tribal meetings, the youth decided to hold another meeting in Limuru, called Limiru 2B. Just because Mungiki former leader Maina Njenga was to attended, does it mean the meeting was a Mungiki meeting as claimed by police commissioner, Senior Counsel Paul Muite was also there and other respected Clergy and Kenyans were expected to attend. I hate Mungiki and anything to do with them but does this mean that every youth meeting scheduled to be held in Central Kenya and to be attended by a former Mungiki leader is a Mungiki meeting?? I remember Maina Njenga wanted to address Limuru 2 meeting by GEMA and was not given a chance, so this was the chance he would speak out what he wanted. How will the youth in Kenya and especially the ones in Central Kenya who were greatly accused and affected by tribal clashed address their issues.

The PM was right in directing Prof. Saitoti Security Minister to take action against police commissioner Matthew Iteere. Read More 

Kenyans should condemn all tribal groupings and shun those leaders that want to divide us on tribal lines. Its so Shameful!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Francis Atwoli on our barbaric leaders

Watching Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli On The Bench yesterday night with his host Jeff Koinange on K24 TV was interesting. He is a lively man always joking even when annoyed and makes news interesting. His zeal in fighting for the rights of Kenyan workers is outstanding and that is why he has been on this position for long. He is a voice of the voiceless who does not fear to speak his mind to anyone including the President.

Sometimes I wonder why he has not joined politics the “best” career for most famous Kenyans, Jeff Koinange also asked him why he can't he get his many supporters to vote for him, he said he is not ready because there is still a lot to be done. May be he is the kind of leader Kenyans have been looking for because many feel we still need change and a selfless and non-tribal leader like him. He was so incensed by Kenya Airports Authority management, Transport Minister and his PS over the way they handled the recent strike by KAA workers. He says they do not respect him yet he holds a big post for trade unions in the region and Africa, he is accorded respect out there more than here.

He said our leaders do not care about the welfare of Kenyans because they are greedy and asserted they are BARBARIC! It is true we have many barbaric leaders but why can’t people like Atwoli who care about the welfare of the common citizens take up political posts, it would be interesting to hear Francis Atwoli for President or someone’s running mate, he surely has a following or may be he fears he will get the Barbaric Syndrome when he joins barbaric politicians?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Country of Opportunists has oil!

Most of the time there is bad news in Kenya, ICC cases, the never ending corruption, impunity, bad politics, tribalism, nepotism, unemployment, harsh economic time, land grabbers, drought, if I continue I will get tired of writing, but at last there is some good news in Kenya. The county that has suffered so much from drought, poor infrastructure, malnutrition etc... and as a result of their suffering the Turkana people felt they are not in Kenya.

Now that explorers have discovered oil in Turkana a few days ago, the light can now shine in the county, a lot of issues have come up after the revelation. All of a sudden land ownership has become an issue that was never before. I won’t be surprised if our greedy politicians come up with documents owning the land where the oil was found. Opportunist Kenyans, who never thought of taking a free land offer in Turkana before, will now rush there to grab or buy whatever they can find.

This is a plus and an opportunity for Turkana people first and then other Kenyans to benefit. I say Turkana people first because they have suffered for many years in this land. They should be advised not to be duped into selling their land to opportunists. I also support Narc Kenya leader Hon Martha Karua when she said this issue should be managed well; hope it will for a better Kenya and let us be spared of the usual politics in handling issues.