Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Country of Opportunists has oil!

Most of the time there is bad news in Kenya, ICC cases, the never ending corruption, impunity, bad politics, tribalism, nepotism, unemployment, harsh economic time, land grabbers, drought, if I continue I will get tired of writing, but at last there is some good news in Kenya. The county that has suffered so much from drought, poor infrastructure, malnutrition etc... and as a result of their suffering the Turkana people felt they are not in Kenya.

Now that explorers have discovered oil in Turkana a few days ago, the light can now shine in the county, a lot of issues have come up after the revelation. All of a sudden land ownership has become an issue that was never before. I won’t be surprised if our greedy politicians come up with documents owning the land where the oil was found. Opportunist Kenyans, who never thought of taking a free land offer in Turkana before, will now rush there to grab or buy whatever they can find.

This is a plus and an opportunity for Turkana people first and then other Kenyans to benefit. I say Turkana people first because they have suffered for many years in this land. They should be advised not to be duped into selling their land to opportunists. I also support Narc Kenya leader Hon Martha Karua when she said this issue should be managed well; hope it will for a better Kenya and let us be spared of the usual politics in handling issues.

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