Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Francis Atwoli on our barbaric leaders

Watching Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli On The Bench yesterday night with his host Jeff Koinange on K24 TV was interesting. He is a lively man always joking even when annoyed and makes news interesting. His zeal in fighting for the rights of Kenyan workers is outstanding and that is why he has been on this position for long. He is a voice of the voiceless who does not fear to speak his mind to anyone including the President.

Sometimes I wonder why he has not joined politics the “best” career for most famous Kenyans, Jeff Koinange also asked him why he can't he get his many supporters to vote for him, he said he is not ready because there is still a lot to be done. May be he is the kind of leader Kenyans have been looking for because many feel we still need change and a selfless and non-tribal leader like him. He was so incensed by Kenya Airports Authority management, Transport Minister and his PS over the way they handled the recent strike by KAA workers. He says they do not respect him yet he holds a big post for trade unions in the region and Africa, he is accorded respect out there more than here.

He said our leaders do not care about the welfare of Kenyans because they are greedy and asserted they are BARBARIC! It is true we have many barbaric leaders but why can’t people like Atwoli who care about the welfare of the common citizens take up political posts, it would be interesting to hear Francis Atwoli for President or someone’s running mate, he surely has a following or may be he fears he will get the Barbaric Syndrome when he joins barbaric politicians?

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