Saturday, August 28, 2010

A dream comes true

It was like a dream come true,something we thought could not be achieved in Kenya,Kenyans arrived early yesterday at Uhuru Park for the Promulgation of a New Constitution; a big crowd attended the historical ceremony that was also attended by dignitaries from other countries, notably the former Secretary General of UN Dr. Koffi Annan and one unexpected guest who surprised many is Sudan’s President Omar El-Bashir (many just wondered what Ocampo/ICC is waiting for). This occasion was so significant that the President, Prime Minister and Vice President were sworn in, later in the day the Speaker of Parliament and members of parliament were also sworn in again.

This is like the second liberation of Kenya, since we were governed by the Colonial constitution and now we have changed to a constitution made in Kenya by Kenyans. Many activists struggled, underwent detention and torture for Kenya to get a new constitution and now their tireless efforts have bore fruit.

Many of us Kenyans believe our problems were caused by being governed by the old constitution, so we have so much hope with this new one. It may not be 100% perfect but at least it is better than the old one.

Hongera Wakenya!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A lesson for wives No. 2, 3 etc... From Tycoon Kirima family saga

If you are or want to be second, third, forth etc….. wife to someone, I would advice you get into a proper agreement with your shared husband and family. I cannot blame Kirima children’s behavior toward’s their father’s third wife. Why did she block them from visiting their home to see their father in the first place? This are the kind of women branded Gold Diggers, if she was a true wife with no hidden agenda and had accepted to be in a polygamous relationship, she should have respected the other family members she found there. At least the eldest daughter has agreed to reconcile the family but the daughter of the 3rd wife would not hear of this, like mother like daughter.

This is a lesson to women in such relationships and those aspiring to be in this position. Furthermore God knew better by creating one woman for Adam.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Kenyan Referendum

I want to start by saying that I am so pleased by the way Kenyans conducted themselves in the concluding referendum. The peaceful way the process proceded was great. Though the official results are not yet out, there is great indication that the YES will carry the day and the realization of the new constitution sets in.
Church where does this place you?

The church has been very vocal in opposing the proposed constitution mainly on the Kadhi courts and abortion chapters. The battle was then narrowed to state and the church. The church claimed that it commands 70% of voters are alleged to be Christians listening to the voice of the church. Then something went wrong the church faithful did not listen to the priests as it was thought it would happen. They read the constitution and make a decision; to pass the document into law.
What do we hear from all these. Is it that the church has grown in terms of reasoning that it no longer obeys ignorantly without reasoning? Are the church leaders aware of this change in the congregation that they lead? Will the people listen to the church any more after this in political decision making? Even those who voted No did that following the political calls not the church. Look at Rift valley, they overwhelmingly voted NO. Not because they are better Christians able to obey their leaders> They obeyed the political call not the church.
The vice president. That is far from it. You could not deliver your home votes. That tells every Kenyan something. Are you YES-NO-YES, a water melon that is neither red nor green? Do you still command the Ukambani political movement? Possibly you passing katikati formula did not work this time. You betrayed everyone in the 2007 election and now things seems not to work your way. Pole sana!

Post by a reader of this blog.