Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Kenyan Referendum

I want to start by saying that I am so pleased by the way Kenyans conducted themselves in the concluding referendum. The peaceful way the process proceded was great. Though the official results are not yet out, there is great indication that the YES will carry the day and the realization of the new constitution sets in.
Church where does this place you?

The church has been very vocal in opposing the proposed constitution mainly on the Kadhi courts and abortion chapters. The battle was then narrowed to state and the church. The church claimed that it commands 70% of voters are alleged to be Christians listening to the voice of the church. Then something went wrong the church faithful did not listen to the priests as it was thought it would happen. They read the constitution and make a decision; to pass the document into law.
What do we hear from all these. Is it that the church has grown in terms of reasoning that it no longer obeys ignorantly without reasoning? Are the church leaders aware of this change in the congregation that they lead? Will the people listen to the church any more after this in political decision making? Even those who voted No did that following the political calls not the church. Look at Rift valley, they overwhelmingly voted NO. Not because they are better Christians able to obey their leaders> They obeyed the political call not the church.
The vice president. That is far from it. You could not deliver your home votes. That tells every Kenyan something. Are you YES-NO-YES, a water melon that is neither red nor green? Do you still command the Ukambani political movement? Possibly you passing katikati formula did not work this time. You betrayed everyone in the 2007 election and now things seems not to work your way. Pole sana!

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Cee said...

First of all, most of those opposing the constitution didn't really read it in the first place, judging from their arguments. Secondly, I'm proud that Kenyans have matured enough to decide on merit rather than tribe or religion, after 2008 post election violence it's definitely a step we needed. Kenyans might be christians but after the church played a role in soo many deaths in 2008, I don't think Kenyans will agree to be played upon in the name of Almighty.

Anonymous said...

Ho inteso post su qualcosa di simile sul mio sito e mi avete dato un'idea. Cheers.