Monday, January 31, 2011

Congratulation South Sudan

The reality of the birth of a new nation in Africa is soon coming.
South Sudan Republic is the name of the new born in the African continent. Though you are going to be the youngest amongst all, you brothers and sisters will support you till you are fully grown. We are all willing to hold your hands as you start to walk. The walk will be tough from the beginning but be affirmed that we will all be by your side. Kenya one of your brother wish you well.

Happy birth day!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kalonzo, who really sent you?

Stephen Kalonzo Msyoka you are a real wipper. This time round you are busy trying to wipe out the Ocampo six cases for the Kenya PEV suspects by removing Kenya from the Rome statutes.What is not clear is who actually sent you? Was it KKK, the President or the PM. Were you on your own? Please Kenyans would like to know. Remember that those who try to protect criminals will be destroyed by the same criminals. You are with two key suspects in the KKK movement. You are the oldest of the three and the only innocent one. Then What pulls you together? The "Kupita katikati" ego!!!!!!!!

Not this time round. Kenyans have known you and Mutula Kilonzo too. By the way are you still in Nark Kenya or you have defected to KKK? Hooo!!!!! I know you are katikati. They say in Kiswahili " Apitaye katikati husimama katikati" you are neither here nor there.

Pole ndugu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!