Monday, September 23, 2013

Westgate mall attack

I lack to right words to describe the Westgate Mall Attack in Nairobi’s Westlands area. It is the worst firearms attack ever experience in the Country by people suspected to be terrorists.
My heartfelt condolences to the families of those who lost their loved once, to those who are in hospitals it is my prayers they get well soon, let us commit those still held hostage and the forces trying to rescue them into prayers because it is a delicate situation that only requires miracles.

These idle cowards will not divide us, in-fact we are now more united than ever, Kenya is bigger than they think,  they will never finish us because God is with our beloved Nation.

 Kenya We Are One!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


41 people dying in a bus accident is a big number, great losses to families.  City to City bus that was heading to South Nyanza via Mahi Mahiu - Narok  must have been driven like crazy and must have been overloaded for it to lose control and roll six times killing all those people.

It is sad to watch innocent Kenyans die or get crippled because of careless drivers, unethical bus owners and corrupt traffic police. It was sad to note that the Bus did not have a valid Transport Licensing Board (TLB) certificate.  If the bus owners followed transport rules, their bus speed governors would have not been tampered with, the bus drivers should also drive carefully with or without speed governors and also those to take part of the blame are the traffic police who should be enforcing these laws; instead they are busy taking bribes at the expense of human life.
This is too much now, for how long will this human slaughter on our roads continue, every time leaders speak out to condemn, request for speedy investigations and actions to be taken. At least now we hear that night travel by public service vehicles (PSV) will be stopped but that is not the only solutions. Yes night accidents have been the worst even involving school buses. However that doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen during the day. Something more needs to be done, like prosecuting the bus drivers (that is if they survive), the bus owners and the traffic police who were on duty enroute.

Otherwise it will be so sad to hear of another terrible accident within a few days after this one.

God help us.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Abortions in Kenya

Half a million abortions every year, 64% by married women? This is crazy what are contraceptives for, contraceptives are also cheaper than abortions.

Some women have become serial abortionists like this case of "Sandra says she has lost count of the many times she has had an abortion. I have done it so many times and I don't know how it happens, I just find myself in the situation. I have even become a regular customer in the place where I go for the procedure,” she says. - see more

She also says "My husband doesn't want another child and when I use contraceptives, he complains so I cannot go for them and neither does he want to use condoms,” says the mother of two, adding that she has never considered a permanent method of family planning".

I don't understand why a woman can risk her life and leave her children suffering for the sake of a man. This is a very inconsiderate couple who need help, if the man doesn't want other children and has a problem with contraceptives he should get a vasectomy done.

It is also sad that girls loose their uterus and ability to get children because of abortions done by quacks.

This is a serious issue, something needs to be done.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our greedy MPs

Where on Earth does a public employee apply for a job fully aware of the salary being offered, then when he/she gets to work even before doing the work that took them there, starts negotiating for double pay with huge benefits knowing very  well  the employer will strain to pay them.


This is where we have very greedy politicians elected by the people but after getting what they want they forget what the people want.

Time and again they have been called greedy and so activists literally took pigs to parliament to protest.

I like this picture of our MPigs.

from Ghafla read more here

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Farewell Mutula Kilonzo

Today a great leader will be buried, his death shocked Kenyans, a lot has been said about his death but we still wait for official result of his autopsy. He will greatly be missed by his family and Kenyans.
02/07/48 -27/04/13

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Our leaders have moved on

It is unbelievable that we could soon see such a picture after the elections and the supreme court case, this justifies the saying that in politics there are no permanent enemies. So we move on with our leaders.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

After the Supreme Court decision

Not many in Kenya are celebrating the Court’s decision that elections of 4th March were free and fair.  Many are in a somber mood feeling that democracy was crucified during this Easter when the announcement was made. Personally I felt really disappointed it was like democracy was crucified died, was buried never to rise again like our Lord. All the efforts of Raila Odinga, Kenneth Matiba, James Orengo, Koigi Wamwere, Charles Rubia, Wangare Mathai etc… who fought for 2nd liberation of Kenya from one party state were all thrown into a bottomless pit. The Country is simply boring at this time I wish I was a Tanzanian our East African brothers and sisters who are so democratic, humble and not power greedy, but I cannot do anything about my Nationality because like everyone else we found ourselves here and are here to stay. We just move on with our lives feeling so rejected and dejected in a place we call home, on the other side are a few Kenyans who are Jubilated because their people have won and feeling like they are on top of the World. There are those Kenyan’s that feel so disappointed they say they will never vote again in Kenya because nothing will ever change, I feel them and understand their feeling, but  we shouldn’t give up on democracy.  The unfortunate part is that some Kenyan’s on social media have resorted to insults, the tribal insults on social media are so gross, it’s like we are turning into a Matusi state. I wonder when this will stop and hope time will heal our wounds.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta the New President

The Jubilee coalition leader was announced the winner of the presidential race on Saturday 9th March 2013 at about 1pm after waiting from the 4th the day of elections. Raila Amolo Odinga the Cord coalition leader who followed him closely will contest the results sighting irregularities in these IEBC elections.  Some are not happy with Cords decision but it is their constitutional right to do so and if Jubilee won fairly there should be no cause to worry. This case is a test for the Judiciary to see if they can trusted therefore many are looking forward to see how the Supreme Court will handle this one.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Results taking too long

We thought Kenya is now ahead by introducing for the first time electronic voting and felt relieved that this time round rigging or manipulating of votes is now history. Now we wake up from our sweet dreams to realize we are still in the analogue Kenya and the digital one was a dream that didn’t come true. The digital one that was tried proved to be worse when votes were getting into the system at a snail’s pace, it also turned out that it cannot be trusted, how sad.

Anyway we are now getting results the analogue way, it seems much better and faster, and we have moved two steps backward development wise. Three days after elections we are yet to get the final result, a lot of tax payers’ money and time lost in this digital deal. Our children's education has been disrupted tremendously.
As we wait patiently for the outcome after being subjected to physical, emotional and financial torture by these elections, we trust that IEBC will do the justice of submitting credible and approved results to heal the wounds of past injustice done to Kenyans.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Interim election results

After queuing for hours yesterday in the new and most slow election process ever, most Kenyans voted yesterday. The turnout was big, very long queues, the weather was hot and dusty but many did not give up some even voting at night.

Now results are trickling in slowly from computers from polling centers into IEBC server and being released to the big screen at Bomas of Kenya. So far TNA's Uhuru Kenyatta is leading with 54% while ODMs Raila Odinga is at 41%, it is not clear yet because about 20,000 polling stations are yet to  give their results, but the most worrying information is the big number of spoilt votes, waiting to see if there will be any change or its already done.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kenya elections 2013

It is two days to elections, the last weekend and the last day of campaigns. Today political parties hold their last rallies, Kenyans are keen on two major political rallies CORD coalition at Nyayo National Stadium and JIBILEE coalition at Uhuru Park, I am not aware if other political parties will also hold their final rallies in Nairobi as well. For a long time we have been told this will be a two horse race and as we can see these two coalitions with rallies in Nairobi today are the horses in the race. We are also anxious about these elections because of what happened after 2007 elections, prayers where held recently candidates hugged, shook hands, apologized and we assumed they have reconciled. They also pledged to preach peace and accept the elections outcome. That was a bit of a relief and assurance to Kenyans that these elections will be peaceful. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commissions have also assured Kenyans of a free and fare elections.
Even though we hear stories here and there about leaflets, threats, people arming themselves and others travelling to their rural homes because of fear, security officer have been deployed all over the country to keep law and order. So now all we can do as Kenyans is to have hope as we wait for Monday 4th, vote peacefully and wisely remembering that Kenya is bigger than individuals and after elections we will move on with our lives. Fighting and insulting because of an individual who doesn’t even know you exist is useless and does not add value to people's lives.

 Kenya our Country is beautiful and peaceful let us make it even better by making the right choice on 4th March 2013.

God bless Kenya


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Presidential Debate 2013

The historic debate that was eagerly awaited for finally happened yesterday, every Kenyan wanted to know what their favorite Presidential candidate will say. With heated campaigns full of accusations and criticism many expected the debate to be hot with arguments but it turned out to be somehow peaceful. The ICC issue had to be mentioned but it did not cause a lot of tension as expected because the candidates handled it with a lot of caution. At least it was good to avoid land issue and hope it does not come up in the next debate.

What many Kenyans hoped for and I believe was realized was to see the Presidential candidates hold a mature debate in a peaceful manner to quell fears that there is tension amongst them especially Hon. Raila Odinga and Hon Uhuru Kenyatta, that could cause problems in the country like in 2007/2008. It was good to hear Raila Odinga refer to Uhuru Kenyatta as his brother and it was very pleasant to see them shake hands and interact after the debate. This shows Kenyan's that they are friends and we do not need to hate each other because of them. It is always said Kenya is bigger than individuals and that is why we should not fight or hate because of a few individuals.

The most outstanding candidate who instantly became a celebrity is Mr. Mohamed Abduba Dida, the 39 year old former teacher and the youngest candidate. He made the show lively by his humorous nature and not mincing words when asking questions. The debate would have not been lively without him. However the organizers forgot about those who do not understand English. Otherwise many thanks to the media for organizing this debate and sponsors, I believe Kenyans are much relieved after this debate and look forward to the next one on 25th February 2013 before elections. In the next one the message of peace by the candidates will be very vital because we need to get over with this elections peacefully and move on with our lives.

God bless Kenya.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Its the last month of campaign

We now have a month to elections, all presidential candidates have handed in their party nomination certificates and most have been cleared by IEBC. Other political candidates are also doing the same country wide, so after all clearance is done it will be time for the last leg of the campaigns. The few remaining days of this month Kenyans will be treated to political shows full of pomp and the whole country will be decorated with posters, banners, billboards, radio, tv adverts and any other means they can use to promote their popularity. Even boda boda cyclists will get jackets with messages and photos of various political leaders, others printing their messages on lesso, caps, umbrellas etc which I thinks is a cleaner way of advertising than posters being stuck on bridges, walls, polls and the rest.

It is competition time with money being dished out here and there, political lies and fake promises are very common at this time. Political goodies being offered, some stalled projects like rough road can be completed at this time, oh and not to forget this is the time they will visit all the religious houses for prayers. It will be a very busy month for our politicians, the time they will work overtime, spend sleepless time.

In the meantime we the other Kenyans should not be used by our politicians to hate each other because or our political views and tribe, what happened in 2007 should not be repeated. We all know who we want to vote for and why but should not insult or look down upon others because of tribe. No one applied to be born in a certain tribe, we all found ourselves where we are. Instead we should pray for peace in our country no matter who wins and pray for a peaceful transition.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Political parties are busy nominating their representatives for the various posts today to meet IEBC deadline tomorrow, the posts are more this time round because of the new constitution.

County Representatives
Women Representatives
Members of Parliament

In the previous years elections nominations were marred by rigging and violence, this time police have been deployed to all polling stations but by midday most polling stations had not received voting papers, some parties have postponed to tomorrow nominations especially for big parties are normally disorganized, because they have many candidates fighting for the posts compared to the smaller parties. It is always easier to get nominations from the smaller parties than the big parties like those of CORD & TNA coalitions. This is because once one gets a nomination from those parties in the regions they are strong, one is assured of winning the seat in the general elections.

Looking at Kenyan politics and nominations, I normally feel pity on new candidates entering politics for the first time and putting their money in the big parties like ODM, TNA, URP, WIPER, FORD KENYA, UDF etc…. then end up losing to the big names. It’s smoother with the small parties like Eagle Coalition, FPK, Sisi kwa Sisi etc… Narc Kenya did theirs peacefully.
Many expectations, disappointments and defection will be seen, it’s the first nomination after the new constitution so we cannot expect it to be perfect. Waiting to see how things turn out.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Count Down to Elections

42 days to elections, political coalitions formed and running mates identified. The headache remaining is of nominations because of the many parties joined together. Hon. Mudavadi is also said to have complicated the two horse race formula with his Amani Coalition, it seems there will be a three horse race, the donkeys are not significant. I really wonder if his is a third force, just watching to see how this political nightmare of nominations will be sorted, the campaigns and just wish March 4th would come quickly we hold a free & fair elections and move on with our lives peacefully.