Saturday, February 2, 2013

Its the last month of campaign

We now have a month to elections, all presidential candidates have handed in their party nomination certificates and most have been cleared by IEBC. Other political candidates are also doing the same country wide, so after all clearance is done it will be time for the last leg of the campaigns. The few remaining days of this month Kenyans will be treated to political shows full of pomp and the whole country will be decorated with posters, banners, billboards, radio, tv adverts and any other means they can use to promote their popularity. Even boda boda cyclists will get jackets with messages and photos of various political leaders, others printing their messages on lesso, caps, umbrellas etc which I thinks is a cleaner way of advertising than posters being stuck on bridges, walls, polls and the rest.

It is competition time with money being dished out here and there, political lies and fake promises are very common at this time. Political goodies being offered, some stalled projects like rough road can be completed at this time, oh and not to forget this is the time they will visit all the religious houses for prayers. It will be a very busy month for our politicians, the time they will work overtime, spend sleepless time.

In the meantime we the other Kenyans should not be used by our politicians to hate each other because or our political views and tribe, what happened in 2007 should not be repeated. We all know who we want to vote for and why but should not insult or look down upon others because of tribe. No one applied to be born in a certain tribe, we all found ourselves where we are. Instead we should pray for peace in our country no matter who wins and pray for a peaceful transition.

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