Friday, July 30, 2010

Referendum at the corner

Referendum is now at the corner, many Kenyans are still not fully decided whether it is Yes or No. Though the opinion polls show one group is leading and each group is claiming confidence of wining. This time round, I believe it is not as certain as the last referendum of Orange and Banana. I think its mainly because many Christian leaders are against the constitution. It is not because of the political class that is in the No. side that makes this referendum tricky. In fact the politicians in the No. side can just make their side flop terribly because of their past record.

This time round the campaigns are not as interesting as the past one, I believe it is because most politicians who make campaigns lively are not in the opposition side. There are also rumors of threats from those living in strongholds of those opposed to the Proposed Constitution; this has caused many Kenyans, whose tribes are believed to support the document vacating the regions to their homes or to other safer areas. Many are scared of a repeat of what happened after 2007 elections, when many were affected in the same region. This is very wrong; no one chose to be what they are and should not be victimized because they are of a certain tribe.

The Government is doing all they can to make sure peace prevails, all SIM Cards are to be registered (today is the deadline, many of us wait till last minute and will ask for extension) so that they can apprehend those sending threats and stop crime. Security agents have also been deployed in the affected areas. The Government cannot be everywhere, so it is up to us Kenyans and especially our political leaders to preach peace and stop being primitive. Despite the differences and the uncertainties we face in the coming referendum, we hope to get the best for Kenya and pray for peace during and after.