Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kenyan suspects to PEV named by Ocampo

The long awaited list is finally here. The Ocampo list. Is it what we suspected? I could not believe that some names were missing. Ocampo has spoken let him continue. What happens to KKK since the first two KK seems out of the picture? Wipper what will happen now?

Here are the names;

. Uhuru Kenyatta, deputy PM and finance minister
. Henry Kosgey, minister for industrialisation
. William Ruto, suspended education minister
. Joshua Arap Sang, radio executive
. Francis Kirimi Muthaura, secretary to the cabinet
. Mohammed Hussein Ali, former police chief

Kibaki need to reshuffle his cabinet now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Mr. Ocampo you forgot one person called mr. kivutu. The man confused the whole country when he said that he did not know the winner. That alone fueled more violence.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Kenyans love farming

The short rains are pouring in the country, its lovely to see the country looking green and the weather is cool. In Nairobi the rains are not as much as it is in other towns (may be more is coming), other areas I know of in the Rift Valley and Western Kenya got their rains earlier than Nairobi. Most people started preparing their land for planting before the rains came and even put seeds in the soil before the rains dropped.

In Nairobi many people have small pieces of land where they have bought/rented houses or built their homes. One interesting thing with us Kenyans is however small a plot or land is, we will always find something to plant on it, Sukuma Wiki (Kales), spinach, onions, tomatoes, beans and even maize. Those in the slums with no space to plant on have learnt to plant on sacks. Traveling from the city center going to the estates, one would notice some people cultivate idle space near railway lines, highways. These are government land so they know no one will come asking. It’s good the dreaded City Council Askaris (Kanjo) have not arrested them for trespassing.

So long as they are not interfering with people’s plots or the City center and its environs, this type of farming should be encouraged by the government as a way of improving food production in Kenya. The Government should encourage Kenyans who love farming by distributing the vast idle and grabbed land all over the country for farming only. I believe this way we will never be affected by food shortage like it has been in the past.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Everyone should carry their own cross

After the promulgation of a new constitution, we now see a lot of action/changes taking place. The Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC) under the new boss Prof. PLO Lumumba is now more active, taking those accused of graft to court and the Government sacking those accused. The latest notable ones are MP William Ruto and Mayor Majiwa. As usual people have started getting tribal and accusing the President and PM of being against their people. We should put behind such tribal sentiments and whining, instead we should support the Government in fighting graft to get rid of all with “Dirty hands”, for a better Kenya.

Those using their tribal or regional numbers to threaten leaders, they will not support them in 2012 are living in the past and should wake up! We are in a new Kenya.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hongera! Mashujaa wetu

Kenya is celebrating it’s first heroes day called Mashujaa Day in kiswahili. This is in recognition to all Kenyans who have brought honour and glory to our country. This includes entrepreneurs, religious leaders, politicians, sportsmen/women, journalists, farmers, NGO etc……

I take this opportunity to congratulate Kenyans who have made a difference to bring honour to our Country. Those who feature more in the media will be recognised for their achievements. However there are the common wananchi(citezens) in villages and slums who have achieved a lot to improve the lives of poor Kenyans. I congratulate the women and youth groups who together form groups (merry-go-rounds) contributing as little as Kshs.20 per day from their small earnings to support one another financially. They have also joined micro-finance organisations that support them with small loans to boost their small business. This way they have gone a step ahead to eradicate poverty in the villages and slums. They are the unsung heroes.

I also take this opportunity to honor organisations that have volunteered to save the lives of abandoned children, orphans, the girlchild, abused girls and women. The Women’s Hospital and the doctors involved in treatment and counselling of abused children and women. Nyumbani Children’s home taking care of abandoned HIV positive babies and all those taking care of orphans, homes and schools taking care of girls who have run away from early marriages, you are heroes and may God bless you.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The alarming new trend in Kenyan politics

From the just concluded by-elections in Juja, Makadara and Starehe, I have realized Kenyans have decided they are tired of the old political class of well educated individuals from Makerere, Harvard, Nairobi University etc..., or from CEOs and Directors of reputable organizations of Government institutions. Kenyans are now going for whoever is loaded with lots of cash. We care little of political parties, how the individual became rich, his/her background and the kind of business these people are involved in. All we know they are business men and women.

These so called businessmen/women know how to lure hungry Kenyans by “putting a meal on their table”. Some even boast women's small scale businesses because they know women have a lot of influence. I wonder if this trend is going to improve the lives of Kenyans, however am worried because these kinds of leaders cannot be good role models for the society and especially for our children.

We should look deeper into this trend before getting over excited that Kenyans are changing the political scene in Kenya by bringing in a new crop of leaders from the young generation and do not care about political parties. May be I should have written this before the by-elections but it is not too late, we have two years to the coming elections of 2012. Let us watch out before we ruin our country's reputation by electing leaders with questionable backgrounds.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A dream comes true

It was like a dream come true,something we thought could not be achieved in Kenya,Kenyans arrived early yesterday at Uhuru Park for the Promulgation of a New Constitution; a big crowd attended the historical ceremony that was also attended by dignitaries from other countries, notably the former Secretary General of UN Dr. Koffi Annan and one unexpected guest who surprised many is Sudan’s President Omar El-Bashir (many just wondered what Ocampo/ICC is waiting for). This occasion was so significant that the President, Prime Minister and Vice President were sworn in, later in the day the Speaker of Parliament and members of parliament were also sworn in again.

This is like the second liberation of Kenya, since we were governed by the Colonial constitution and now we have changed to a constitution made in Kenya by Kenyans. Many activists struggled, underwent detention and torture for Kenya to get a new constitution and now their tireless efforts have bore fruit.

Many of us Kenyans believe our problems were caused by being governed by the old constitution, so we have so much hope with this new one. It may not be 100% perfect but at least it is better than the old one.

Hongera Wakenya!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A lesson for wives No. 2, 3 etc... From Tycoon Kirima family saga

If you are or want to be second, third, forth etc….. wife to someone, I would advice you get into a proper agreement with your shared husband and family. I cannot blame Kirima children’s behavior toward’s their father’s third wife. Why did she block them from visiting their home to see their father in the first place? This are the kind of women branded Gold Diggers, if she was a true wife with no hidden agenda and had accepted to be in a polygamous relationship, she should have respected the other family members she found there. At least the eldest daughter has agreed to reconcile the family but the daughter of the 3rd wife would not hear of this, like mother like daughter.

This is a lesson to women in such relationships and those aspiring to be in this position. Furthermore God knew better by creating one woman for Adam.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Kenyan Referendum

I want to start by saying that I am so pleased by the way Kenyans conducted themselves in the concluding referendum. The peaceful way the process proceded was great. Though the official results are not yet out, there is great indication that the YES will carry the day and the realization of the new constitution sets in.
Church where does this place you?

The church has been very vocal in opposing the proposed constitution mainly on the Kadhi courts and abortion chapters. The battle was then narrowed to state and the church. The church claimed that it commands 70% of voters are alleged to be Christians listening to the voice of the church. Then something went wrong the church faithful did not listen to the priests as it was thought it would happen. They read the constitution and make a decision; to pass the document into law.
What do we hear from all these. Is it that the church has grown in terms of reasoning that it no longer obeys ignorantly without reasoning? Are the church leaders aware of this change in the congregation that they lead? Will the people listen to the church any more after this in political decision making? Even those who voted No did that following the political calls not the church. Look at Rift valley, they overwhelmingly voted NO. Not because they are better Christians able to obey their leaders> They obeyed the political call not the church.
The vice president. That is far from it. You could not deliver your home votes. That tells every Kenyan something. Are you YES-NO-YES, a water melon that is neither red nor green? Do you still command the Ukambani political movement? Possibly you passing katikati formula did not work this time. You betrayed everyone in the 2007 election and now things seems not to work your way. Pole sana!

Post by a reader of this blog.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Referendum at the corner

Referendum is now at the corner, many Kenyans are still not fully decided whether it is Yes or No. Though the opinion polls show one group is leading and each group is claiming confidence of wining. This time round, I believe it is not as certain as the last referendum of Orange and Banana. I think its mainly because many Christian leaders are against the constitution. It is not because of the political class that is in the No. side that makes this referendum tricky. In fact the politicians in the No. side can just make their side flop terribly because of their past record.

This time round the campaigns are not as interesting as the past one, I believe it is because most politicians who make campaigns lively are not in the opposition side. There are also rumors of threats from those living in strongholds of those opposed to the Proposed Constitution; this has caused many Kenyans, whose tribes are believed to support the document vacating the regions to their homes or to other safer areas. Many are scared of a repeat of what happened after 2007 elections, when many were affected in the same region. This is very wrong; no one chose to be what they are and should not be victimized because they are of a certain tribe.

The Government is doing all they can to make sure peace prevails, all SIM Cards are to be registered (today is the deadline, many of us wait till last minute and will ask for extension) so that they can apprehend those sending threats and stop crime. Security agents have also been deployed in the affected areas. The Government cannot be everywhere, so it is up to us Kenyans and especially our political leaders to preach peace and stop being primitive. Despite the differences and the uncertainties we face in the coming referendum, we hope to get the best for Kenya and pray for peace during and after.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

YES to a New Constitution but NO to lies and violence

Kenyans have waited for too long for a New Constitution, to accept any plans for delay and plans to block it. The bomb blast at the NO campaigns at Uhuru Park on 13th June was very unfortunate and sad that lives were lost. This was an act of cowardice, from a group that thinks they could confuse Kenyan’s, to think it was from those who support the constitution.

Gone are the days when Kenyans would be fooled by such barbaric acts, “tumechanuka” (we are enlightened). There is no way a constitution can be perfect to accommodate everyone’s lifestyle. It is a Government document and not a Spiritual document. Let our lifestyle be guided by our Spiritual beliefs but the Country be governed by a Government Document.

When confronted by His followers about paying taxes, Jesus answered, “Give to Ceasar that which belongs to Ceasar and to God what is for God (Matthew 21:22). Therefore I feel we should give the government what fits it because it is a document for a society with diverse beliefs.

Friday, June 11, 2010

At last World Cup in Africa

For a change we can now get to watch a different kind of football from the usual English league. Many are eagerly waiting to watch the opening ceremony in South Africa live and on screens this afternoon.

I have not been keen on football especially with the craze of English league that has become a lifestyle of many Kenyan’s especially men. However I can now watch World Cup and hope the cup remains in Africa for the first time.

The rains brought hope

After the heavy down pour in Kenya in the past months, we now have hope for abundant food. At least we have started feeling the change in food prices especially for Maize our staple food. From 100 shillings for a 2kg packet of maize meal now we can buy it from the supermarkets at 68 shillings. The prices will get even lower as more people harvest.

From lessons learnt in the last drought, I believe the Government has taken enough measures to store the grains to save Kenyans from starvation in future.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birth Certificates should be issued in Hospitals

The Government's directive that Birth Certificates is required for students to be allowed to sit for their final exams in Primary and Secondary level is OK. However this has caused a major scramble for parents/guardians trying to get the document before the end of the year. This just shows that many parents do not get Birth Certificates for their babies. Though it has been a requirement for many children joining schools, it has not been strictly followed, otherwise many would be having them by the time they sit for exams.

This is one document amongst many others that is not easy to get from the Kenyan government offices, because birth notifications are not computerised (linked to government offices issuing the certificates). The certificates are typed manually using the old typewriter. This leaves one wondering when will this Government department catch up with the modern world`s technology.

The best solution is for the government to authorise certain hospitals to issue Birth Certificates at the hospitals. Hospitals now issue Birth Notifications, the same way they can issue Birth Certificates. Those who give birth at home should report to the nearest hospital to get Birth Certificates. If Churches can issue valid Marriage Cerfificates why can't hospitals issue Birth Cerfificates?

Why should we struggle to vote online if we cannot register our births online?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Debate on Draft Constitution

I support the effort that has been made towards getting a new constitution for Kenya. I have not managed to read through the draft that has been distributed free and when I try to I cannot comprehend some of the vocabulary used. It is very confusing for the common mwananchi (citizen) to understand.

Members of parliament are currently debating the Draft Constitution; issues like Devolution, Abortion, and Kadhi’s court are some of the contentious issues in this draft. What I expect from the new constitution as a common citizen and I believe is what many Kenyans want is a President who is not very powerful. We have seen what powerful Presidency has done for this Country. We do not want to feel like the Country is owned by one person or a particular group yet the Country is for all of us. We elect the President then later he becomes too powerful for those who put him in office. Presidents should not serve more than one term otherwise they become dictators.

The constitution should protect us from the problems we faced during the last election. We need assurance in order to register again as voters in the on going exercise, waiting to vote confidently in 2012. A President who does not uphold democracy should be voted out through Parliament before he finishes his term.

About abortion, I believe that abortion is murder and should not be legalized in Kenya. Many who advocate for abortion to be legalized because of rape and incest forget that most of the women who abort have not been raped or cases of incest. Many of them get pregnant knowing, there are all sorts of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. Prevention is better than cure. On Kadhi’s court I have never understood clearly why this is a contentious issue, because we are told it has been in the current constitution for years. I am a Christian and in Kenya there is freedom of worship. So long as these courts do not interfere with my faith and my freedom as a Kenyan, I do not see it as problem that should stop us from getting a new constitution.

As a Kenyan who has waited for a new Constitution for years, I hope and pray the contentious issues will be resolved as soon as possible.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Muthurwa Estate - Kenyan Bus stop/Market (corrected copy)

It was a good idea when the Kenyan government moved the hawkers and small business people from the town centre to a central place called Muthurwa. I don’t know what Muthurwa means in native Kenyan languages, but the name sound funny and abusive. If you have never gone there the sound of that name alone can discourage you. It is not a good place from the sound of it.In reality that is true.Muthurwa is not nice.

Yes whenever I pass through Muthurwa from Eastlands of Nairobi, I see real chaos, Many buses and matatus packed in no order at all. Trading taking place in all places that you cannot get a place to step on. The hygiene standards are very poor.

Yes that was not all! Muthurwa estate nearby is a real shame, Real shame I say. Those houses are old and about to fall with any drop of rain of blow of wind,in fact the estate has very tall old trees, some have fallen on houses after heavy downpour. You may think that human beings do not stay there. The latrines are few,sinking and stinking, rotten, smelling and bad in all meaning of the word. The road matatus use to the busstop is in a terrible shape.

I cannot understand what is happening and this is just a stone throw distance from the town centre. Can the government just get rid of this estate because it is a big shame to our country? I feel for those staying there, if Rift Valley Railways bought the houses from Kenya Railways and cannot make proper use of the property, the Government should come in and move the people elsewhere and make proper use of the land.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What a collision Government!

I have been so incensed by the issue of corruption in Kenya as a whole and more so in the Ministry of Education, because I could not imagine people stealing money for Free Primary Education. I have tried to look for the right words to describe the people involved and write something on this blog but did not find the right words and just hoped someone would step down and take responsibility or pave way for investigation. Even after being called to step down education minister Mr. Sam Ongeri and his PS. Mr. Karega Mutahi refused and denied they were involved. I waited for the President to do something, nothing was happening.

Suddenly last week the issue on Maize scandal came up again and I said another case is here before the other one is resolved (anyway this is very typical of Kenya, so many cases are pending). As usual the blame game started again, Minister of Agriculture Mr. William Ruto to blame, then the other story that the Prime Minister’s office knew about it. I started feeling sick because I thought we started the year well and hoped with the good rains things looked promising for Kenya all round, forgetting that corruption is a chronic disease in Kenya.

When Kenyan’s were waiting for action to be taken by the Principal, which is normally very slow and not forthcoming at all. The Prime Minister shocked us yesterday by sending the Minister for Education and Agriculture home for three months to pave way for investigations, I say shocked because I suddenly realized he had powers to do so. Though shocking, it was a welcomed move that got approval of many Kenyans. However before the end of the day our shock/joy came to a halt, and had to register another disbelieve when the President quashed the PMs decision by quoting the unfavorable constitution we are so fed up of.

Constitution or no constitution some one had to act on these graft issues, if the President was taking too long. I believe the PM was in order to send these two home, to pave way for investigations as this is part of his specified duties.

Majority Kenyans are so disappointed by the change of event, as much as these two Ministers and others go about their duties laughing at the PM. I am a disappointed Kenyan who only wishes reforms come faster and 2012 sooner.

Belated Happy New Year

It is not too late to wish my followers and readers Happy New Year, poleni I have been busy to blog and appreciate your support.

The year started so well with rains as we had prayed for, though they raked havoc in many parts of the country, we cannot complain because rains bring plenty for the country. The rains have brought plenty to an extent that it is too plenty for some to throw away. One would not believe it is the same drought stricken Kenya that was begging for food donations last year.

It is so strange to believe the country is now flowing in milk; our rivers will soon turn white with waste milk, that the government’s milk company Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) cannot handle and is being poured after spoiling. I still cannot believe a whole government cannot handle this bountiful blessing to an extent of being thrown away, yet there are Kenyans who are suffering from hunger because not everyone has a job and is a farmer. There are also school children who depend on school feeding programs to get a meal. Hence the Government should have saved farmers from making losses by picking the milk and supplying to public schools if they cannot reach every needy person.

Now there is news that there was a bumper maize harvest and the story is the same, maize is also rotting in stores. This is so ridiculous because maize flour price is still high due to last year’s drought.

It looks like rains are still here, with clouds looking heavy in Nairobi morning hours; the weather is promising in most parts of the country. We expect more food, milk companies are offering extra milk in the sachets, and some companies give free 500ml milk when one buys two 500mls. Therefore Government should assist farmers to avoid more wastage. In many African cultures it is very bad to throw food, it is said in my culture that when you thrown food you will lack next time.