Monday, February 15, 2010

What a collision Government!

I have been so incensed by the issue of corruption in Kenya as a whole and more so in the Ministry of Education, because I could not imagine people stealing money for Free Primary Education. I have tried to look for the right words to describe the people involved and write something on this blog but did not find the right words and just hoped someone would step down and take responsibility or pave way for investigation. Even after being called to step down education minister Mr. Sam Ongeri and his PS. Mr. Karega Mutahi refused and denied they were involved. I waited for the President to do something, nothing was happening.

Suddenly last week the issue on Maize scandal came up again and I said another case is here before the other one is resolved (anyway this is very typical of Kenya, so many cases are pending). As usual the blame game started again, Minister of Agriculture Mr. William Ruto to blame, then the other story that the Prime Minister’s office knew about it. I started feeling sick because I thought we started the year well and hoped with the good rains things looked promising for Kenya all round, forgetting that corruption is a chronic disease in Kenya.

When Kenyan’s were waiting for action to be taken by the Principal, which is normally very slow and not forthcoming at all. The Prime Minister shocked us yesterday by sending the Minister for Education and Agriculture home for three months to pave way for investigations, I say shocked because I suddenly realized he had powers to do so. Though shocking, it was a welcomed move that got approval of many Kenyans. However before the end of the day our shock/joy came to a halt, and had to register another disbelieve when the President quashed the PMs decision by quoting the unfavorable constitution we are so fed up of.

Constitution or no constitution some one had to act on these graft issues, if the President was taking too long. I believe the PM was in order to send these two home, to pave way for investigations as this is part of his specified duties.

Majority Kenyans are so disappointed by the change of event, as much as these two Ministers and others go about their duties laughing at the PM. I am a disappointed Kenyan who only wishes reforms come faster and 2012 sooner.


Anonymous said...

How can Raila purport to send anyone home when there is corruption in his own office.His Personal Assistant for crying out loud. Shouldnt he have been the first to step aside?
And are you trying to imply that we are currently operating as a country without a constitution(bad or not)? Raila cant just wake up and do anything he wants, there have to be procedures to follow or we will jsut act on Raila's mood of the day.

Raila is trying to divert attention from the dirt in his office and some like you are falling for it.

Anonymous said...


yOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. kibaki is traying to cover corruption. Raila threw the baby corruption and left it with Kibaki. Wacha tungojee

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Cee said...

I find it sad when anyone talks of corruption in Kenya and instead of Kenyans getting mad at our stupid politricksters, we get angry at the person who aired the issues. And then stupidly the discussion flows towards who is right, Kibaki or Raila? Who do I follow PNU or ODM? Kenya will never move forward until we as kenyans see our politicians for who they are and less for their tribes. Most will get very offended by your post because they support ODM, but that is our most primitive self talking. Let's all cut the crap of following those greedy hyenas because they belong to our tribes. I'm a kiuk but I still think that KIbaki and Raila are pieces of the same cloth, as corrupt as corrupt can get. I'm tired of kiuks using the excuse that Kibaki is old that's why he does nothing and that he has bad advisors, and all those Luos saying that Raila actually has no power that's why he can't fight corruption. If Kibaki can't make decisions, there would be no cabinet, he chose them didn't he? If Raila had no powers, he wouldn't have been satisfied by the deal after the 2008 madness. Both these men are criminals, their tribes have nothing to do with it, and they don't give a miniscule hoot about all of you that follow them on basis of tribe, if they did, IDPs would have homes courtesy of the government. WAKE UP KENYANS AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

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