Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Muthurwa Estate - Kenyan Bus stop/Market (corrected copy)

It was a good idea when the Kenyan government moved the hawkers and small business people from the town centre to a central place called Muthurwa. I don’t know what Muthurwa means in native Kenyan languages, but the name sound funny and abusive. If you have never gone there the sound of that name alone can discourage you. It is not a good place from the sound of it.In reality that is true.Muthurwa is not nice.

Yes whenever I pass through Muthurwa from Eastlands of Nairobi, I see real chaos, Many buses and matatus packed in no order at all. Trading taking place in all places that you cannot get a place to step on. The hygiene standards are very poor.

Yes that was not all! Muthurwa estate nearby is a real shame, Real shame I say. Those houses are old and about to fall with any drop of rain of blow of wind,in fact the estate has very tall old trees, some have fallen on houses after heavy downpour. You may think that human beings do not stay there. The latrines are few,sinking and stinking, rotten, smelling and bad in all meaning of the word. The road matatus use to the busstop is in a terrible shape.

I cannot understand what is happening and this is just a stone throw distance from the town centre. Can the government just get rid of this estate because it is a big shame to our country? I feel for those staying there, if Rift Valley Railways bought the houses from Kenya Railways and cannot make proper use of the property, the Government should come in and move the people elsewhere and make proper use of the land.


Cee said...

What happened to all the construction that was going on? As for suggesting to the government to take the land and make better use of it, I wouldn't rush into that. You know all to well, our government is always ready to use land but not to help the people.

SAO said...

True Muthurwa estate is in such a bad state. Something needs to be done about it.

Anonymous said...

to hell with your suggestions, this estate has always made Kenya proud by producing the best talented sportsmen including Mariga and younger brother Victor who plays for celtic in scotland, best boxers Suleiman bilali, robert wangila, harish ouma n many more..
the govt fucked up by neglecting one of the cleanest estates in Nairobi when it was under railway management. when city council came in... continue !!