Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams 2009

KCPE exams started today after students went through rehearsals yesterday. This year is very important for me as my daughter is amongst the over 700,000 students sitting the exams. So far I have not heard of any incidents of cheating as been the case with KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) exams that is still on from October 21st. Apart from my daughter a number of my friends and close relatives children are sitting for these exams. As they go on with the exams, we parents are so anxious to know what the first papers, Mathematics, English and Composition were like but my daughter says it is not wise to discuss. She is right but I would still find myself asking, most of the time pupils find the exams easy or fair compared to what they have done before, however it is the final results that would reveal the truth.

Tomorrow they sit their Science paper, Kiswahili and Insha then on Thursday the last day of the exam, they sit for Social Studies only. Compared to our time, they sit for less subjects because the Government reviewed the previous 8-4-4 system and reduced subjects. Though the burden was reduced for students, I feel some subjects we did are still important in life. Like in our days we did music, art and craft, home science, geography and history which have now been taken over by social studies. Only some private schools still provide lessons in music and art. I really enjoyed music, art & craft and home science lessons during our time. From those lessons we became more creative and active people than our kids today, who cannot even stitch a torn dress. Anyway that is in the past now.

Am anxious to see her finish these exams that mark the end of her 8 years in primary school, we have reminded her of what we have gone through paying her fees. It will be a long wait from now to December after Christmas when the results come out.

Wishing all students sitting exams all the Best!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Pastors who are they accountable to?

One thing that has not been understood is who the many mushrooming pastors, especially the charismatic Pentecostal pastors, in Kenya and worldwide are accountable to. Churches have fallen prey to many pastors illigal deals that are well planned to benefit them individually. You start a church today, and you are the pastor and the next few days you are in a very luxurious lifestyle. God`s blessings? May be!

Today I read in the papers what I have all along been imagining. A corrupt pastor being chased away from Botswana. Why? Because of misuse of church funds and an attempt to convert church property to his own. Ridiculous! But this pastor is not alone, there are many such men and women in Kenya today. They get the money from faithful believers and convert them to their own usage. I know one bishop, who bought a whole building in Nairobi CBD with church`s money in her/his name. Is that not corruption and stealing? Hoo God helps us!

That is why I ask, who do these men and women of 'God' accountable to. I think the government of Kenya need to start regulating the operations of the churches for good accountability. I suggest that we have something like Kenya Churches Regulatory Authority with a clear mandate of regulating the functions of these churches.
Botswana has clearly demonstrated that it cannot entertain that corrupt behavior that Kenyans are exporting to our neighboring countries. Shame on these people who are letting us down as a nation.