Monday, February 15, 2010

Belated Happy New Year

It is not too late to wish my followers and readers Happy New Year, poleni I have been busy to blog and appreciate your support.

The year started so well with rains as we had prayed for, though they raked havoc in many parts of the country, we cannot complain because rains bring plenty for the country. The rains have brought plenty to an extent that it is too plenty for some to throw away. One would not believe it is the same drought stricken Kenya that was begging for food donations last year.

It is so strange to believe the country is now flowing in milk; our rivers will soon turn white with waste milk, that the government’s milk company Kenya Co-operative Creameries (KCC) cannot handle and is being poured after spoiling. I still cannot believe a whole government cannot handle this bountiful blessing to an extent of being thrown away, yet there are Kenyans who are suffering from hunger because not everyone has a job and is a farmer. There are also school children who depend on school feeding programs to get a meal. Hence the Government should have saved farmers from making losses by picking the milk and supplying to public schools if they cannot reach every needy person.

Now there is news that there was a bumper maize harvest and the story is the same, maize is also rotting in stores. This is so ridiculous because maize flour price is still high due to last year’s drought.

It looks like rains are still here, with clouds looking heavy in Nairobi morning hours; the weather is promising in most parts of the country. We expect more food, milk companies are offering extra milk in the sachets, and some companies give free 500ml milk when one buys two 500mls. Therefore Government should assist farmers to avoid more wastage. In many African cultures it is very bad to throw food, it is said in my culture that when you thrown food you will lack next time.

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