Monday, August 23, 2010

A lesson for wives No. 2, 3 etc... From Tycoon Kirima family saga

If you are or want to be second, third, forth etc….. wife to someone, I would advice you get into a proper agreement with your shared husband and family. I cannot blame Kirima children’s behavior toward’s their father’s third wife. Why did she block them from visiting their home to see their father in the first place? This are the kind of women branded Gold Diggers, if she was a true wife with no hidden agenda and had accepted to be in a polygamous relationship, she should have respected the other family members she found there. At least the eldest daughter has agreed to reconcile the family but the daughter of the 3rd wife would not hear of this, like mother like daughter.

This is a lesson to women in such relationships and those aspiring to be in this position. Furthermore God knew better by creating one woman for Adam.


Cee said...

As much as I don't know the whole family story, it was a bit wierd how the 3rd wife was handling the issue. I think it's about time Kenyan men finally put down their feet and decided what will happen to their families when they are no more, I know our cultures don't encourage talking about death but die we must. Better handle the issue now lest your kids kill each other when you die

Sue said...

Cee you are very right but men don't learn from these incidents.