Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Birth Certificates should be issued in Hospitals

The Government's directive that Birth Certificates is required for students to be allowed to sit for their final exams in Primary and Secondary level is OK. However this has caused a major scramble for parents/guardians trying to get the document before the end of the year. This just shows that many parents do not get Birth Certificates for their babies. Though it has been a requirement for many children joining schools, it has not been strictly followed, otherwise many would be having them by the time they sit for exams.

This is one document amongst many others that is not easy to get from the Kenyan government offices, because birth notifications are not computerised (linked to government offices issuing the certificates). The certificates are typed manually using the old typewriter. This leaves one wondering when will this Government department catch up with the modern world`s technology.

The best solution is for the government to authorise certain hospitals to issue Birth Certificates at the hospitals. Hospitals now issue Birth Notifications, the same way they can issue Birth Certificates. Those who give birth at home should report to the nearest hospital to get Birth Certificates. If Churches can issue valid Marriage Cerfificates why can't hospitals issue Birth Cerfificates?

Why should we struggle to vote online if we cannot register our births online?

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Cee said...

Technology comes with responsibility, and to tell the truth there are those few people that are just to irresponsible. If kenyans were allowed to register births online, I wonder how many birth certificates will be issued and later used for some funny business elsewhere.