Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Our greedy MPs

Where on Earth does a public employee apply for a job fully aware of the salary being offered, then when he/she gets to work even before doing the work that took them there, starts negotiating for double pay with huge benefits knowing very  well  the employer will strain to pay them.


This is where we have very greedy politicians elected by the people but after getting what they want they forget what the people want.

Time and again they have been called greedy and so activists literally took pigs to parliament to protest.

I like this picture of our MPigs.

from Ghafla read more here


Obat Herbal Kista Coklat said...

Thanks for informations

African Women said...

Mpigs bure kabisa. Mtu hata hawezi jisaidia. Mps loot and still go broke after 5years. Is there hope for Kenya?

Jamii said...

True African Woman, they go broke after 5 years because they are cursed by crying wanainchi, let us keep hope alive there is an end to everything.