Wednesday, April 3, 2013

After the Supreme Court decision

Not many in Kenya are celebrating the Court’s decision that elections of 4th March were free and fair.  Many are in a somber mood feeling that democracy was crucified during this Easter when the announcement was made. Personally I felt really disappointed it was like democracy was crucified died, was buried never to rise again like our Lord. All the efforts of Raila Odinga, Kenneth Matiba, James Orengo, Koigi Wamwere, Charles Rubia, Wangare Mathai etc… who fought for 2nd liberation of Kenya from one party state were all thrown into a bottomless pit. The Country is simply boring at this time I wish I was a Tanzanian our East African brothers and sisters who are so democratic, humble and not power greedy, but I cannot do anything about my Nationality because like everyone else we found ourselves here and are here to stay. We just move on with our lives feeling so rejected and dejected in a place we call home, on the other side are a few Kenyans who are Jubilated because their people have won and feeling like they are on top of the World. There are those Kenyan’s that feel so disappointed they say they will never vote again in Kenya because nothing will ever change, I feel them and understand their feeling, but  we shouldn’t give up on democracy.  The unfortunate part is that some Kenyan’s on social media have resorted to insults, the tribal insults on social media are so gross, it’s like we are turning into a Matusi state. I wonder when this will stop and hope time will heal our wounds.