Thursday, March 7, 2013

Results taking too long

We thought Kenya is now ahead by introducing for the first time electronic voting and felt relieved that this time round rigging or manipulating of votes is now history. Now we wake up from our sweet dreams to realize we are still in the analogue Kenya and the digital one was a dream that didn’t come true. The digital one that was tried proved to be worse when votes were getting into the system at a snail’s pace, it also turned out that it cannot be trusted, how sad.

Anyway we are now getting results the analogue way, it seems much better and faster, and we have moved two steps backward development wise. Three days after elections we are yet to get the final result, a lot of tax payers’ money and time lost in this digital deal. Our children's education has been disrupted tremendously.
As we wait patiently for the outcome after being subjected to physical, emotional and financial torture by these elections, we trust that IEBC will do the justice of submitting credible and approved results to heal the wounds of past injustice done to Kenyans.


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