Saturday, March 17, 2012

IEBC decides to extend term of this horrible coalition Government to 4th March 2013

All along we have been used to saying next elections will be held in 2012, but the new constitution and a court ruling changed this notion which is now supported by Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). I have said it before in my post here that this is a wrong time for holding elections and many Kenyans including politicians do not support this date. I believe there is still hope for this date to be changed to a suitable date and that is December 2012. We still have around 9 months to December and there is time to prepare.

This coalition Government came about as a result of the worst violence in Kenya, things have not been rosy in Kenya since then, the worst drought ever, corruption cases on the rise, Kenyans sent to ICC for the first time, we have been subjected to the worst political insults like never before, the worst living conditions with prices of commodities doubling and tripling making Kenyans poorer, in fact many Kenyans say that life and operating business was much better during former President Moi’s reign. This Government is riddled with strikes all the time and worst are the recent ones by Doctors and Health workers that now the new Kiswahili name for this Government is “Serikali ya Migomo” (Government of strikes). This is why this Government’s term should end ASAP, “ama tugome hii Serikali ya Migomo.”

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