Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it the party or the candidate in Kirinyaga Central?

This is the day that the electorates of Kirinyaga central want to get their new representative. The Battle is between Kibara (Nark Kenya- Karua`s) and Gitari (PNU- Uhuru Kinyatta). What everybody is asking, what will the people look for? The party or the candidate? Is it a direct battle between Hon. Martha Karua and Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta?

Would Kenyans in this area leave out a strong person just because of party he comes from? That is what is likely to happen. Fine if that happens, how will we interpret the results? Will the win and the loss go to Hon. Martha Karua and Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta?

Lets wait and see.

Good lack to all the candidates.

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