Friday, July 27, 2007

Kenyan MPs want to do it again.

I can’t believe our MPs are asking for hefty pay for their send off (5.9m for each of the 222 MPs and more for ministers), after getting themselves big salaries and allowances. Most of them attended parliament session yesterday (which is rare) and left when the Attorney General did not turn up, as if they did not have anything else to discuss. (Read more on the links above).

This is very sad for the Kenya economy, the common mwanainchi is suffering because of poverty. We elected these MPs to represent us in parliament and to help solve our problems but they are busy trying to fill up their pockets with more pay for less work.

I hope this bill does not sail through and Kenyan’s should reject this move. Furthermore most of them are not worth being elected back.

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African Women said...

Stupid Mps. They are the ones who make Kenya lag behind in terms of development. They always want more. Isn't it enough?